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I've been very successfully running the following  command for several months

exiftool -p -o -r -m -q -q "-filename < ${directory;s(/)(#)g;s/://}#%%f.%%e" %1

 & it's now failing with the following message:-

Prototype mismatch: sub Image::ExifTool::SetFileModifyDate ($$;$$) vs ($$;$$$) at C:\Users\Beast\Appdata\Local\Temp\par-Beast\cache-exiftool-9.86/inc/lib/Image/ExifTool/Writer.pl line 1635.
Undefined Subroutine Image::ExifTool::IsDirectory called at C:\Windows/lib/Image/ExifTool.pm line 3425

(Windows 7 Pro  64bit)

Any ideas as to what's gone wrong?

Hayo Baan:
Strange, those line numbers do not correspond to the same things in my version of the mentioned files. I'm also on 9.86 (running on a Mac though, but afaik these perl files do not change).

Have you tried reinstalling?

Thanks for the suggestion Hayo but I'm running ExifTool from the command line so I'm not sure what kind of reinstallation you mean.  I've replaced C:\Windows\Exiftool.exe with the current version but the diagnostic persisted.

Hayo Baan:
Weird, I just tried your command and it works for me. So I guess it will be up to Phil to solve :(


P.S. As a side note: I don't fully understand your options; what is the purpose of the format specifier -p -o?

Phil Harvey:
That prototype changed in ExifTool 9.76.  Somehow you are using a very old version of the application or library.  Have you ever installed a Perl version of ExifTool on your system?  If so, delete it and its libraries.  Otherwise my only suggestion is to delete the temporary directory containing the unpacked ExifTool files (see step number ii in the Windows Uninstalling instructions -- on your system, the directory to delete is C:\Users\Beast\Appdata\Local\Temp\par-Beast).

Then try running version 9.86 again.

- Phil

Edit:  I have just fixed a significant but unrelated bug in 9.86.  While you are it it, you should download 9.87 and use this version instead.


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