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Renaming files with former Names


Hello everybody

After some problems with my hardware I have to rebuild some file names.
Is it possible to rename pictures using the tags IPTC Object Name + System Tag File modification date/time
using XMP-xmpMM Preserved File Name / XMP-xmpMM Title ?

I have no idea :-\

Thanks in advance

Phil Harvey:
In ExifToolGUI, I think you would do this in the ExifTool direct box:

"-filename<$objectname $filemodifydate.%e" -d "%Y%m%d_%H%M%S"


"-filename<$preservedfilename $title.%e"

- Phil

Hello Phill!
 The send command lines are working well.
Many Thanks.
New day,  new problems
Normaly all commands are finished without failure.
Only if I am using commands which are changing the filename (see below), even yery simple ones like filename="xxxxx.jpg"
An alert pops up:

Exifgui: Access violation at.... (see attached)
Closing the window, the filename is changed properly.
I tried this on a laptop als well. The result is the same.
The problem seems to be caused by win7, but I could not find a solution.

Does anyone know how to fix it.
May thanks in advance

Phil Harvey:
I'm afraid I can't help there.  It seems that this technique for renaming files may not be compatible with ExifToolGUI.

- Phil

Many thanks for such a fast answer.
I am happy that i found this TURBO forum.
I will try to use the command window to see what will happen there.



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