Apple Tags

Tags extracted from the maker notes of iPhone images.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0003 RunTime - --> Apple RunTime Tags
0x0008 AccelerationVector rational64s[3] (XYZ coordinates of the acceleration vector in units of g. As viewed from the front of the phone, positive X is toward the left side, positive Y is toward the bottom, and positive Z points into the face of the phone)
0x000a HDRImageType int32s 3 = HDR Image
4 = Original Image
0x000b BurstUUID string (unique ID for all images in a burst)
0x0011 MediaGroupUUID string  
0x0015 ImageUniqueID string  

Apple RunTime Tags

This PLIST-format information contains the elements of a CMTime structure representing the amount of time the phone has been running since the last boot, not including standby time.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'epoch' RunTimeEpoch no  
'flags' RunTimeFlags no Bit 0 = Valid
Bit 1 = Has been rounded
Bit 2 = Positive infinity
Bit 3 = Negative infinity
Bit 4 = Indefinite
'timescale' RunTimeScale no  
'value' RunTimeValue no  

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Last revised Feb 18, 2021

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