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This is the Arg file I use to create the test file I use to see what metadata various programs use.  I originally used it to test the Windows Properties->Details tab, thus the name. edit: now changed

In most cases the tag will be filled with the name of the tag if possible (e.g. XMP-dc:Description is filled with the value "XMP-dc:Description"), otherwise with a unique value compared to similar tags e.g., EXIF:ISO has a different value than XMP:ISO.  This is especially important with the various date/time tags.

The command to use it would be something like:
exiftool -@ /path/to/MetadataTestFile.args TestFile.jpg
and then you'll have a test file with more metadata than you probably need.

* 2019-06-18: Updated to version 1.03, some minor tweaks, a few tags removed, removed duplicate line

Phil Harvey:
That looks useful.  Perhaps we should make this topic sticky?

But I have three issues with the name of the file.

1. The "Windows" in the name makes it seem like it may not be useful for other platforms.

2. The leading "!" makes it a bit awkward to use on Mac/Linux ("!" must be quoted).

3. Argument files in the ExifTool distribution have the extension ".args".  It would be good to be consistent.

- Phil

Any suggestions on a new name?  "MetadataTestFile.args"?

I used the exclamation point to make it first in my directory listing so it was easier to find in my increasingly messy test file directory.

Phil Harvey:

--- Quote from: StarGeek on May 21, 2018, 11:34:38 AM ---Any suggestions on a new name?  "MetadataTestFile.args"?

--- End quote ---

Sounds great!

- Phil

Ok, name changed and thread stickied.


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