Author Topic: Help .nef files corupt looking for help to salvage anything from them  (Read 1190 times)


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Please anyone who can help.

I just shot a wedding this past weekend I was looking to upgrade my camera so I had the brilliant idea to rent a camera well the rental d610 ruined about 116 .nef raw files. Normally I shoot with .jpg backup but unfortunately I didn't this time. I'd gladly pay anyone who can Fix or salvage a decent .jpg from the files.
Sample corrupt file
Sample good file for exif reference.

Hayo Baan

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Hi Memphis,

I had a look at your file and I am very sorry to say this file is absolutely unsalvageable >:(

The first 9568256 bytes (9.1 MB) of the file is completely empty (all 0), then there's just 1507328 (1.4 MB) of unrecognisable data, followed by another piece of 10269392 all 0 bytes (9.8 MB).

If you still have your (hopefully untouched since then) memory card, perhaps the problem was just a bad reader. So I suggest you try again in a different reader and see if you can salve them there. Also try the card in a camera (preferably the same) and see if the images can be viewed there.

Good luck,
Hayo Baan – Photography


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Thanks for taking a look, hex reader showed nada on the card as well. I noticed the files turned to red x's on the camera day of shoot. You never take an unproven rifle into battle, I shouldn't have taken an unproven camera to a wedding.