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Phil Harvey:
Sorry for the bad news, but it seems as if Bogdan is no longer supporting his ExifToolGUI program, and hasn't responded to any questions in this section of the forum for quite a while.

I will leave this section of the forum up, but I'm afraid that you're on your own here because I can't answer questions about ExifToolGUI myself.

I will of course continue to support the exiftool command-line application and Perl API in the other sections of this forum.

- Phil


Oh, after some weeks I guessed it could be something severe and constant... but I can understand that it must be a very hard work supporting a software as a single developer - and the public surely is not always very grateful  >:(

So I say Thank You for giving us a very useful and versatile piece of software and for the very friendly and open-minded support!

Hi Phil

your site lists a couple of other GUIs for ExifTool - is there any of these you would recommend? Since ExifToolGUI is no longer supported by its author.
What I need to do is to edit the focal length and aperture.
Thank you for your advice - as well as for your application!

Kind regards - Hening.

Phil Harvey:
You can use ExifToolGUI to do this already.  Just add the tags to the workspace (FocalLength and FNumber).

- Phil

Thank you for your fast reply! - Hening.


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