Microsoft XMP Tags

Microsoft Photo 1.0 schema XMP tags. This is likely not a complete list, but represents tags which have been observed in sample images. The actual namespace prefix is "MicrosoftPhoto", but ExifTool shortens this in the family 1 group name.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-microsoft family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CameraSerialNumber string  
CreatorAppID string  
CreatorOpenWithUIOptions string  
DateAcquired date  
FlashManufacturer string  
FlashModel string  
ItemSubType string  
LastKeywordIPTC string+  
LastKeywordXMP string+  
LensManufacturer string  
LensModel string/  
RatingPercent string (called Rating by the spec; XMP-xmp:Rating values of 1,2,3,4 and 5 stars correspond to RatingPercent values of 1,25,50,75 and 99 respectively)

Microsoft MP1 Tags

Microsoft Photo 1.1 schema XMP tags which have been observed.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-MP1 family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Brightness string/  
CameraModelID string/  
Contrast string/  
ExposureCompensation string/  
PanoramicStitchCameraMotion string '3DRotation' = 3D Rotation
'Affine' = Affine
'Homography' = Homography
'RigidScale' = Rigid Scale
PanoramicStitchMapType string 'Horizontal-Cylindrical' = Horizontal Cylindrical
'Horizontal-Spherical' = Horizontal Spherical
'Perspective' = Perspective
'Vertical-Cylindrical' = Vertical Cylindrical
'Vertical-Spherical' = Vertical Spherical
PanoramicStitchPhi0 real  
PanoramicStitchPhi1 real  
PanoramicStitchTheta0 real  
PanoramicStitchTheta1 real  
PipelineVersion string  
StreamType string  
WhiteBalance0 real  
WhiteBalance1 real  
WhiteBalance2 real  

Microsoft MP Tags

Microsoft Photo 1.2 schema XMP tags which have been observed.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-MP family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
RegionInfoDateRegionsValid date_  
RegionInfoMP struct --> Microsoft RegionInfo Struct
(called RegionInfo by the spec)
RegionInfoRegions struct_+ --> Microsoft Regions Struct
RegionPersonDisplayName string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsPersonDisplayName)
RegionPersonEmailDigest string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsPersonEmailDigest)
RegionPersonLiveIdCID string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsPersonLiveIdCID)
RegionPersonSourceID string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsPersonSourceID)
RegionRectangle string_+ (RegionInfoRegionsRectangle)

Microsoft RegionInfo Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
DateRegionsValid date  
Regions Microsoft Regions+ --> Microsoft Regions Struct

Microsoft Regions Struct

Note that PersonLiveIdCID element is called PersonLiveCID according to the Microsoft specification, but in practice their software actually writes PersonLiveIdCID, so ExifTool uses this too.

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
PersonDisplayName string  
PersonEmailDigest string  
PersonLiveIdCID string  
PersonSourceID string  
Rectangle string  

Microsoft Stitch Tags

Information found in the Microsoft custom EXIF tag 0x4748, as written by Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PanoramicStitchVersion int32u  
1 PanoramicStitchCameraMotion int32u 2 = Rigid Scale
3 = Affine
4 = 3D Rotation
5 = Homography
2 PanoramicStitchMapType int32u 0 = Perspective
1 = Horizontal Cylindrical
2 = Horizontal Spherical
257 = Vertical Cylindrical
258 = Vertical Spherical
3 PanoramicStitchTheta0 float  
4 PanoramicStitchTheta1 float  
5 PanoramicStitchPhi0 float  
6 PanoramicStitchPhi1 float  

