Apple Tags

Tags extracted from the maker notes of iPhone images.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0001 MakerNoteVersion int32s  
0x0002 AEMatrix? no  
0x0003 RunTime - --> Apple RunTime Tags
0x0004 AEStable int32s 0 = No
1 = Yes
0x0005 AETarget int32s  
0x0006 AEAverage int32s  
0x0007 AFStable int32s 0 = No
1 = Yes
0x0008 AccelerationVector rational64s[3] (XYZ coordinates of the acceleration vector in units of g. As viewed from the front of the phone, positive X is toward the left side, positive Y is toward the bottom, and positive Z points into the face of the phone)
0x000a HDRImageType int32s 3 = HDR Image
4 = Original Image
0x000b BurstUUID string (unique ID for all images in a burst)
0x000c FocusDistanceRange rational64s[2]  
0x000f OISMode int32s  
0x0011 ContentIdentifier string (called MediaGroupUUID when it appears as an XAttr)
0x0014 ImageCaptureType int32s 1 = ProRAW
2 = Portrait
10 = Photo
12 = Photo (12)
0x0015 ImageUniqueID string  
0x0017 LivePhotoVideoIndex yes (divide by RunTimeScale to get time in seconds)
0x0019 ImageProcessingFlags? int32s  
0x001a QualityHint? string  
0x001d LuminanceNoiseAmplitude rational64s  
0x001f PhotosAppFeatureFlags int32s (set if person or pet detected in image)
0x0020 ImageCaptureRequestID? string  
0x0021 HDRHeadroom rational64s  
0x0023 AFPerformance int32s[2] (first number maybe related to focus distance, last number maybe related to focus accuracy)
0x0025 SceneFlags? int32s  
0x0026 SignalToNoiseRatioType? int32s  
0x0027 SignalToNoiseRatio rational64s  
0x002b PhotoIdentifier string  
0x002d ColorTemperature int32s  
0x002e CameraType int32s 0 = Back Wide Angle
1 = Back Normal
6 = Front
0x002f FocusPosition int32s  
0x0030 HDRGain rational64s  
0x0038 AFMeasuredDepth int32s (from the time-of-flight-assisted auto-focus estimator)
0x003d AFConfidence int32s  
0x003e ColorCorrectionMatrix? no  
0x003f GreenGhostMitigationStatus? int32s  
0x0040 SemanticStyle no (_1=Tone, _2=Warm, _3=1.Std,2.Vibrant,3.Rich Contrast,4.Warm,5.Cool)
0x0041 SemanticStyleRenderingVer no  
0x0042 SemanticStylePreset no  
0x004e Apple_0x004e? no  
0x004f Apple_0x004f? no  

Apple RunTime Tags

This PLIST-format information contains the elements of a CMTime structure representing the amount of time the phone has been running since the last boot, not including standby time.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'epoch' RunTimeEpoch no  
'flags' RunTimeFlags no Bit 0 = Valid
Bit 1 = Has been rounded
Bit 2 = Positive infinity
Bit 3 = Negative infinity
Bit 4 = Indefinite
'timescale' RunTimeScale no  
'value' RunTimeValue no  

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Last revised Apr 23, 2024

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