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My name is Kirsty and I am trying to use the standalone Windows exiftool on my laptop. It is a University laptop so I don't have full administrator rights. However, I can download the the exiftool application, but it doesn't run properly. I have the application on my desktop and whenever I drag and drop images onto the file, it comes up with this 'Application control zip extractor' as you can see from the attached photo.

I have done the exact same thing on a friends laptop (starting from the very beginning and downloading the standalone Windows exiftool) and it all works fine. I have even copied across the exiftool file from the laptop that works onto my University laptop, but even though it works on the first laptop, the same issue occurs once it's on my Uni one.

Exiftool also brings up the same pop-up window when I try and use exiftool through the exif R package.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Phil Harvey:
I'm guessing, but are you trying to run exiftool(-k).exe from inside its .zip archive?  Try first dragging it onto your desktop or to another folder.

- Phil

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply.
It is on my desktop and I have unzipped it from the downloaded folder. I have also tried it when I have moved it into a different folder and it is still giving me the same problem.

As I said, when I copy the exiftool application from my Uni laptop to another laptop it works absolutely fine. So it must be something about my University laptop, and the way it is treating the file.

Sorry, I know that might not be much more help, but any help would be really appreciated.

Phil Harvey:
OK.  Another guess:  Could the "Application Control Zip Extractor" be a driver that you have installed that messes with self-expanding zip archives?  The exiftool.exe app is such a beast.  However, I don't ever remember anyone reporting a problem like this.

- Phil


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