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ExifTool & VB

Started by SCM, November 20, 2020, 10:01:55 AM

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Longtime fan of ExifTool, first attempt to use it within another program or outside of the GUI. I originally posted this as a reply to a topic in the Developer section, but I thought I'd try over here as I hadn't gotten a response.

I've created a small image watermarking program in VB2019 for others at my work. It loads an image, it gets placed in a VB picturebox as a bitmap, the user can carry out minor alterations, and a watermark style is selected and added. While any supported image can be opened, it only saves in JPEG. As part of the save process, and 'in the background', I'd like to add in a standard line to the copyright field of the exif metadata. The bitmap in the picturebox is saved as a JPEG using a standard save file dialog.

I'm been playing around with the a wrapper (least I think I have) and cannot seem to get it working with the image from the picturebox as part of the save process. Everything I can seem to pull up is about editing files already existing in a directory. I'm very novice at VB coding so I'm probably overlooking something.

I've tried converting the bitmap directly to a type that Visual Studio doesn't throw an error for but no luck, various errors halt the program at the execute commend. Some Googlefu has turned up bits and pieces, such as sending the bitmap through a memory stream, but I'm at a loss for even a starting spot.

Thanks everyone in advance!