XMP Tags

XMP stands for "Extensible Metadata Platform", an XML/RDF-based metadata format which is being pushed by Adobe. Information in this format can be embedded in many different image file types including JPG, JP2, TIFF, GIF, EPS, PDF, PSD, IND, INX, PNG, DJVU, SVG, PGF, MIFF, XCF, CRW, DNG and a variety of proprietary TIFF-based RAW images, as well as MOV, AVI, ASF, WMV, FLV, SWF and MP4 videos, and WMA and audio formats supporting ID3v2 information.

The XMP Tag ID's aren't listed because in most cases they are identical to the Tag Name (aside from differences in case). Tags with different ID's are mentioned in the Notes column of the HTML version of this document.

All XMP information is stored as character strings. The Writable column specifies the information format: string is an unformatted string, integer is a string of digits (possibly beginning with a '+' or '-'), real is a floating point number, rational is entered as a floating point number but stored as two integer strings separated by a '/' character, date is a date/time string entered in the format "YYYY:mm:dd HH:MM:SS[.ss][+/-HH:MM]", boolean is either "True" or "False" (but "true" and "false" may be written as a ValueConv value for compatibility with non-conforming applications), struct indicates a structured tag, and lang-alt is a tag that supports alternate languages.

When reading, struct tags are extracted only if the Struct (-struct) option is used. Otherwise the corresponding Flattened tags, indicated by an underline (_) after the Writable type, are extracted. When copying, by default both structured and flattened tags are available, but the flattened tags are considered "unsafe" so they aren't copied unless specified explicitly. The Struct option may be disabled by setting Struct to 0 via the API or with --struct on the command line to copy only flattened tags, or enabled by setting Struct to 1 via the API or with -struct on the command line to copy only as structures. When writing, the Struct option has no effect, and both structured and flattened tags may be written. See struct.html for more details.

Individual languages for lang-alt tags are accessed by suffixing the tag name with a '-', followed by an RFC 3066 language code (eg. "XMP:Title-fr", or "Rights-en-US"). (See http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3066.txt for the RFC 3066 specification.) A lang-alt tag with no language code accesses the "x-default" language, but causes other languages for this tag to be deleted when writing. The "x-default" language code may be specified when writing to preserve other existing languages (eg. "XMP-dc:Description-x-default"). When reading, "x-default" is not specified.

The XMP tags are organized according to schema Namespace in the following tables. The ExifTool family 1 group names are derived from the namespace prefixes by adding a leading "XMP-" (eg. "XMP-dc"). A few of the longer prefixes have been shortened (as mentioned in the documentation below) to avoid excessively long ExifTool group names. The tags of any namespace may be deleted as a group by specifying the family 1 group name (eg. "-XMP-dc:all=" on the command line). This includes namespaces which are not pre-defined by ExifTool.

In cases where a tag name exists in more than one namespace, less common namespaces are avoided when writing. However, a specific namespace may be written by providing a family 1 group name for the tag (eg. XMP-crs:Contrast or XMP-exif:Contrast). When deciding on which tags to add to an image, using standard schemas such as dc, xmp, iptcCore and iptcExt is recommended if possible.

For structures, the heading of the first column is Field Name. Field names are very similar to tag names, except they are used to identify fields inside structures instead of stand-alone tags. See the Field Name section of the Structured Information documentation for more details.

ExifTool will extract XMP information even if it is not listed in these tables, but other tags are not writable unless added as user-defined tags in the ExifTool config file. For example, the pdfx namespace doesn't have a predefined set of tag names because it is used to store application-defined PDF information, so although this information will be extracted, it is only writable if the corresponding user-defined tags have been created.

The tables below list tags from the official XMP specification (with an underlined Namespace in the HTML version of this documentation), as well as extensions from various other sources. See http://www.adobe.com/devnet/xmp/ for the official XMP specification.

