Photoshop Tags

Photoshop tags are found in PSD and PSB files, as well as inside embedded Photoshop information in many other file types (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG to name a few).

Many Photoshop tags are marked as Unknown (indicated by a question mark after the tag name) because the information they provide is not very useful under normal circumstances. These unknown tags are not extracted unless the Unknown (-u) option is used. See for the official specification

Photoshop path tags (Tag ID's 0x7d0 to 0xbb5) are not defined by default, but a config file included in the full ExifTool distribution (config_files/photoshop_paths.config) contains the tag definitions to allow access to this information.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x03e8 Photoshop2Info? no  
0x03e9 MacintoshPrintInfo? no  
0x03ea XMLData? no  
0x03eb Photoshop2ColorTable? no  
0x03ed ResolutionInfo - --> Photoshop Resolution Tags
0x03ee AlphaChannelsNames no  
0x03ef DisplayInfo? no  
0x03f0 PStringCaption? no  
0x03f1 BorderInformation? no  
0x03f2 BackgroundColor? no  
0x03f3 PrintFlags? no Byte 0 = Labels
Byte 1 = Corner crop marks
Byte 2 = Color bars
Byte 3 = Registration marks
Byte 4 = Negative
Byte 5 = Emulsion down
Byte 6 = Interpolate
Byte 7 = Description
Byte 8 = Print flags
0x03f4 BW_HalftoningInfo? no  
0x03f5 ColorHalftoningInfo? no  
0x03f6 DuotoneHalftoningInfo? no  
0x03f7 BW_TransferFunc? no  
0x03f8 ColorTransferFuncs? no  
0x03f9 DuotoneTransferFuncs? no  
0x03fa DuotoneImageInfo? no  
0x03fb EffectiveBW? no  
0x03fc ObsoletePhotoshopTag1? no  
0x03fd EPSOptions? no  
0x03fe QuickMaskInfo? no  
0x03ff ObsoletePhotoshopTag2? no  
0x0400 TargetLayerID? no  
0x0401 WorkingPath? no  
0x0402 LayersGroupInfo? no  
0x0403 ObsoletePhotoshopTag3? no  
0x0404 IPTCData - --> IPTC Tags
0x0405 RawImageMode? no  
0x0406 JPEG_Quality - --> Photoshop JPEG_Quality Tags
0x0408 GridGuidesInfo? no  
0x0409 PhotoshopBGRThumbnail undef! (this is a JPEG image, but in BGR format instead of RGB)
0x040a CopyrightFlag int8u 0 = False
1 = True
0x040b URL string  
0x040c PhotoshopThumbnail undef!  
0x040d GlobalAngle int32u  
0x040e ColorSamplersResource? no  
0x040f ICC_Profile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
0x0410 Watermark? no  
0x0411 ICC_Untagged? no  
0x0412 EffectsVisible? no  
0x0413 SpotHalftone? no  
0x0414 IDsBaseValue? no  
0x0415 UnicodeAlphaNames? no  
0x0416 IndexedColorTableCount? no  
0x0417 TransparentIndex? no  
0x0419 GlobalAltitude int32u  
0x041a SliceInfo - --> Photoshop SliceInfo Tags
0x041b WorkflowURL no  
0x041c JumpToXPEP? no  
0x041d AlphaIdentifiers? no  
0x041e URL_List no+  
0x0421 VersionInfo - --> Photoshop VersionInfo Tags
0x0422 EXIFInfo - --> EXIF Tags
0x0423 ExifInfo2? no  
0x0424 XMP - --> XMP Tags
0x0425 IPTCDigest string! (this tag indicates provides a way for XMP-aware applications to indicate that the XMP is synchronized with the IPTC. The MWG recommendation is to ignore the XMP if IPTCDigest exists and doesn't match the CurrentIPTCDigest. When writing, special values of "new" and "old" represent the digests of the IPTC from the edited and original files respectively, and are undefined if the IPTC does not exist in the respective file. Set this to "new" as an indication that the XMP is synchronized with the IPTC)
0x0426 PrintScaleInfo - --> Photoshop PrintScaleInfo Tags
0x0428 PixelInfo - --> Photoshop PixelInfo Tags
0x0429 LayerComps? no  
0x042a AlternateDuotoneColors? no  
0x042b AlternateSpotColors? no  
0x042d LayerSelectionIDs? no  
0x042e HDRToningInfo? no  
0x042f PrintInfo? no  
0x0430 LayerGroupsEnabledID? no  
0x0431 ColorSamplersResource2? no  
0x0432 MeasurementScale? no  
0x0433 TimelineInfo? no  
0x0434 SheetDisclosure? no  
0x0435 DisplayInfo? no  
0x0436 OnionSkins? no  
0x0438 CountInfo? no  
0x043a PrintInfo2? no  
0x043b PrintStyle? no  
0x043c MacintoshNSPrintInfo? no  
0x043d WindowsDEVMODE? no  
0x043e AutoSaveFilePath? no  
0x043f AutoSaveFormat? no  
0x0440 PathSelectionState? no  
0x0bb7 ClippingPathName no  
0x0bb8 OriginPathInfo? no  
0x1b58 ImageReadyVariables? no  
0x1b59 ImageReadyDataSets? no  
0x1f40 LightroomWorkflow? no  
0x2710 PrintFlagsInfo? no  

