ICC_Profile Tags

ICC profile information is used in many different file types including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PostScript, Photoshop, PNG, MIFF, PICT, QuickTime, XCF and some RAW formats. While the tags listed below are not individually writable, the entire profile itself can be accessed via the extra 'ICC_Profile' tag, but this tag is neither extracted nor written unless specified explicitly. See http://www.color.org/icc_specs2.xalter for the official ICC specification.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'A2B0' AToB0 no  
'A2B1' AToB1 no  
'A2B2' AToB2 no  
'B2A0' BToA0 no  
'B2A1' BToA1 no  
'B2A2' BToA2 no  
'B2D0' BToD0 no  
'B2D1' BToD1 no  
'B2D2' BToD2 no  
'B2D3' BToD3 no  
'D2B0' DToB0 no  
'D2B1' DToB1 no  
'D2B2' DToB2 no  
'D2B3' DToB3 no  
'Header' ProfileHeader - --> ICC_Profile Header Tags
'MS00' WCSProfiles no  
'bTRC' BlueTRC no  
'bXYZ' BlueMatrixColumn no  
'bfd ' UCRBG no  
'bkpt' MediaBlackPoint no  
'calt' CalibrationDateTime no  
'chad' ChromaticAdaptation no  
'chrm' Chromaticity - --> ICC_Profile Chromaticity Tags
'ciis' ColorimetricIntentImageState no  
'clot' ColorantTableOut no  
'clro' ColorantOrder no  
'clrt' ColorantTable - --> ICC_Profile ColorantTable Tags
'cprt' ProfileCopyright no  
'crdi' CRDInfo no  
'desc' ProfileDescription no  
'devs' DeviceSettings no  
'dmdd' DeviceModelDesc no  
'dmnd' DeviceMfgDesc no  
'dscm' ProfileDescriptionML no  
'fpce' FocalPlaneColorimetryEstimates no  
'gTRC' GreenTRC no  
'gXYZ' GreenMatrixColumn no  
'gamt' Gamut no  
'kTRC' GrayTRC no  
'lumi' Luminance no  
'meas' Measurement - --> ICC_Profile Measurement Tags
'meta' Metadata - --> ICC_Profile Metadata Tags
'mmod' MakeAndModel no  
'ncl2' NamedColor2 no  
'ncol' NamedColor no  
'ndin' NativeDisplayInfo no  
'pre0' Preview0 no  
'pre1' Preview1 no  
'pre2' Preview2 no  
'ps2i' PS2RenderingIntent no  
'ps2s' PostScript2CSA no  
'psd0' PostScript2CRD0 no  
'psd1' PostScript2CRD1 no  
'psd2' PostScript2CRD2 no  
'psd3' PostScript2CRD3 no  
'pseq' ProfileSequenceDesc no  
'psid' ProfileSequenceIdentifier no  
'psvm' PS2CRDVMSize no  
'rTRC' RedTRC no  
'rXYZ' RedMatrixColumn no  
'resp' OutputResponse no  
'rhoc' ReflectionHardcopyOrigColorimetry no  
'rig0' PerceptualRenderingIntentGamut no 'prmg' = Perceptual Reference Medium Gamut
'rig2' SaturationRenderingIntentGamut no 'prmg' = Perceptual Reference Medium Gamut
'rpoc' ReflectionPrintOutputColorimetry no  
'sape' SceneAppearanceEstimates no  
'scoe' SceneColorimetryEstimates no  
'scrd' ScreeningDesc no  
'scrn' Screening no  
'targ' CharTarget no  
'tech' Technology no
'AMD ' = Active Matrix Display
'CRT ' = Cathode Ray Tube Display
'KPCD' = Photo CD
'PMD ' = Passive Matrix Display
'dcam' = Digital Camera
'dcpj' = Digital Cinema Projector
'dmpc' = Digital Motion Picture Camera
'dsub' = Dye Sublimation Printer
'epho' = Electrophotographic Printer
'esta' = Electrostatic Printer
'flex' = Flexography
'fprn' = Film Writer
'fscn' = Film Scanner
'grav' = Gravure
'ijet' = Ink Jet Printer
'imgs' = Photo Image Setter
'mpfr' = Motion Picture Film Recorder
'mpfs' = Motion Picture Film Scanner
'offs' = Offset Lithography
'pjtv' = Projection Television
'rpho' = Photographic Paper Printer
'rscn' = Reflective Scanner
'silk' = Silkscreen
'twax' = Thermal Wax Printer
'vidc' = Video Camera
'vidm' = Video Monitor
'vcgt' VideoCardGamma no  
'view' ViewingConditions - --> ICC_Profile ViewingConditions Tags
'vued' ViewingCondDesc no  
'wtpt' MediaWhitePoint no  

