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Title: Writing PDF Metadata causes certain pages to be blank [fixed]
Post by: babul on November 05, 2018, 03:05:55 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm using exiftool to write PDF metadata to the file created originally from tiff files. I combine them to multiple pdf files and merge them to single pdf. Merged pdf displays all of the pages, but the moment I insert some metadata using exiftool, some pages become blank. Most often the case is that third/fourth page is blank, I saw one time two pages being blank (3 and 5). I think it started happening only recently, I have no clue what to do with this.. Tiff files are created using ScanTailor.

Any idea what could've been causing this, did anyone have such problem? I'm using Arch Linux 4.18.14 and exiftool 11.11-1.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE (I fixed it!): As a workaround, using tiffcp (to merge multiple tiffs into a single one) and then tiff2pdf with parameters allowing to insert metadata seems to work. It seems also to work with conjunction with exiftools, when I don't specify any tags for tiff2pdf and let exiftool do this instead. What seems to be the problem is pdfunite program, which I used before to merge pdf files. Once I stopped using pdfunite, everything works like a charm! Very curious, but I got my problem fixed. Nothing wrong with exiftool.