Photoshop Resolution Tags

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 XResolution int32u  
2 DisplayedUnitsX int16u 1 = inches
2 = cm
4 YResolution int32u  
6 DisplayedUnitsY int16u 1 = inches
2 = cm

Photoshop JPEG_Quality Tags

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PhotoshopQuality int16s  
1 PhotoshopFormat no 0 = Standard
1 = Optimized
257 = Progressive
2 ProgressiveScans no 1 = 3 Scans
2 = 4 Scans
3 = 5 Scans

Photoshop SliceInfo Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
20 SlicesGroupName no  
24 NumSlices no  

Photoshop VersionInfo Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
4 HasRealMergedData no 0 = No
1 = Yes
5 WriterName no  
9 ReaderName no  

Photoshop PrintScaleInfo Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PrintStyle no 0 = Centered
1 = Size to Fit
2 = User Defined
2 PrintPosition no  
10 PrintScale no  

Photoshop PixelInfo Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
4 PixelAspectRatio no  

Photoshop DocumentData Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Layr' Layers - --> Photoshop Layers Tags
'Lr16' Layers - --> Photoshop Layers Tags

Photoshop Layers Tags

Tags extracted from Photoshop layer information.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'_xbnd' LayerBlendModes no+
'colr' = Color
'dark' = Darken
'diff' = Difference
'diss' = Dissolve
'div ' = Color Dodge
'dkCl' = Darker Color
'fdiv' = Divide
'fsub' = Subtract
'hLit' = Hard Light
'hMix' = Hard Mix
'hue ' = Hue
'idiv' = Color Burn
'lLit' = Linear Light
'lbrn' = Linear Burn
   'lddg' = Linear Dodge
'lgCl' = Lighter Color
'lite' = Lighten
'lum ' = Luminosity
'mul ' = Multiply
'norm' = Normal
'over' = Overlay
'pLit' = Pin Light
'pass' = Pass Through
'sLit' = Soft Light
'sat ' = Saturation
'scrn' = Screen
'smud' = Exclusion
'vLit' = Vivid Light
'_xcnt' LayerCount no  
'_xnam' LayerNames no+  
'_xopc' LayerOpacities no+  
'_xrct' LayerRectangles no+ (top left bottom right)
'_xvis' LayerVisible no+ 0 = Yes
2 = No
'lclr' LayerColors no+
0 = None
1 = Red
2 = Orange
3 = Yellow
   4 = Green
5 = Blue
6 = Violet
7 = Gray
'lsct' LayerSections no+ 0 = Layer
1 = Folder (open)
2 = Folder (closed)
3 = Divider
'luni' LayerUnicodeNames no+  
'lyid' LayerIDs? no+  
'shmd' LayerModifyDates no+  

Photoshop Header Tags

This information is found in the PSD file header.

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
6 NumChannels no  
7 ImageHeight no  
9 ImageWidth no  
11 BitDepth no  
12 ColorMode no
0 = Bitmap
1 = Grayscale
2 = Indexed
3 = RGB
   4 = CMYK
7 = Multichannel
8 = Duotone
9 = Lab

Photoshop ImageData Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 Compression no 0 = Uncompressed
1 = RLE
2 = ZIP without prediction
3 = ZIP with prediction

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