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LR Enfuse Error - Error running exiftool

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I use LR Enfuse for real estate photography, one of my colleagues uses it as well. He isn't having any issues as I am.

Mine is coming up with an error saying "Error running exiftool More information is in the file LREnfuse_log.txt on your desktop" (I have attached this .txt. file).

I have reset all permissions on my mac via recovery, fresh install of Lightroom and LR Enfuse, I have tried moving folders to different locations on my computer/created new folders. Nothing si working. I have tried launching the plugin from the desktop (which is where I usually have it), as well as copying it into the lightroom plugins folder within the installer package. I have also tried to install the exiftool manually and nothing has worked to resolve this issue.

Can you please give me some advice on what to do next, as I need this software running for work.

Phil Harvey:
What is the result if you run cmd.exe and enter the following command in the window?:

"/Applications/Adobe Lightroom Classic/Adobe Lightroom Classic.app/Contents/PlugIns/LREnfuse 3.lrplugin/exiftoolapp/exiftool" -ver

I would like to know what error messages this gives.

But my first attempt at a fix would likely be to suggest you try replacing your version of exiftool.exe with the alternate Windows version in the "/Applications/Adobe Lightroom Classic/Adobe Lightroom Classic.app/Contents/PlugIns/LREnfuse 3.lrplugin/exiftoolapp/" directory.

- Phil

Hi Phil,
Thank you for your reply.

I am running Mac OS, do you have a terminal code for me to test for Mac.

Thank you

Phil Harvey:
Try the command I gave in my last post.

- Phil

Hi Phil,

I have tried replacing the exiftool.exe with the one you recommended in the link below as well as triple checking that I had placed it in the correct folder. Please see error message below.

I also tried to run the code and it showed up with nothing - please see attached.

What are your thoughts?



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