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csv-Metadataimport work on image but only partially on sidecar

Started by berliner_ffm, May 15, 2020, 03:20:37 PM

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Hi Phil,

once again I seek help  ;)
I have created a csv-import-file with GPS information and the SourceFileTag (gpsout.csv).
The structure is as follows:
"C:/Users/jens/Documents/50_EXIFTOOL/TestGPS/Angkor-050511.dng","13.434870","13.434870","103.891075","103.891075","46.9","46.9","13.434870 103.891075","2019:11:05","01:45:00","2019-11-05T01:45:00"
"C:/Users/jens/Documents/50_EXIFTOOL/TestGPS/angkor-050153.dng","13.434741","13.434741","103.891017","103.891017","36.4","36.4","13.434741 103.891017","2019:11:05","01:48:59","2019-11-05T01:48:59"

I also have a csv-Filelist that includes all the files to be processed

Now if a run
exiftool -csv=gpsout.csv -@filelist.csv
it works perfectly!

But then I changed it, so that the tag are written to an xmp-Sidecar instead of the original image.
Therefore I changed file extensions in both csv-Files to "xmp" and ran the same exiftool command again.

This time it created the xmp-files (yeah!), but only some tags are written. The output for a single file is:

======== ./testgps/Angkor-050660.xmp
GPS Altitude                    : 16.2 m
GPS Latitude                    : 13 deg 25' 47.81" N
GPS Longitude                   : 103 deg 53' 54.65" E
GPS Date/Time                   : 2019:11:05 09:45:24
GPS Latitude Ref                : North
GPS Longitude Ref               : East
GPS Position                    : 13 deg 25' 47.81" N, 103 deg 53' 54.65" E

As you can see, the following tags are missing:

I am trying to understand why that happens and if I did something wrong.
Maybe you can enlighten me  :)

Phil Harvey

This is due to the difference between the specification for GPS in EXIF and XMP.   There is no GPSAltitudeRef in XMP.  Instead, the GPSAltitude value is signed.  And GPSDateStamp/GPSTimeStamp are combined into a single tag in XMP.

Also note that GPSPosition is a Composite tag, and isn't actually XMP.  Use the -G option to see where the tags are coming from.

It's all a bit confusing, and unfortunate (due to lack of foresight in the original specifications), but hopefully this will makes sense.

There are argfiles in the full distribution for mapping EXIF GPS to XMP and visa versa.

- Phil
...where DIR is the name of a directory/folder containing the images.  On Mac/Linux, use single quotes (') instead of double quotes (") around arguments containing a dollar sign ($).