Copy and past complicated log files from the file A to file B

Started by NikolaiSwartz, May 18, 2020, 02:00:14 PM

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Hi All,
I use a big scanner to scan complicated artworks. That specific scanner uses a lot of Log [C Sx] files.
If i edit my image in photoshop it will lose all log files and that makes it all useless at the end of the pipeline.
The metadata and log files are needed to create a 2.5d image out of 5 scanned images, all with different scan settings.
How can i copy the complete info from file A to file B?
I used this line "Exiftool -TagsFromFile srcimage.jpg "-all:all>all:all" targetimage.jpg" but for some reason it doesn't do the job.
In the attachment you'll find the specific info that gets lost after using photoshop.
Thanks a lot!


Odds are that exiftool doesn't have definitions for those tags, so it doesn't know how to write them.  I'm guessing that they are probably XMP, so you can try copying the XMP as a block with
exiftool -TagsFromFile Source -xmp Target
but that will overwrite any XMP that has been added by photoshop in the target file.
* Did you read FAQ #3 and use the command listed there?
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thanks!! i only get this message.. [minor] Oversized IFD0 TileByteCounts (353894400 bytes, but expected 342912000)