Microsoft Xtra Tags

Tags found in the Microsoft "Xtra" atom of QuickTime videos. Tag ID's are not shown because some are unruly GUID's. Currently most of these tags are not writable because the Microsoft documentation is poor and samples were not available, but more tags may be made writable in the future if samples are provided. Note that writable tags in this table are are flagged to "Avoid", which means that other more common tags will be written instead if possible unless the Microsoft group is specified explicitly.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Abstract no  
AccountName no  
AcquisitionTime no  
AcquisitionTimeDay no  
AcquisitionTimeMonth no  
AcquisitionTimeYear no  
AcquisitionTimeYearMonth no  
AcquisitionTimeYearMonthDay no  
AlbumArtist Unicode/  
AlbumArtist no  
AlbumArtistSortOrder no  
AlbumCoverURL Unicode/  
AlbumID no  
AlbumIDAlbumArtist no  
AlbumTitle Unicode/  
AlbumTitle no  
AlbumTitleSortOrder no  
AlternateSourceURL no  
Anniversary no  
Artist no  
AssistantsName no  
AssistantsPhone no  
Attachments no  
Attributes no  
AudioBitrate no  
AudioFormat no  
AudioSampleRate no  
AudioSampleSize no  
Author no  
Author no  
AuthorSortOrder no  
AuthorURL Unicode/  
AutoSummary no  
AverageLevel no  
BccAddresses no  
BccNames no  
Beats-per-minute no  
BeatsPerMinute no  
BillingInformation no  
Birthday no  
BitDepth no  
Bitrate no  
Bitrate no  
BroadcastDate no  
BusinessAddress no  
BusinessCity no  
BusinessCountry-Region no  
BusinessFax no  
BusinessHomePage no  
BusinessPOBox no  
BusinessPhone no  
BusinessPostalCode no  
BusinessStateOrProvince no  
BusinessStreet no  
BuyNow no  
BuyTickets no  
CDTrackEnabled no  
CallLetters no  
CallbackNumber no  
CameraMaker no  
CameraManufacturer no  
CameraModel no  
CameraModel no  
CarPhone no  
Category Unicode/+  
Category no  
CcAddresses no  
CcNames no  
CellPhone no  
ChannelNumber no  
Channels no  
Channels no  
ChapterNum no  
Children no  
City no  
ClientID no  
ClosedCaptioning no  
Color no  
Comment no  
Comments no  
Company no  
CompanyMainPhone no  
Complete no  
Composer Unicode/  
Composers no  
Computer no  
Conductor Unicode/+  
Conductors no  
ContactNames no  
ContentDistributor Unicode/  
ContentDistributorDuration no  
ContentDistributorType no  
ContentGroupDescription no  
ContentType no  
Contributors no  
ConversationID no  
Copyright no  
Copyright no  
Count no  
Country-Region no  
Creator no  
CurrentBitrate no  
DLNAServerUDN no  
DLNASourceURI no  
DRMIndividualizedVersion no  
DRMKeyID no  
DTCPIPHost no  
DTCPIPPort no  
DVDID no  
DataRate no  
Date no  
DateAccessed no  
DateAcquired vt_filetime/  
DateArchived no  
DateCompleted no  
DateCreated no  
DateImported no  
DateLastSaved no  
DateModified no  
DatePictureTaken no  
DateReceived no  
DateReleased no  
DateSent no  
DateVisited no  
Department no  
Description no  
Description no  
Description no  
Dimensions no  
Director Unicode/+  
Directors no  
DisplayArtist no  
Division no  
DocumentID no  
DueDate no  
Duration no  
Duration no  
Duration no  
E-mail2 no  
E-mail3 no  
E-mailAddress no  
E-mailDisplayName no  
E-mailList no  
EncodedBy Unicode/  
EncodedBy no  
