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Title: Copy files and messages
Post by: jsetsaas on July 27, 2010, 10:09:05 AM

When I'm copying files using EXIFTOOL, i can force the name output using the -v0 option.

exiftool -v0 -o c:\usrn\diatest\dest\noexif\ "-FileName<CreateDate" -d "c:\usrn\diatest\dest\%Y\%Y.%m\%Y.%m.%d@%H.%M.%S-%%c-JES.%%e" c:\usrn\diatest\src

The output (to be parsed by my app) looks like this.
======== c:/usrn/diatest/src/2010.07.24@07.50.12-0-jes.ARW
Nothing changed in c:/usrn/diatest/src/2010.07.24@07.50.12-0-jes.ARW
======== c:/usrn/diatest/src/2010.07.24@07.50.12-1-jes.ARW
Nothing changed in c:/usrn/diatest/src/2010.07.24@07.50.12-1-jes.ARW
======== c:/usrn/diatest/src/248079_l_srgb_s_gl.jpg
Nothing changed in c:/usrn/diatest/src/248079_l_srgb_s_gl.jpg

However, there is no way to to detect whether a file is missing the CreateDate (and the file being copied to the noExif folder).
Any idea how to detect this difference (without having to check this on all files, as this would be a performance issue).

Best regards

Title: Re: Copy files and messages
Post by: Phil Harvey on July 27, 2010, 11:13:32 AM
If you use -v instead of -v0, the output will include the new file name.

- Phil