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Title: Latest ExiftoolGUI version 5.16
Post by: BogdanH on July 29, 2010, 04:53:54 PM
Click here to download ExiftoolGUI v5.16 (https://exiftool.org/gui/exiftoolgui516.zip)
Click here to see GUI manual (https://exiftool.org/gui/) (en Fran├žais (https://exiftool.org/gui/ExifToolGUI_pour_Windows.pdf)), or here for metadata related articles (https://exiftool.org/gui/articles/).

New:  How to add tags into Workspace (https://exiftool.org/gui/scr/etgui_scr01.htm) flash video (~1.6MB).

ExifToolGUI v5.16, April 5,2015

ExifToolGUI v5.15, January 8,2013

ExifToolGUI v5.14, June 5,2012

ExifToolGUI v5.13, May 31,2012

ExifToolGUI v5.12, May 24,2012

ExifToolGUI v5.00, January 27,2012
Here it is: all new ExifToolGUI v5.
Few months ago, I didn't think there would ever be a reason for making new major GUI version. I mean, I only need to edit these few tags... But then (probably because I was boring), I tried using ExifTool's -stay_open option from my code and as soon I succeeded, I knew, that's it -it would be a shame not using this in GUI.
Now, most users probably wouldn't even notice much difference, if that feature would be implemented into existing GUI, because all that stuff isn't visible -that is, it's running behind the scene. Thus, I decided to make new GUI, so user can see something and get some benefits. Truth? I've made it for me.

In short: GUIv5 doesn't introduce any new "capabilities", nor has suddenly become magic tool. I actually removed few things... and added some (so, bugs are expected as well).
Even GUI's appearance didn't changed much, I recommend reading manual! -see link above.

That's it... the last major GUI version.

Title: Upcoming ExiftoolGUI changes
Post by: BogdanH on January 29, 2012, 11:51:04 AM
Here I'll try to inform you on changes allready made for upcoming GUI version, so you know what to expect in next update.

Title: Re: Latest ExiftoolGUI version 5.02
Post by: Phil Harvey on February 09, 2012, 07:21:44 AM
Hi Bogdan,

Just to let you know how many people are downloading ExifToolGUI:

You are getting an average of about 180 downloads/day for version 5.x.

- Phil
Title: Re: Latest ExiftoolGUI version 5.02
Post by: BogdanH on February 09, 2012, 09:42:59 AM
Hi Phil,

Now, I'm really surprised! I would expect such number in two weeks or even more, seriously -considering metadata stuff isn't that much of fun. Ok, this number will drop in few days.. still, good to hear that GUI is being used by more than 47 peoples  :)
Thank you for that info.

Title: Re: Latest ExiftoolGUI version 5.14
Post by: Phil Harvey on December 25, 2012, 07:20:56 PM
The last release of ExifToolGUI for each major version are available here:

ExifToolGUI 5.16 (https://exiftool.org/gui/exiftoolgui516.zip)

ExifToolGUI 4.27 (https://exiftool.org/gui/exiftoolgui427.zip)

ExifToolGUI 3.42 (https://exiftool.org/gui/exiftoolgui342.zip)

- Phil