Merge JSON info from Instaloader Instagram Download

Started by bigasbilly, August 01, 2022, 11:15:26 AM

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Hello Community ! Thank you in advance for being there for a somewhat novice to command line and tools such as this.

Recently a friend had their instagram account hacked and compromised - I found a python script that scrapes the profile and provides me with a .jpg or .mp4 of the post, a .txt with the caption, and a .json with associated instagram metadata (including location tags).

At minimum, I would love for the caption to be posted in a "description" or "comment" tag so that when we are organizing the photos for the next platform, we don't have to refer to the text file to understand the context of each photo.

I have seen other posts where users take JSON data from a Google Takeout file, and I'm hoping the process will be similarly simple.

Personally, I'm just not sure how to properly format my code to execute this properly. Can anyone help?

Sample of 3 different files below.

Thank you in advance! Glad this tool exists!