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GPS: Create XMP from EXIF


[Originally posted by thenorb on 2010-03-19 09:05:22.133121-07]


when geotagging an image Exiftool writes GPS data to both EXIF and XMP headers.
Now I've got some photos with GPS data only in their EXIF headers. So I would like to copy this data into the XMP part like Exiftool would do it when it would have been used for tagging.

I tried

exiftool "-XMP:all<EXIF:all" <file>

but it wrote invalid data (longitude was set to "east" instead of "west") and did not create all headers which were created by the geotagging feature.

Any ideas?



[Originally posted by exiftool on 2010-03-19 09:10:35.110144-07]

Hi Norb,

Yes.  The -@ option may be used with the "gps2xmp.args"
file (included in the full distribution) to do exactly what you want.

--- Code: ---#
# File:         gps2xmp.args
# Description:  Argument file for copying GPS information from EXIF to XMP
# Usage:        exiftool -tagsFromFile SRCFILE -@ gps2xmp.args DSTFILE
# Revisions:    2009/01/09 - P. Harvey Created
# Notes:        Most of the GPS tags are copied by the first argument, but
#               the XMP GPS coordinates and date/time tags are composites of
#               more than one EXIF GPS tag, so they are handled separately.
-XMP:all < GPS:all
-XMP:GPSLatitude < Composite:GPSLatitude
-XMP:GPSLongitude < Composite:GPSLongitude
-XMP:GPSDateTime < Composite:GPSDateTime
# end
- Phil

[Originally posted by thenorb on 2010-03-19 09:36:38.274913-07]

Works perfectly. Thanks Phil, your help is much appreciated!


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