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Hi All,
I built a perl program to check for duplicate images, I have perl installed on Windows 10 computer. I can print of about 40 hashes and keys, but I cannot find the created or taken date!?.
Is it possible using perl exiftool?.
And it seems some of the exif data is nested hashes/arrays! (which i can read)


Phil Harvey:
Hi Andrew,

What hashes and keys are you talking about?  Are you using the Image::ExifTool API?

Of course you can do this with ExifTool, as long as the metadata exists in the file.

- Phil

Also, there is no such thing as a date taken tag.  It's a Windows property that can be filled from several different tags.  See the Windows metadata thread.

I am using the Image::ExifTool API, but, when I print the keys, followed by what should be in it {a hash} sometimes I get a second or third level of hash result, and an array!.
I am on a windows 10 system, programing through windows, and I have scoured the internet, and cannot find any simple explanatory code to read a jpeg meta data file. There seems to be two primary ways, but neither give the results required!.

Phil Harvey:
If you are using the Struct option then there may be many levels of hashes/arrays returned.

- Phil


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