ICC_Profile Header Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
4 ProfileCMMType no --> ICC_Profile ManuSig Values
8 ProfileVersion no  
12 ProfileClass no 'abst' = Abstract Profile
'link' = DeviceLink Profile
'mntr' = Display Device Profile
'nkpf' = Nikon Input Device Profile (NON-STANDARD!)
'nmcl' = NamedColor Profile
'prtr' = Output Device Profile
'scnr' = Input Device Profile
'spac' = ColorSpace Conversion Profile
16 ColorSpaceData no  
20 ProfileConnectionSpace no  
24 ProfileDateTime no  
36 ProfileFileSignature no  
40 PrimaryPlatform no 'APPL' = Apple Computer Inc.
'MSFT' = Microsoft Corporation
'SGI ' = Silicon Graphics Inc.
'SUNW' = Sun Microsystems Inc.
'TGNT' = Taligent Inc.
44 CMMFlags no  
48 DeviceManufacturer no --> ICC_Profile ManuSig Values
52 DeviceModel no  
56 DeviceAttributes no  
64 RenderingIntent no 0 = Perceptual
1 = Media-Relative Colorimetric
2 = Saturation
3 = ICC-Absolute Colorimetric
68 ConnectionSpaceIlluminant no  
80 ProfileCreator no --> ICC_Profile ManuSig Values
84 ProfileID no  

