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Absolute Beginner How to replace DateModified..


I want to replace the time (tag DdateModified) by the date of exposure/ (create Date or Date/Time Original) for every file of a folder.
I want to store it  as an often used procedure in ExifTool direct predefined.

What do i have write as a command line.

Sorry for that (may be) absolute beginner question :-[
reg Ulrich
Thanks in Advance

Phil Harvey:
Hi Ulrich,

Assuming you want to set the filesystem modification date/time, this would be the equivalent ExifTool command:

exiftool "-modifydate<createdate" "-modifydate<datetimeoriginal" DIR

So I think this is what would go in the ExifTool direct box:

"-modifydate<createdate" "-modifydate<datetimeoriginal"

- Phil


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