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Include original directory name into new directory and file name (iPhone)

Started by rdmitre, May 04, 2021, 12:46:14 AM

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I have an iPhone and a lot of movie files (MOV files) sorted in folder as:
/home/Qnap/..../original folder 1/img001.MOV
/home/Qnap/..../original folder 1/img002.MOV
/home/Qnap/..../original folder 2/img07.MOV
/home/Qnap/..../original folder n/img00001.MOV
/home/Qnap/..../original folder n/img001.MOV

I want to rename my files as:
/home/Qnap/.../Year/month/Year-month-date_original folder name/year-month-date_hour.minutes.seconds_original folder name.MOV

I have the next code that work for a similar case but i can't obtain what i want to do:
exiftool -r -ee -api QuickTimeUTC -ext mov -d "/home/Qnap/Multimedia/Fotos_y_Videos_Familiares/Videos\ Familiares/%Y/%m/%Y-%m-%d/%Y-%m-%d %H.%M.%S%%-c.%%le" "-filename<CreateDate" -if '($Directory eq "/home/Qnap/Public/Fotos_y_Videos_a_Ordenar")' /home/Qnap/Public/Fotos_y_Videos_a_Ordenar

Could you help me?
For example if i have a file:
/home/Qnap/Christmas 2020/Original File Name 1.MOV
/home/Qnap/Christmas 2020/Original File Name 2.MOV
/home/Qnap/Christmas 2020/Original File Name 3.MOV

I want to get:
/home/Qnap/Classified/2020/12/2020_12_24_Christmas 2020/2020_12_24_19.30.25_Christmas 2020.MOV
/home/Qnap/Classified/2020/12/2020_12_24_Christmas 2020/2020_12_24_19.30.25_1_Christmas 2020.MOV
/home/Qnap/Classified/2020/12/2020_12_24_Christmas 2020/2020_12_24_19.30.25_2_Christmas 2020.MOV