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Where to download exiftool GUI


I see this on the ExifToolGUI page:

--- Quote ---2. ExifToolGUI
You can download GUI from here. GUI doesn't need to be "installed". Just unzip ExifToolGUI.zip file into any directory, create Desktop shortcut and GUI is ready to use.

--- End quote ---
But when I click that, I only see a page of the Forum.  Where exactly do I find the GUI tool?  Or is it only available as a command line tool?

When you look at that page, you'll see that there's a subforum for Exiftool Gui.  The second stickied post there has the download link.  But it's important to take note of the first stickied which informs you that the Gui no longer is supported.  There have been reports of troubles with the latest versions of Windows (it breaks really quick when I try to use it).

Hayo Baan:
I split this post from the stickied-post since it didn't belong there.


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