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QuickTime Keys Tags "CaptureMode" is not recognised by Apple Photos on Mac


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to set the CaptureMode to "Time-lapse" of a manual generated time lapse with ffmpeg.

--- Code: ---exiftool -Keys:CaptureMode="Time-lapse" filename.mov
--- End code ---

However, the imported video is not categorised as a time lapse in Mac Photos.

Info dialog if time lapse generated by me:

Info dialog of time lapse generated by iPhone:

May it be the wrong value? Im using Time-lapse as extracted from a time lapse of my iPhone:

--- Code: ---exiftool -s timelapse.mov | grep CaptureMode
CaptureMode                     : Time-lapse
--- End code ---

See attachment: "time lapse generated by an iPhone.png"

I've also compared all metadata from a video and a time lapse generated by my iPhone and could not find any different tags for this context.

I'm using this guide: https://exiftool.org/TagNames/QuickTime.html as reference.

What am I doing wrong? May it be a bug? Setting Make, Model or GPSCoordinates do work.

Thanks in advance!


Phil Harvey:
Did you compare the output of exiftool -a -G1 for both files?  (ie. all tags, showing the group1 locations?)  Also maybe throw in -u in case there are some unknown tags.

- Phil

There is indeed a difference!

The CaptureMode tag from my iPhone file is in the group "Track1".

Output from file generated by iPhone:

--- Code: ---exiftool -a -G1 timelapse.mov | grep "Capture Mode"
[Track1]        Capture Mode                    : Time-lapse
--- End code ---

Output from file generated by me:

--- Code: ---exiftool -a -G1 test.4k.h265.mov | grep "Capture Mode"
[Keys]          Capture Mode                    : Time-lapse
--- End code ---

However, if I try to set the "CaptureMode" in the group "Track1", I get this error:

--- Code: ---exiftool -Track1:CaptureMode=Time-lapse test.4k.h265.mov
Warning: Sorry, Track1:CaptureMode doesn't exist or isn't writable
Nothing to do.
--- End code ---

From the Quicktime tags page:
     ExifTool currently writes only top-level metadata in QuickTime-based files; it extracts other track-specific and timed metadata, but can not yet edit tags in these locations (with the exception of track-level date/time tags).


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