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Remove Old Picasa XMP Face Tags writen in my jpgs


Dear Community,

this is my first post so please bare with me... i think exiftool is the key here for my solution but i am not really ready , maybe you can help

i used picasa (version 2 until final version) on my pc...the software, not the cloud stuff.... i scanned for faces, tagged a lot of files and made the MISTAKE to write the information INTO the jpg files... so when i send pictures to my relatives they might (or probably wont, cause they are noobs) see the nicknames i used for some people in order to tag my collection.... the bigger problem for me is the personal data aspect as i would maybe send files to someone and there are names written readable IN the files... so i tought to myself "remove all those tags with picasa again" ... this seems to NOT work... i still find alot of jpg files with xmp info where the names are in.... (i see that with exiftool gui when navigating through some foldes)

now i have 2 questions: is it possible with exiftoolsgui to see only images that HAVE an XMP metadata ? this would help me to search for all potential nameholding pictures
the second question would be how i can batch remove all the face tags (at least the names) in the xmp metadata... i dont want to remove the whole metadata maybe only the names (so the faces are still included as a region but anonymously

i hope i could make myself clear with my bad english... thanks in advance...and stay safe

I can't help with the first question, as the GUI doesn't work on my computer.  In case you didn't see, the GUI no longer has support by it's author.

If you want to completely remove the face regions, you can type this into the "Exiftool direct"

To just remove the names and leave the rest of the region info, you can use

thanks for your answer...your second command sounds like what i want to do over all my jpgs so how would i proceed ?

what is the exact syntax if i want to tell exiftoll my main folder to scan alls subfolders for jpg files and remove the region names ?

i tried : exiftool -RegionName= "mainfolder\*.jpg" -> this resulted in exactlyx as i thought, removing all regionnames in all jpgs...but how would i make this recursive from my main folder to all subdirectories ? and is it possible to skip creating a backup original file ?


With the gui, no idea.

In CMD, you would use this
exiftool -RegionName= -ext jpg -r /path/to/Files/

If you have files with a jpeg extension, add -ext jpeg

This command creates backup files.  Add -Overwrite_Original to suppress the creation of backup files.  Add -P (preserve) option if you don't want the systems FileModifyDate to change.

thanks alot...worked like a charm... cant believe this is done in seconds when i am trying for WEEKS now otherwise :D


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