Regular expressions in exiftool; how to search for whitespace, digits, letters

Started by slim, February 02, 2022, 12:27:09 PM

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[EDIT: I solved it but I can't remove my own post]

I have a set of photos with a 'triggermode' tag, and the options are either 'Motion Detection' or 'Time Lapse.' I am renaming the files to include MD or TL. That chunk of code is:
However, it's currently including the full trigger mode ('Motion Detection' or 'Time Lapse').

I've also tried
Are \\w and \\s not acceptable regular expressions in exiftool? Or are the parentheses not an acceptable way to subset the pattern?


Edit: I'm used to using regular expressions in R, in which case I need the double backslashes, but since I was running this in command line, I didn't realize that I only need single backslashes. Problem solved!