ICC_Profile ManuSig Values

'4d2p'= Erdt Systems GmbH & Co KG
'AAMA'= Aamazing Technologies, Inc.
'ACER'= Acer Peripherals
'ACLT'= Acolyte Color Research
'ACTI'= Actix Systems, Inc.
'ADAR'= Adara Technology, Inc.
'ADBE'= Adobe Systems Inc.
'ADI '= ADI Systems, Inc.
'AGFA'= Agfa Graphics N.V.
'ALMD'= Alps Electric USA, Inc.
'ALPS'= Alps Electric USA, Inc.
'ALWN'= Alwan Color Expertise
'AMTI'= Amiable Technologies, Inc.
'AOC '= AOC International (U.S.A), Ltd.
'APAG'= Apago
'APPL'= Apple Computer Inc.
'AT&T'= AT&T Computer Systems
'BAEL'= BARBIERI electronic
'BRCO'= Barco NV
'BRKP'= Breakpoint Pty Limited
'BROT'= Brother Industries, LTD
'BULL'= Bull
'BUS '= Bus Computer Systems
'C-IT'= C-Itoh
'CAMR'= Intel Corporation
'CANO'= Canon, Inc. (Canon Development Americas, Inc.)
'CARR'= Carroll Touch
'CASI'= Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
'CBUS'= Colorbus PL
'CEL '= Crossfield
'CELx'= Crossfield
'CGS '= CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH
'CHM '= Rochester Robotics
'CIGL'= Colour Imaging Group, London
'CITI'= Citizen
'CL00'= Candela, Ltd.
'CLIQ'= Color IQ
'CMCO'= Chromaco, Inc.
'COLO'= Colorgraphic Communications Corporation
'COMP'= COMPAQ Computer Corporation
'COMp'= Compeq USA/Focus Technology
'CONR'= Conrac Display Products
'CORD'= Cordata Technologies, Inc.
'CPQ '= Compaq Computer Corporation
'CPRO'= ColorPro
'CRN '= Cornerstone
'CTX '= CTX International, Inc.
'CVIS'= ColorVision
'CWC '= Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.
'DARI'= Darius Technology, Ltd.
'DATA'= Dataproducts
'DCP '= Dry Creek Photo
'DCRC'= Digital Contents Resource Center, Chung-Ang University
'DELL'= Dell Computer Corporation
'DIC '= Dainippon Ink and Chemicals
'DICO'= Diconix
'DIGI'= Digital
'DL&C'= Digital Light & Color
'DPLG'= Doppelganger, LLC
'DS '= Dainippon Screen
'DUPN'= DuPont
'EPSO'= Epson
'ESKO'= Esko-Graphics
'ETRI'= Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
'EVER'= Everex Systems, Inc.
'EXAC'= ExactCODE GmbH
'FALC'= Falco Data Products, Inc.
'FF '= Fuji Photo Film Co.,LTD
'FFEI'= FujiFilm Electronic Imaging, Ltd.
'FNRD'= fnord software
'FORA'= Fora, Inc.
'FORE'= Forefront Technology Corporation
'FP '= Fujitsu
'FPA '= WayTech Development, Inc.
'FUJI'= Fujitsu
'FX '= Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
'GCC '= GCC Technologies, Inc.
'GGSL'= Global Graphics Software Limited
'GMB '= Gretagmacbeth
'GMG '= GMG GmbH & Co. KG
'GOLD'= GoldStar Technology, Inc.
'GOOG'= Google
'GPRT'= Giantprint Pty Ltd
'GTMB'= Gretagmacbeth
'GVC '= WayTech Development, Inc.
'GW2K'= Sony Corporation
'HDM '= Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
'HERM'= Hermes
'HITA'= Hitachi America, Ltd.
'HP '= Hewlett-Packard
'HTC '= Hitachi, Ltd.
'HiTi'= HiTi Digital, Inc.
'IBM '= IBM Corporation
'IDNT'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'IEC '= Hewlett-Packard
'IIYA'= Iiyama North America, Inc.
'IKEG'= Ikegami Electronics, Inc.
'IMAG'= Image Systems Corporation
'IMI '= Ingram Micro, Inc.
'INTC'= Intel Corporation
'INTR'= Intra Electronics USA, Inc.
'IOCO'= Iocomm International Technology Corporation
'IPS '= InfoPrint Solutions Company
'IRIS'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'ISL '= Ichikawa Soft Laboratory
'IWAT'= Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd.
'Idnt'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'Inca'= Inca Digital Printers Ltd.
'Iris'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'JPEG'= Joint Photographic Experts Group
'JSFT'= Jetsoft Development
'JVC '= JVC Information Products Co.
'KART'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'KFC '= KFC Computek Components Corporation
'KLH '= KLH Computers
'KMHD'= Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.
'KNCA'= Konica Corporation
'KODA'= Kodak
'KYOC'= Kyocera
'Kart'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'LCAG'= Leica Camera AG
'LCCD'= Leeds Colour
'LDAK'= Left Dakota
'LEAD'= Leading Technology, Inc.
'LEXM'= Lexmark International, Inc.
'LINK'= Link Computer, Inc.
'LINO'= Linotronic
'LITE'= Lite-On, Inc.
'Leaf'= Leaf
'Lino'= Linotronic
'MAGC'= Mag Computronic (USA) Inc.
'MAGI'= MAG Innovision, Inc.
'MANN'= Mannesmann
'MICN'= Micron Technology, Inc.
'MICR'= Microtek
'MICV'= Microvitec, Inc.
'MINO'= Minolta
'MITS'= Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
'MITs'= Mitsuba Corporation
'MNLT'= Minolta
'MODG'= Modgraph, Inc.
'MONI'= Monitronix, Inc.
'MONS'= Monaco Systems Inc.
'MORS'= Morse Technology, Inc.
'MOTI'= Motive Systems
'MSFT'= Microsoft Corporation
'Mits'= Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Kyoto Works
'NANA'= NANAO USA Corporation
'NEC '= NEC Corporation
'NEXP'= NexPress Solutions LLC
'NISS'= Nissei Sangyo America, Ltd.
'NKON'= Nikon Corporation
'NONE'= none
'OCE '= Oce Technologies B.V.
'OCEC'= OceColor
'OKI '= Oki
'OKID'= Okidata
'OKIP'= Okidata
'OLIV'= Olivetti
'ONYX'= Onyx Graphics
'OPTI'= Optiquest
'PACK'= Packard Bell
'PANA'= Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
'PANT'= Pantone, Inc.
'PBN '= Packard Bell
'PFU '= PFU Limited
'PHIL'= Philips Consumer Electronics Co.
'PNTX'= HOYA Corporation PENTAX Imaging Systems Division
'POne'= Phase One A/S
'PREM'= Premier Computer Innovations
'PRIN'= Princeton Graphic Systems
'PRIP'= Princeton Publishing Labs
'QLUX'= Hong Kong
'QMS '= QMS, Inc.
'QPCD'= QPcard AB
'QUAD'= QuadLaser
'QUME'= Qume Corporation
'RADI'= Radius, Inc.
'RDDx'= Integrated Color Solutions, Inc.
'RDG '= Roland DG Corporation
'REDM'= REDMS Group, Inc.
'RELI'= Relisys
'RGMS'= Rolf Gierling Multitools
'RICO'= Ricoh Corporation
'RNLD'= Edmund Ronald
'ROYA'= Royal
'RPC '= Ricoh Printing Systems,Ltd.
'RTL '= Royal Information Electronics Co., Ltd.
'SAMP'= Sampo Corporation of America
'SAMS'= Samsung, Inc.
'SANT'= Jaime Santana Pomares
'SCIT'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'SCRN'= Dainippon Screen
'SDP '= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'SEIK'= Seiko Instruments U.S.A., Inc.
'SEIk'= Seikosha
'SGUY'= ScanGuy.com
'SHAR'= Sharp Laboratories
'SICC'= International Color Consortium
'SONY'= SONY Corporation
'SPCL'= SpectraCal
'STAR'= Star
'STC '= Sampo Technology Corporation
'Scit'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'Sdp '= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'Sony'= Sony Corporation
'TALO'= Talon Technology Corporation
'TAND'= Tandy
'TATU'= Tatung Co. of America, Inc.
'TAXA'= TAXAN America, Inc.
'TDS '= Tokyo Denshi Sekei K.K.
'TECO'= TECO Information Systems, Inc.
'TEGR'= Tegra
'TEKT'= Tektronix, Inc.
'TI '= Texas Instruments
'TMKR'= TypeMaker Ltd.
'TOSH'= Toshiba, Inc.
'TRIU'= Triumph
'TTX '= TTX Computer Products, Inc.
'TVM '= TVM Professional Monitor Corporation
'TW '= TW Casper Corporation
'ULSX'= Ulead Systems
'UNIS'= Unisys
'UTZF'= Utz Fehlau & Sohn
'VARI'= Varityper
'VIEW'= Viewsonic
'VISL'= Visual communication
'VIVO'= Vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd
'WANG'= Wang
'WLBR'= Wilbur Imaging
'WTG2'= Ware To Go
'WYSE'= WYSE Technology
'XERX'= Xerox Corporation
'XRIT'= X-Rite
'Z123'= Lavanya's test Company
'ZRAN'= Zoran Corporation
'Zebr'= Zebra Technologies Inc
'appl'= Apple Computer Inc.
'bICC'= basICColor GmbH
'berg'= bergdesign incorporated
'ceyd'= Integrated Color Solutions, Inc.
'clsp'= MacDermid ColorSpan, Inc.
'ds '= Dainippon Screen
'dupn'= DuPont
'ffei'= FujiFilm Electronic Imaging, Ltd.
'flux'= FluxData Corporation
'iris'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'kart'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'lcms'= Little CMS
'lino'= Linotronic
'none'= none
'ob4d'= Erdt Systems GmbH & Co KG
'obic'= Medigraph GmbH
'quby'= Qubyx Sarl
'scit'= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'scrn'= Dainippon Screen
'sdp '= Scitex Corporation, Ltd.
'yxym'= YxyMaster GmbH

