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Phil Harvey:
Welcome to the new ExifTool forum.

This forum can be accessed at the following URL:

This should be a bit of an improvement over the old cpan forum.  For convenience, all posts from the old forum have been duplicated in the Archive section of this new forum.

Current Forum Settings:

Posts may be edited for up to 12 hours after posting.  After the first 10 minutes, a "Last Edit:" message will be added when a post is edited.

Congratulations Phil!
Looks like you're moving onward and upward.  ExifTool does deserve and require a dedicated forum.  All the best.

Christian Etter:
Well done Phil.
Look and feel of the new forum is good. Even the old posts have been preserved. Excellent!


Just curious, why do you use instead of if you own it ?  and if you don't, why don't you buy or somesuch ?

just wondering ...


Phil Harvey:
Hi Simon, is currently being donated by an exiftool user.  Since I don't have control of it, I still use queensu as the official address.

- Phil

2019-12-06 update:  I have just obtained the domain and moved the forum there.


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