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Click here to download ExiftoolGUI v5.16
Click here to see GUI manual (en Fran├žais), or here for metadata related articles.

New:  How to add tags into Workspace flash video (~1.6MB).

ExifToolGUI v5.16, April 5,2015

* Bug fixed shifting some date/time values.
ExifToolGUI v5.15, January 8,2013

* Bug fixed where sub-directories with names containing a dot could be processed when processing the parent directory.
ExifToolGUI v5.14, June 5,2012

* Bug fixed for Import GPS data from Log files -in all cases, files weren't geotagged and message "No file specified" was shown.
ExifToolGUI v5.13, May 31,2012

* Bug fixed for ExifTool direct: option -r (recursive) didn't work. I assume this happened after some of my work was lost because of disk failure.
ExifToolGUI v5.12, May 24,2012

* Bug fixed for Preferences option save Filelist Details state on exit.

ExifToolGUI v5.00, January 27,2012
Here it is: all new ExifToolGUI v5.
Few months ago, I didn't think there would ever be a reason for making new major GUI version. I mean, I only need to edit these few tags... But then (probably because I was boring), I tried using ExifTool's -stay_open option from my code and as soon I succeeded, I knew, that's it -it would be a shame not using this in GUI.
Now, most users probably wouldn't even notice much difference, if that feature would be implemented into existing GUI, because all that stuff isn't visible -that is, it's running behind the scene. Thus, I decided to make new GUI, so user can see something and get some benefits. Truth? I've made it for me.

In short: GUIv5 doesn't introduce any new "capabilities", nor has suddenly become magic tool. I actually removed few things... and added some (so, bugs are expected as well).
Even GUI's appearance didn't changed much, I recommend reading manual! -see link above.

That's it... the last major GUI version.


Here I'll try to inform you on changes allready made for upcoming GUI version, so you know what to expect in next update.

* -added 3rd option for rename file(s) to YYYYMMDD_HHMM Filename

Phil Harvey:
Hi Bogdan,

Just to let you know how many people are downloading ExifToolGUI:

You are getting an average of about 180 downloads/day for version 5.x.

- Phil

Hi Phil,

Now, I'm really surprised! I would expect such number in two weeks or even more, seriously -considering metadata stuff isn't that much of fun. Ok, this number will drop in few days.. still, good to hear that GUI is being used by more than 47 peoples  :)
Thank you for that info.


Phil Harvey:
The last release of ExifToolGUI for each major version are available here:

ExifToolGUI 5.16

ExifToolGUI 4.27

ExifToolGUI 3.42

- Phil


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