Install Archive::Zip to decode compressed ZIP information *.eip

Started by Gleb, August 31, 2021, 05:21:52 PM

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We installed exiftool by just copying it into machine, as it described here:
QuoteIf you don't have su access, you can run ExifTool in your own account by moving "exiftool" and its "lib" directory to any convenient location, preferably somewhere in your PATH
Everything works perfect except for getting the metadata from *.eip file. Here's what we're getting:
Warning: Install Archive::Zip to decode compressed ZIP information

I've seen some discussions where they say how to solve it:
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
Basically, the cure is to install libarchive with apt-get install libarchive-zip-perl

But as I mentioned before, we don't have su access. Is there a way to solve that by adding the binaries of libarchive into lib into a specific path, or any other solution?

1) Linux
2) 12.24
3) perl exiftool -config {_configPath} -ignoreMinorErrors -g1 -GEDefaultTags -json {filePath}        <-- I'll add config info and filePath later
4) Warning: Install Archive::Zip to decode compressed ZIP information - /mnt/asset_prep/devgleb/large-file/a5d40c02-3021-45f4-82cd-8e12c6c90755.eip
5) My file is 28 Mb. Here's the Google drive link ->


From what I can see, Archive::zip is written in pure Perl, no binaries.  So you should be able to just go to CPAN, download the files, and drop it in the Perl lib directory.

Here's the files that are built into the Windows executable, which is really just a minimal Perl interpreter
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