EncodingTime date/  
EndDate no  
EntryType no  
EpisodeName no  
Event no  
Event no  
ExifVersion no  
ExposureBias no  
ExposureProgram no  
ExposureTime no  
F-stop no  
FileAs no  
FileCount no  
FileSize no  
FileType no  
FileVersion no  
FirstName no  
FlagColor no  
FlagStatus no  
FlashMode no  
FocalLength no  
FocalLength35mm no  
Folder no  
FolderName no  
FolderPath no  
FormatTag no  
FourCC no  
FrameHeight no  
FrameRate no  
FrameRate no  
FrameWidth no  
Free-busyStatus no  
Frequency no  
FromAddresses no  
FromNames no  
FullName no  
Gender no  
Genre no  
Genre no  
GenreID no  
GivenName no  
HasAttachments no  
HasFlag no  
Hobbies no  
HomeAddress no  
HomeCity no  
HomeCountry-Region no  
HomeFax no  
HomePOBox no  
HomePhone no  
HomePostalCode no  
HomeStateOrProvince no  
HomeStreet no  
HorizontalResolution no  
IMAddresses no  
ISOSpeed no  
Importance no  
Incomplete no  
InitialKey Unicode/  
InitialKey no  
Initials no  
IsAttachment no  
IsCompleted no  
IsDeleted no  
IsNetworkFeed no  
IsOnline no  
IsProtected no  
IsRecurring no  
IsVBR no  
JobTitle no  
Keywords no  
Kinds no  
Label no  
Language no  
Language no  
LastName no  
LastPrinted no  
LeadPerformer no  
LegalTrademarks no  
LensMaker no  
LensModel no  
LibraryID no  
LibraryName no  
LightSource no  
LinkStatus no  
LinkTarget no  
Location no  
Location no  
Lyrics no  
MCDI no  
MailingAddress no  
MaxAperture no  
MediaClassPrimaryID GUID/ '01CD0F29-DA4E-4157-897B-6275D50C4F11' = Audio (not music)
'D1607DBC-E323-4BE2-86A1-48A42A28441E' = Music
'DB9830BD-3AB3-4FAB-8A37-1A995F7FF74B' = Video
'FCF24A76-9A57-4036-990D-E35DD8B244E1' = Other (not audio or video)
MediaClassSecondaryID GUID/ '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' = Unknown Content
'00033368-5009-4AC3-A820-5D2D09A4E7C1' = Sound Clip from Game
'0B710218-8C0C-475E-AF73-4C41C0C8F8CE' = Home Video from Pictures
'1B824A67-3F80-4E3E-9CDE-F7361B0F5F1B' = Talk Show
'1FE2E091-4E1E-40CE-B22D-348C732E0B10' = Video News
'3A172A13-2BD9-4831-835B-114F6A95943F' = Spoken Word
'44051B5B-B103-4B5C-92AB-93060A9463F0' = Corporate Video
'6677DB9B-E5A0-4063-A1AD-ACEB52840CF1' = Audio News
'A9B87FC9-BD47-4BF0-AC4F-655B89F7D868' = Feature Film
'B76628F4-300D-443D-9CB5-01C285109DAF' = Home Movie
'BA7F258A-62F7-47A9-B21F-4651C42A000E' = TV Show
'D6DE1D88-C77C-4593-BFBC-9C61E8C373E3' = Web-based Video
'E0236BEB-C281-4EDE-A36D-7AF76A3D45B5' = Audio Book
'E3E689E2-BA8C-4330-96DF-A0EEEFFA6876' = Music Video
'F24FF731-96FC-4D0F-A2F5-5A3483682B1A' = Song from Game
MediaContentTypes no  
MediaCreated no  
MediaOriginalBroadcastDateTime no  
MediaOriginalChannel no  
MediaStationName no  
MediaType no  
MeteringMode no  
MiddleName no  
Mileage no  
ModifiedBy no  
Mood Unicode/  
Mood no  
MoreInfo no  
Name no  
Nickname no  
OfficeLocation no  
OfflineAvailability no  
OfflineStatus no  
OptionalAttendeeAddresses no  
OptionalAttendees no  
OrganizerAddress no  
OrganizerName no  
Orientation no  
OriginalAlbumTitle Unicode/  
OriginalArtist Unicode/  
OriginalLyricist Unicode/  
OtherAddress no  
OtherCity no  
OtherCountry-Region no  
OtherPOBox no  
OtherPostalCode no  
OtherStateOrProvince no  
OtherStreet no  
Owner no  
POBox no  
