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Title: Warning for malformed GPS tags...
Post by: ace_dent on July 29, 2010, 07:39:39 PM

I  have a large number of geotagged files, with GPS data visible in Exiftool that causes some problems in Geosetter.
I originally posted this bug (and sample image) with Geosetter here: http://www.geosetter.de/mantis/bug_view_page.php?bug_id=617

Testing revealed the problem is with a specific incorrectly formed GPS tag, e.g.
GPS:ImgDirection = 0 0 2.26939...

It seems three rational numbers are stored(?), rather than one Rational64u as specified by exiftool. Also, the exif standard suggests an angle 0 - 360...

It would be useful if exiftool provided a minor warning to the user of the malformed gps tag(s). With ImgDirection a simple sanity check should be possible.

Just for info: the file was geocoded back in 2008 using the following process:
- From Google Earth, a KML file was created for a location.
- Using iTag (with Microsoft's WIC under the hood), the KML location was used to geocode the jpeg.
- I suspect the KML camera properties (Tilt Roll Bearing?) may have been used...
- Due to software updates, the bug seems to be fixed (/can no longer be recreated).


Title: Re: Warning for malformed GPS tags...
Post by: Phil Harvey on July 30, 2010, 07:34:33 AM
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the suggestion, but this isn't a feature that I want to add.

I don't pretend to fully validate all information, for two reasons:

1) exiftool would spew so many warnings that it would become useless for most people.

2) it would slow down exiftool processing

I do issue warnings for some things which I already need to check for and I think are important enough, but in general I don't validate any of the existing individual tag values.

I hope this makes sense.

- Phil