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Phil Harvey:
Just for your interest, here is a picture of me at my desk.  The ExifTool forum is hosted by the Mac Mini on my desktop, indicated by "You are here" in the picture:

Note the vintage monitor.  I really should update to a more current system. :P

- Phil

Did I just see a Gingerbread Man above your (super modern) monitor? :o

Phil Harvey:
The red man is a wind-up dancing robot.  Sorta cool actually.  And the little toys are from chocolate Kinder eggs.

- Phil


Great idea with that photo of yours. And good to know how small it is "where we are" -I'll be carefull with GUI package size :)


Phil Harvey:

--- Quote from: BogdanH on November 22, 2010, 12:05:06 PM ----I'll be carefull with GUI package size :)

--- End quote ---

LOL.  Thanks. :)

- Phil


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