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Problem retrieving RECONYX MakerNotes

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Sorry for bothering you all with what will no doubt (and hopefully) be a remedial issue. I am trying to work with image::exiftool on a mac:
perl 5.18.4
os 10.15.2

I am trying to get a script working that I used previously to create a manifest for images being uploaded to a citizen science site (zooniverse.org). I have successfully (if sloppily) created a section that gets the tags, and uses the Reconyx-specific EventNumber and Sequence tags to arrange the images in the manifest.csv into order in their correct groups of three.

When I feed an image to exiftool at command line, these tags and their values show up.
When I use an exact path and file name in a perl script, the tags and values also show up.
However, when I try to loop through files, using a variable for the file, I get the following:
Warning => [minor] Unrecognized MakerNotes

I have asked the script to print the image file ($damnimagefile) before passing it along to

--- Code: ---my $exif_info = $exifTool->ImageInfo($damnimagefile);
--- End code ---
and then when I copy that path/file and use exifinfo on the command line, the tags are there and populated...

It seems that it is only the MakerNotes - which I assume are the maker-specific tags - that get lost in the script...
Can anyone point out my idiocy? I am sorry about the quality and uncommented nature of the scripts attached. dang.pl is the full script (the exifinfo stuff starts around line 95) that worked once upon a time, and caca.pl is the test script I pulled from dang.pl to narrow things down. I have included a photo of a burrowing owl, which is the species we are currently trying to help. :)

Are you sure the image file in your attached zip is the one giving you the problem?

I have about a million images, and no matter which I have chosen so far, they show the makernotes when I do a simple command-line
exiftool path/to/image.jpg
but not if I use the longer script with the path/image.jpg as a variable...
I have the script print the path/image.jpg it has built so that I can check it, but no matter which I select from the output, I get this same issue.

I have attached three results examples... Sorry again, and thank you for your eyes and your brain!

Phil Harvey:
I would guess that your script uses a different Image::ExifTool library than the one that the exiftool script is using.  What do these commands give?:

exiftool -ver


perl -e 'use Image::ExifTool;print "$Image::ExifTool::VERSION\n"'

- Phil

Sir, they are, respectively, 11.82 and 11.11

I will update Image::ExifTool to 11.70 (which seems to be the latest?) and try again. Thank you, sir!


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