Namespace WritableValues / Notes
aas - --> XMP aas Tags
acdsee - --> XMP acdsee Tags
album - --> XMP Album Tags
apple-fi - --> XMP apple_fi Tags
aux - --> XMP aux Tags
cc - --> XMP cc Tags
cell - --> XMP cell Tags
crd - --> XMP crd Tags
creatorAtom - --> XMP creatorAtom Tags
crs - --> XMP crs Tags
dc - --> XMP dc Tags
Device - --> XMP Device Tags
dex - --> XMP dex Tags
digiKam - --> XMP digiKam Tags
drone-dji - --> DJI XMP Tags
dwc - --> DarwinCore Tags
exif - --> XMP exif Tags
exifEX - --> XMP exifEX Tags
expressionmedia - --> XMP ExpressionMedia Tags
extensis - --> XMP extensis Tags
fpv - --> XMP fpv Tags
GAudio - --> XMP GAudio Tags
GCamera - --> XMP GCamera Tags
GCreations - --> XMP GCreations Tags
GDepth - --> XMP GDepth Tags
getty - --> XMP GettyImages Tags
GFocus - --> XMP GFocus Tags
GImage - --> XMP GImage Tags
GPano - --> XMP GPano Tags
GSpherical - --> XMP GSpherical Tags
ics - --> XMP ics Tags
iptcCore - --> XMP iptcCore Tags
iptcExt - --> XMP iptcExt Tags
LImage - --> XMP LImage Tags
lr - --> XMP Lightroom Tags
mediapro - --> XMP MediaPro Tags
microsoft - --> Microsoft XMP Tags
MP - --> Microsoft MP Tags
MP1 - --> Microsoft MP1 Tags
mwg-coll - --> MWG Collections Tags
mwg-kw - --> MWG Keywords Tags
mwg-rs - --> MWG Regions Tags
pdf - --> XMP pdf Tags
pdfx - --> XMP pdfx Tags
photomech - --> PhotoMechanic XMP Tags
photoshop - --> XMP photoshop Tags
PixelLive - --> XMP PixelLive Tags
plus - --> PLUS XMP Tags
pmi - --> XMP pmi Tags
prism - --> XMP prism Tags
prl - --> XMP prl Tags
prm - --> XMP prm Tags
pur - --> XMP pur Tags
rdf - --> XMP rdf Tags
swf - --> XMP swf Tags
tiff - --> XMP tiff Tags
x - --> XMP x Tags
xmp - --> XMP xmp Tags
xmpBJ - --> XMP xmpBJ Tags
xmpDM - --> XMP xmpDM Tags
xmpMM - --> XMP xmpMM Tags
xmpNote - --> XMP xmpNote Tags
xmpPLUS - --> XMP xmpPLUS Tags
xmpRights - --> XMP xmpRights Tags
xmpTPg - --> XMP xmpTPg Tags

XMP aas Tags

Apple Adjustment Settings used by iPhone/iPad.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-aas family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AffineA real  
AffineB real  
AffineC real  
AffineD real  
AffineX real  
AffineY real  
CropH integer/  
CropW integer/  
CropX integer/  
CropY integer/  
Curve0x real  
Curve0y real  
Curve1x real  
Curve1y real  
Curve2x real  
Curve2y real  
Curve3x real  
Curve3y real  
Curve4x real  
Curve4y real  
FaceBalanceOrigI real  
FaceBalanceOrigQ real  
FaceBalanceStrength real  
FaceBalanceWarmth real  
Highlights real/  
Shadows real/  
Vibrance real/  

XMP acdsee Tags

ACD Systems ACDSee namespace tags.

(A note to software developers: Re-inventing your own private tags instead of using the equivalent tags in standard XMP namespaces defeats one of the most valuable features of metadata: interoperability. Your applications mumble to themselves instead of speaking out for the rest of the world to hear.)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-acdsee family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Author string/  
Caption string/  
Categories string/  
Collections string/  
DateTime date/  
DPP lang-alt/ (newer version of XML raw processing settings)
EditStatus string/  
FixtureIdentifier string/  
Keywords string/+  
Notes string/  
ObjectCycle string/  
OriginatingProgram string/  
Rating real/  
Rawrppused boolean/  
ReleaseDate string/  
ReleaseTime string/  
RPP lang-alt/ (raw processing settings in XML format)
Snapshots string/+  
Tagged boolean/  

XMP Album Tags

Adobe Album namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-album family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Notes string  

