Feature Request: gpx TrackPointExtension to GPSSpeed & GPSHPositioningError

Started by Marsu42, April 21, 2024, 08:53:40 PM

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After trying about every app for gpx recording on Android the popular open source OpenTracks is my favorite by far: https://opentracksapp.com/#features

It features multple export options, I'm using gpx for exiftoop to -xmp:geotag=log.gpx

Exiftool doesn't read (at least) two sets of data that are inside the gpx and have corresponding xml metadata tags: speed (should go to XMP-exif:Speed) and positioning error (should go to XMP-exif:GPSHPositioningError) => Could you please add these?

The source code for the gpx output with the xmlns is https://github.com/OpenTracksApp/OpenTracks/blob/main/src/main/java/de/dennisguse/opentracks/io/file/exporter/GPXTrackExporter.java

The trackpoint format of OpenTracks gpx (with my phone) is:

<trkpt lat="52.52437" lon="13.41053">

In case the OpenTracks gpx export is very odd, of course I could create bug ticket on github, too. At least the speed tag seems to be correct though, it moved to the extenion on gpx 1.0 => 1.1. https://logiqx.github.io/gps-wizard/gpx/

Phil Harvey

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