[Dropbox] .bat Reading exif photos, writing results to file

Started by Sebbers, June 14, 2022, 03:49:02 AM

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Hi there,
I'm having some issues with my setup the last 3 days, if anyone could set me straight id greatly appreciate it.

Current setup
Exiftool location - Dropbox (local)
.bat location -  same Dropbox  dir ^
Read location  - user>pictures

Photo read location same as exiftool location or sub folder of that

What I'd like to happen

From within local Dropbox files
Read the exif tags mentioned and write them to  .CSV that's output in Dropbox

What currently happens
The code below allows me to export a CSV file to Dropbox location where Exiftool and bat is and it reads photos from my pictures folder, which is fine and has the tags and headers required.

However, I'd like to read from Dropbox local as otherwise I have my images twice locally ( one on Dropbox one on user location and no matter what I try, the CSV never exports the data if I point photos read location to Dropbox.  :'(

I'll get either blank or the first header which is 'SourceFile'
My Dropbox will always download the necessary files locally so it is "physically" present.

My Dropbox location is a custom drive install (f in this case)
And also has a subscription so the path is like
F:Dropbox (subname)/folder/...
Which I assumed was the first issue.
I read that Dropbox gives file path in .JSON file as well if that's required here ( or can be used).

@echo off
exiftool -filename -ISO -ApertureValue -ShutterSpeedValue -DateTimeOriginal -csv -T -r -n %USERPROFILE%\Pictures\ > output.csv

Any help will be super appreciated

Super simple solution for me.
I just had to ensure my dropbox path was quoted "" because of the spacing used in the file path