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iPhone HEIC - Image Description

Started by mulder911, October 17, 2020, 12:13:31 PM

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Hello, While this question is not directly related to ExifTool I was hoping that I could learn from your advanced workflows.

Is there a way to add image descriptions to photos I take on my iPhone that will then travel with said photo file, the format of the photos is in HEIC. I have tried ImagExif app and while it adds the tag, when I import it using photos on my Mac and then export original the HEIC, the image description doesn't stay with it.

I would like to note that this behaviour does work just fine with jpeg files but when I try to use it on any HEIC files it just will not travel unless I convert to jpeg first.

Is there a better way to extract photos from my iPhone without perhaps using the photos app to allow this to occur?

Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you.