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Preview pane empty for RAW files??

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I am not using ExifToolGUI on a daily basis, but at times I do and appreciate how useful it is. Lately the preview pane is empty; I could swear that it was not always like this. I'm dealing with ORF (Olympus RAW), but I can't see a preview for eg CR2 as well. Only for JPG and TIF the preview pane shows an image.

Is this a problem, or am I just wrong and preview pane doesn't work for RAW files?

I'm running Windows 10 build 17134 and the latest versions of ExifToolGUI and Exiftool.


I was able to solve the issue by reinstalling the FastPictureViewer codecs that I use to display RAW thumbnails throughout Windows. My Windows was recently upgraded to Spring Creator 1803, maybe during this operation codecs were disabled / overwritten by others that are not capable to display ORF.

Just read this one searching for a solution.
Had the same problem.

If you run the Gui 'As Administrator' it runs fine


--- Quote from: castellum on May 22, 2019, 08:38:51 AM ---Had the same problem.

If you run the Gui 'As Administrator' it runs fine

--- End quote ---

Are you sure you have the same problem as the original poster?

This means, you run Bogdan's ExiftoolGUI v5.16 to view raw files, and you don't see a preview unless you run it as admin?

Hard to believe that raw preview should depend on admin rights.

I'm a little allergic to "run as admin" recommendations, so would you mind to give more details?

Which OS, which RAW format, which codec extension, where did you put ExiftoolGUI?

Sorry, i did not have notifications 'ON'

Only just read this one.
All I know is that It did not work in normal mode but as soon as I run it as admin it does work.

What information do you need?


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