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Title: EXIF Translation; Key Relabeling
Post by: BrianP on September 22, 2015, 04:10:31 PM
Different camera manufacturers often use different naming conventions for the same data and some camera EXIF keys are not SQL-legal. Having the ability to standardize the names of keys can be useful. I could not find anything in the .ExifTool_config which did this.

For those who don't run a parallel database and write their own EXIF extraction and reporting tools, this feature could be easily added to the current tools (and a batch of Brownies might  help).

select * from exif_trans order by 1 -> 18 rows
camera_key,                db_key,              tid
ActiveD-Lighting,          ActiveDLighting,     28       << SQL variables may  NOT contain a dash or dot
ActiveD.Lighting,          ActiveDLighting,     1
ApproximateFocusDistance,  FocusDistance,       44    <<  Exact or NOTHING
Blacks2012,                Blacks_acr,          32
Brightness,                BrightnessValue,     2      << Appending VALUE to a Key may cause HASH confusion
CameraProfile,             CameraProfile_acr,   42
Clarity2012,               Clarity_acr,         33
Contrast2012,              Contrast_acr,        34
Exposure2012,              Exposure_acr,        35
Highlights2012,            Highlights_acr,      36
ImageNumber,               ShutterCount,        27             << adope trolls destroying NIKON data and write protecting the key so you can't (easily) undo their tampering
LuminanceSmoothing,        NoiseLuminance_acr,  29
Shadows2012,               Shadows_acr,         37
Sharpen.Amount,            Sharpness_acr,       39
Tint,                      Tint_acr,            41
ToneCurvePV2012,           Level_high_acr,      38
Vibrance,                  Vibrance_acr,        40
Whites2012,                Whites_acr,          31