ICC_Profile Chromaticity Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
8 ChromaticityChannels no  
10 ChromaticityColorant no 1 = ITU-R BT.709
2 = SMPTE RP145-1994
3 = EBU Tech.3213-E
4 = P22
12 ChromaticityChannel1 no  
20 ChromaticityChannel2 no  
28 ChromaticityChannel3 no  
36 ChromaticityChannel4 no  

ICC_Profile ColorantTable Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
8 ColorantCount no  
12 Colorant1Name no  
44 Colorant1Coordinates no  
50 Colorant2Name no  
82 Colorant2Coordinates no  
88 Colorant3Name no  
120 Colorant3Coordinates no  

ICC_Profile Measurement Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
8 MeasurementObserver no 1 = CIE 1931
2 = CIE 1964
12 MeasurementBacking no  
24 MeasurementGeometry no 0 = Unknown
1 = 0/45 or 45/0
2 = 0/d or d/0
28 MeasurementFlare no  
32 MeasurementIlluminant no
1 = D50
2 = D65
3 = D93
4 = F2
   5 = D55
6 = A
7 = Equi-Power (E)
8 = F8

ICC_Profile Metadata Tags

Only these few tags have been pre-defined, but ExifTool will extract any Metadata tags that exist.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ManufacturerName no  
MediaColor no  
MediaWeight no  

ICC_Profile ViewingConditions Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
8 ViewingCondIlluminant no  
20 ViewingCondSurround no  
32 ViewingCondIlluminantType no
1 = D50
2 = D65
3 = D93
4 = F2
   5 = D55
6 = A
7 = Equi-Power (E)
8 = F8

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