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Command to remove quotes from around keywords?

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I've been using a now discontinued image server app, Gallery Server Pro, to host my images and to tag them, too, but I find that it's put quotes around the keywords, like this: "lake, Lake Michigan, swimming, fun, recreation, kids, summer day"  When I try to import the images into the new app I'm using, it only gets about the first four keywords and ignores the rest, unless I remove the quotes, then it sees them all and imports them.  I'm hopeful that someone will help me come up with a simple command line I can use in ExifGUI to remove all those quote marks before I import them into the new app.  Thanks for your assistance.

Hey, I see that ExifGUI is no longer supported, sorry for asking this here, then, although to use the EXIFTool Direct option in the GUI, I believe you're just entering command line type commands. 

Having said that, I poked around some more and found this: "-keywords<$subject" -sep "//"  That seems to work!  Except it adds an extra space between the keywords as viewed from Adobe Bridge.  Is the extra space a big deal?  To be clear, the extra space is at the beginning of the keyword, so in Bridge it looks like this:  lake;  Lake Michigan;  swim;  fun;  recreation,  Bridge adds the semi-colons, not me, and ExifTool GUI displays the keywords like this: aspen* harvest* timber* lumber* forest* forestry* woods* trees* fall* autumn

Phil Harvey:
I don't see how the command you gave solves your problem.  All it does is copy the XMP:Subject to IPTC:Keywords.  And it would be better to do it like this: "-keywords<subject" (see common mistake 5b)

But if the keywords are stored in XMP:Subject as a single string with ", " separating the words, then they can be split apart like this:  -tagsfromfile @ -subject -sep ", "

I can help more if you post an example of the file which gives the quotes around the keywords.

- Phil


Thanks, I really appreciate it.

It looks like the main problem is that the keywords are not stored separately but as a single string. So in the example image, there is a single keyword consisting of
aspen, trees, forest, woods, forestry, late fall
instead of a list of individual keywords
late fall

What you'll want to use in the GUI direct would be
-tagsfromfile @ -Keywords "-subject<Keywords" -sep ", "

This will correct the Keywords error and copy Keywords into Subject.


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