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Invalid character in XML output

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it seems ExifTool emits invalid characters under certain conditions.
I have a MP4 video file and when I run ExifTool with my usual arguments (as I do for many years in IMatch), the XML parser rejects the output with:

Error Character '#', hexadecimal value 0x23 is illegal in an XML name. (MSXML parser on Windows).

This starts at the namespace declaration at the very beginning of the ExifTool XML output:


and then repeats many times for all values for the Track# namespace.

The # is not allowed for names in XML.

Phil Harvey:
Thanks.  I'll look into this

Phil Harvey:
I can't reproduce this effect.  Could you email me a sample (philharvey66 at gmail.com) and tell me the exact command line that you are using?

- Phil

I will send you the video file (it's small).
The ARGs which allow to reproduce this are (condensed down)


Phil Harvey:
Got it, thanks!

This will be fixed in ExifTool 11.94 when it is released (maybe later today).

- Phil


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