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What does this mean
« on: December 09, 2011, 02:24:09 PM »
This is the first time I have tried ti edit an EXIF file. This is an error I got when I was trying to correct the Model field in Exif. How can I fix this? I'm using the ExifToolGUI because I don't know how to use the command line.

Warning: [minor] Entries in IFD0 were out of sequence. Fixed. - ./20110501731c0001ffd800000160604211018010424.jpg
Error: Bad ExifIFD offset for Exif_0x0000 - ./20110501731c0001ffd800000160604211018010424.jpg

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Re: What does this mean
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2011, 06:59:50 PM »
Cross post.  Answer is here.
...where DIR is the name of a directory/folder containing the images.  On Mac/Linux, use single quotes (') instead of double quotes (") around arguments containing a dollar sign ($).