Meta information extracted from the header of HTML and XHTML files. This is a mix of information found in the META elements, XML element, and the TITLE element.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'abstract' Abstract no  
'author' Author no  
'classification' Classification no  
'content-language' ContentLanguage no  
'copyright' Copyright no  
'dc' DC - --> HTML dc Tags
'description' Description no  
'distribution' Distribution no  
'doc-class' DocClass no  
'doc-rights' DocRights no  
'doc-type' DocType no  
'formatter' Formatter no  
'generator' Generator no  
'generatorversion' GeneratorVersion no  
'googlebot' GoogleBot no  
'http-equiv' HTTP-equiv - --> HTML equiv Tags
'keywords' Keywords no+  
'mssmarttagspreventparsing' NoMSSmartTags no  
'ncc' NCC - --> HTML ncc Tags
'o' Office - --> HTML Office Tags
'originator' Originator no  
'owner' Owner no  
'prod' Prod - --> HTML prod Tags
'progid' ProgID no  
'rating' Rating no  
'refresh' Refresh no  
'resource-type' ResourceType no  
'revisit-after' RevisitAfter no  
'robots' Robots no+  
'title' Title no (the only extracted tag which isn't from an HTML META element)
'vw96' VW96 - --> HTML vw96 Tags

HTML dc Tags

Dublin Core schema tags (also used in XMP).

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'contributor' Contributor no+  
'coverage' Coverage no  
'creator' Creator no+  
'date' Date no+  
'description' Description no  
'format' Format no  
'identifier' Identifier no  
'language' Language no+  
'publisher' Publisher no+  
'relation' Relation no+  
'rights' Rights no  
'source' Source no  
'subject' Subject no+  
'title' Title no  
'type' Type no+  

HTML equiv Tags

These tags have a family 1 group name of "HTTP-equiv".

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'cache-control' CacheControl no  
'content-disposition' ContentDisposition no  
'content-language' ContentLanguage no  
'content-script-type' ContentScriptType no  
'content-style-type' ContentStyleType no  
'content-type' ContentType no  
'default-style' DefaultStyle no  
'expires' Expires no  
'ext-cache' ExtCache no  
'imagetoolbar' ImageToolbar no  
'lotus' Lotus no  
'page-enter' PageEnter no  
'page-exit' PageExit no  
'pics-label' PicsLabel no  
'pragma' Pragma no  
'refresh' Refresh no  
'reply-to' ReplyTo no  
'set-cookie' SetCookie no  
'site-enter' SiteEnter no  
'site-exit' SiteExit no  
'vary' Vary no  
'window-target' WindowTarget no  

HTML ncc Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'charset' CharacterSet no  
'depth' Depth no  
'files' Files no  
'footnotes' Footnotes no  
'generator' Generator no  
'kbytesize' KByteSize no  
'maxpagenormal' MaxPageNormal no  
'multimediatype' MultimediaType no  
'narrator' Narrator no  
'pagefront' PageFront no  
'pagenormal' PageNormal no  
'pagespecial' PageSpecial no  
'prodnotes' ProdNotes no  
'produceddate' ProducedDate no  
'producer' Producer no  
'revision' Revision no  
'revisiondate' RevisionDate no  
'setinfo' SetInfo no  
'sidebars' Sidebars no  
'sourcedate' SourceDate no  
'sourceedition' SourceEdition no  
'sourcepublisher' SourcePublisher no  
'sourcerights' SourceRights no  
'sourcetitle' SourceTitle no  
'tocitems' TOCItems no  
'totaltime' Duration no  

HTML Office Tags

Tags written by Microsoft Office applications.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Author' Author no  
'Category' Category no  
'Characters' Characters no  
'CharactersWithSpaces' CharactersWithSpaces no  
'Company' Company no  
'Created' CreateDate no  
'Description' Description no  
'Keywords' Keywords no  
'LastAuthor' LastAuthor no  
'LastPrinted' LastPrinted no  
'LastSaved' ModifyDate no  
'Lines' Lines no  
'Manager' Manager no  
'Pages' Pages no  
'Paragraphs' Paragraphs no  
'Revision' RevisionNumber no  
'Subject' Subject no  
'Template' Template no  
'TotalTime' TotalEditTime no  
'Version' RevisionNumber no  
'Words' Words no  

HTML prod Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'recengineer' RecEngineer no  
'reclocation' RecLocation no  

HTML vw96 Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'objecttype' ObjectType no  

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