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Copying a Live Photo still, and its accompanying mov

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I have a large collection of Live Photos created on iOS. When the original files are exported from the Photos app on macOS, you are presented with the Live Photo's two parts, a jpg or heic file, and its live element, a mov file. If you drag the two parts into a Library, they combine again.

I would like to copy the still files, and their accompanying video files, from their current location to a new folder, and automatically sort them into year/month/date folders. Both parts of the Live Photo have the same filename, and I would prefer not to modify the files in any way, just their locations.

I think I've got a handle on copying the still files, but I'm unsure how to send off the video files to the same folder. I'm unlikely to be the first to want to do it, so does anyone have any experience doing this?


Try something like
exiftool -o . -d '/path/to/new/directory/%Y/%m/%d' '-directory<DateTimeOriginal' '-directory<CreateDate' <FileOrDir>

Depending upon your time zone and if the time stamps in the .mov files are written correctly or not, you may have to add -api QuickTimeUTC to the command as well.  To double check, run
exiftool -DateTimeOriginal -CreateDate File.jpg File.mov
on two matching files (replace File with the path/name of the file).  If the two results are different (off by a time zone), then add the -api QuickTimeUTC option.

The time stamps in a mov file are supposed to be set to UTC, which means they would differ from the jpegs (which are supposed to be set to local time) by the time zone.  Not all cameras will write the mov file time stamps properly, though.  If they are different then they were written properly and need the QuickTimeUTC option to adjust the output correctly.

Thank you very much. As far as I can tell, that did the trick.

Is there a way to organise files that were not moved—for example photos that have been sent to me via messenging apps, where the EXIF data has been stripped—to a directory of my choosing, in the same pass?

Phil Harvey:

exiftool -o . -d '/path/to/new/directory/%Y/%m/%d' '-directory=DIRECTORY_OF_YOUR_CHOOSING' '-directory<DateTimeOriginal' '-directory<CreateDate' <FileOrDir>

- Phil


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