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Write specific XMP tags to images



I am trying to copy some XMP tags from Camera family (e.g CentralWavelength and BandName) of my image to another image.

I am using the following command: exiftool -tagsfromFile originalimage.tif -xmp-Camera:BandName writeimage.tif but it fails to execute.
Probably it has a very simple solution, but i am not able to find it.
What am i missing?

--- Code: ---<?xpacket begin="" id="W5M0MpCehiHzreSzNTczkc9d"?>
<x:xmpmeta xmlns:x="adobe:ns:meta/" x:xmptk="XMP Core 4.4.0">
   <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="">
      <rdf:Description rdf:about="Pix4D Camera Information"

--- End code ---

Thanks in advance!

Phil Harvey:
There is a pix4d.config file included in the full distribution that you can use to write these tags with this command:

exiftool -config pix4d.config -tagsfromFile originalimage.tif -xmp-Camera:BandName FILE

- Phil

Thanks for the prompt response, Phil!

Would it also be possible to copy more than one tag in one go? Something like:

exiftool -config pix4d.config -tagsfromFile originalimage.tif -xmp-Camera:BandName, CentralWavelength.... FILE

Or for each tag one needs to run separate commands?

exiftool -config pix4d.config -tagsfromFile originalimage.tif -xmp-Camera:BandName -xmp-CameraCentralWavelength -TAG3 -TAG4 -TAG5 -ETC FILE

See the -TagsFromFile option docs and Copying Examples.

Thanks a lot!


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