Pager no  
Pages no  
ParentalRating Unicode/  
ParentalRating no  
ParentalRatingReason no  
PartOfSet no  
PartOfSet no  
PartOfSet no  
Participants no  
Path no  
PeakValue no  
PerceivedType no  
Period Unicode/  
Period no  
PersonalTitle no  
PixelAspectRatioX no  
PixelAspectRatioY no  
PlaylistIndex no  
PostalCode no  
PrimaryE-mail no  
PrimaryPhone no  
Priority no  
Producer Unicode/+  
Producers no  
ProductName no  
ProductVersion no  
Profession no  
ProgramDescription no  
ProgramMode no  
ProgramName no  
Project no  
PromotionURL Unicode/  
Protected no  
ProtectionType no  
Provider no  
Provider Unicode/  
ProviderLogoURL no  
ProviderRating no  
ProviderStyle no  
ProviderURL no  
Publisher Unicode/  
Publisher no  
RadioBand no  
RadioFormat no  
Rating no  
RatingOrg no  
ReadStatus no  
RecordingTime no  
RecordingTime no  
RecordingTimeDay no  
RecordingTimeMonth no  
RecordingTimeYear no  
RecordingTimeYearMonth no  
RecordingTimeYearMonthDay no  
ReleaseDate no  
ReleaseDateDay no  
ReleaseDateMonth no  
ReleaseDateYear no  
ReleaseDateYearMonth no  
ReleaseDateYearMonthDay no  
ReminderTime no  
RequestState no  
RequiredAttendeeAddresses no  
RequiredAttendees no  
Rerun no  
Resources no  
SAP no  
Saturation no  
SearchRanking no  
SenderAddress no  
SenderName no  
Sensitivity no  
ShadowFilePath no  
Shared no  
SharedUserRating int64u/  
SharedWith no  
Size no  
Slides no  
Source no  
SourceURL no  
SpaceFree no  
SpaceUsed no  
Spouse no  
StartDate no  
StateOrProvince no  
StationCallSign no  
StationName no  
Status no  
Status no  
Store no  
Street no  
Subject no  
Subject no  
SubjectDistance no  
SubscriptionContentID no  
Subtitle Unicode/  
Subtitle no  
SubtitleDescription no  
Suffix no  
Summary no  
Sync01 no  
Sync02 no  
Sync03 no  
Sync04 no  
Sync05 no  
Sync06 no  
Sync07 no  
Sync08 no  
Sync09 no  
Sync10 no  
Sync11 no  
Sync12 no  
Sync13 no  
Sync14 no  
Sync15 no  
Sync16 no  
SyncOnly no  
SyncState no  
TTY-TTDPhone no  
TaskOwner no  
Telex no  
Temporary no  
Title no  
Title no  
TitleNum no  
TitleSortOrder no  
ToAddresses no  
ToDoTitle no  
ToNames no  
TotalBitrate no  
TotalDuration no  
TotalEditingTime no  
TotalFileSize no  
TotalSize no  
TrackNumber no  
TrackNumber no  
TrackingID no  
Type no  
Type no  
URL no  
UniqueFileIdentifier no  
Untitled0 no  
Untitled1 no  
Untitled2 no  
UserCustom1 no  
UserCustom2 no  
UserEffectiveRating no  
UserLastPlayedTime no  
UserPlayCount no  
UserPlaycountAfternoon no  
UserPlaycountEvening no  
UserPlaycountMorning no  
UserPlaycountNight no  
UserPlaycountWeekday no  
UserPlaycountWeekend no  
UserRating no  
UserServiceRating no  
UserWebURL no  
VerticalResolution no  
VideoBitrate no  
VideoCompression no  
VideoFormat no  
VideoFrameRate no  
VideoHeight no  
VideoWidth no  
WMCollectionGroupID no  
WMCollectionID no  
WMContentID no  
WMShadowFileSourceDRMType no  
WMShadowFileSourceFileType no  
Webpage no  
WhiteBalance no  
WindowsFileName no  
WordCount no  
Writer Unicode/  
Writers no  
Year no  
Year no  

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Last revised Mar 17, 2021

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