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Started by kjoe, January 18, 2013, 07:50:45 PM

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Dear Linux community,

Three months ago I worked on a little holiday project that was inspired by two facts:
-  I once again had forgotten how to use exiftool correctly at the command line
-  I could not find a graphical user interface (GUI) for the Linux operating system

So, I decided to come up with a simple GUI for exiftool that offers the commands I usually need. As I am not a programmer, I was looking for a simple solution and that turned out to be a bash script that uses Zenity as a GUI. I named it ExZenToo which is derived from 'Exif Zenity Tool'

It offers a very, very basic GUI when compared to BogdanH's ExiftoolGUI for Windows or other GUIs.

It focuses on
- modifying EXIF times (e.g. to synchronize images taken with different digital cameras or to prepare images for GPS tagging)
- removing/clearing EXIF data (e.g. before publishing an image)
- entering new EXIF data including copyright information
- copying EXIF data (e.g. to transfer EXIF data from a single photo into a newly stitched panorama)
- renaming files based on EXIF time or changing the file modification date (mtime)

The GUI cannot display images. If I want to display images, I use Geeqie which also provides a panel showing currently embedded EXIF and meta data. To add GPS data and location information I then use GeoTag.

Although I realized yesterday that a python based GUI has become available since I have started the project, I still want to provide you with my script hoping that it may be useful to someone out there.

ExZenToo greatly differs from other available GUI as it
-  guides you through the program step by step
-  can easily be adapted by anyone to his/her needs (I put much effort in providing clear comments within the script, so anyone with even a little knowledge in bash-scripting should be able to carry out adaptations)

As I am Austrian, there is also a German version of the script.

So, anyone interested in ExZenToo is welcome to download and test it. I've built a debian package which includes the script, an icon, and a desktop file for the menu entry.
ExZenToo depends on zenity and libimage-exiftool-perl. Both of them will be dowloaded automatically if they are not already available in the operating system. If not, try to update your repositories first (for Ubuntu: apt-get update). The package has been tested under Lubuntu, Linux Mint and Knoppix.

Files attached for download:

debian package (English): exzentoo-en-0.5.deb
[md5sum:  15178d8557e54ac73b0ca5cd9f9fe3d2]

debian package (German): exzentoo-de-0.5.deb
[md5sum:  01bc9b65bc20d2597b647938231e4fca]

script only (English) for non-debian based Linux systems: exzentoo-en
[md5sum:  793e9aaaff314add98088e55cdd32c79]

screenshot of the main menu (English): main menu.png

Please keep in mind that this is my first script and also my first debian package. So I am sure things are not perfect.

It would be great to get some feedback.



Packages with specified dependency version of zenity (>=3.4):

debian package (English): exzentoo-en-0.5.1.deb
[md5sum:  edef33d09e2f262d5172021e2bd3b5f5]

debian package (German): exzentoo-de-0.5.1.deb
[md5sum:  62d835f51ffed92a739fb9e2074ca2ef]


I find Exzentoo quite valuable. Thanks for your effort.


Using on latest CentOS, by commenting out the checks, i.e. the lines up to DEFINE VARIABLES.

I like this software, it is great for helping one to experiment with ExifTool and see what the commands look like!

Thanks for your efforts!

Daniel Villarreal


Hi kJoe

Thanks for your hard work in doing this for us.

A quick heads up...
When I try to delete all exifdata from an image it takes me through several screens. On one of the screens at the end the buttons are in German (on the english version)

Thanks very much