XMP apple_fi Tags

Face information tags written by the Apple iPhone 5 inside the mwg-rs RegionExtensions.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-apple-fi family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AngleInfoRoll integer  
AngleInfoYaw integer  
ConfidenceLevel integer  
FaceID integer  
TimeStamp integer  

XMP aux Tags

Adobe-defined auxiliary EXIF tags. This namespace existed in the XMP specification until it was dropped in 2012, presumably due to the introduction of the EXIF 2.3 for XMP specification and the exifEX namespace at this time. For this reason, tags below with equivalents in the exifEX namespace are avoided when writing.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-aux family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ApproximateFocusDistance rational  
DistortionCorrectionAlreadyApplied boolean  
Firmware string  
FlashCompensation rational  
ImageNumber string  
IsMergedHDR boolean  
IsMergedPanorama boolean  
LateralChromaticAberrationCorrectionAlreadyApplied boolean  
Lens string  
LensDistortInfo string  
LensID string  
LensInfo string/ (4 rational values giving focal and aperture ranges)
LensSerialNumber string/  
OwnerName string/  
SerialNumber string/  
VignetteCorrectionAlreadyApplied boolean  

XMP cc Tags

Creative Commons namespace tags. Note that the CC specification for XMP is non-existent, so ExifTool must make some assumptions about the format of the specific properties in XMP (see http://creativecommons.org/ns).

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-cc family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AttributionName string  
AttributionURL string  
DeprecatedOn date  
Jurisdiction string  
LegalCode string  
License string  
MorePermissions string  
Permits string+ 'cc:DerivativeWorks' = Derivative Works
'cc:Distribution' = Distribution
'cc:Reproduction' = Reproduction
'cc:Sharing' = Sharing
Prohibits string+ 'cc:CommercialUse' = Commercial Use
'cc:HighIncomeNationUse' = High Income Nation Use
Requires string+
'cc:Attribution' = Attribution
'cc:Copyleft' = Copyleft
'cc:LesserCopyleft' = Lesser Copyleft
'cc:Notice' = Notice
'cc:ShareAlike' = Share Alike
'cc:SourceCode' = Source Code
UseGuidelines string  

XMP cell Tags

Location tags written by some Sony Ericsson phones.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-cell family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CellTowerID string (called cellid by the spec)
CellGlobalID string (called cgi by the spec)
LocationAreaCode string (called lac by the spec)
MobileCountryCode string (called mcc by the spec)
MobileNetworkCode string (called mnc by the spec)
CellR string (called r by the spec)

XMP crd Tags

Adobe Camera Raw Defaults tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-crd family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AlreadyApplied boolean/  
AutoBrightness boolean/  
AutoContrast boolean/  
AutoExposure boolean/  
AutoLateralCA integer/  
AutoShadows boolean/  
AutoTone boolean/  
AutoToneDigest string/  
AutoToneDigestNoSat string/  
AutoWhiteVersion integer/  
Blacks2012 integer/  
BlueHue integer/  
BlueSaturation integer/  
Brightness integer/  
CameraModelRestriction string/  
CameraProfile string/  
CameraProfileDigest string/  
ChromaticAberrationB integer/  
ChromaticAberrationR integer/  
CircularGradientBasedCorrections struct+ --> Correction Struct
CircGradBasedCorrActive boolean/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionActive)
CircGradBasedCorrAmount real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionAmount)
CircGradBasedCorrMasks struct_+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
CircGradBasedCorrMaskAlpha real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAlpha)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskAngle real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAngle)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskBottom real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksBottom)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskCenterValue real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterValue)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterWeight)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskDabs string/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksDabs)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFeather real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFeather)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFlipped boolean/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlipped)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFlow real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlow)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFullX real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullX)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFullY real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullY)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskLeft real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksLeft)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskValue real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMaskValue)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskMidpoint real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMidpoint)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksPerimeterValue)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskRadius real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRadius)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskRight real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRight)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskRoundness real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRoundness)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskSizeX real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeX)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskSizeY real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeY)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskTop real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksTop)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskVersion integer/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksVersion)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskWhat string/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksWhat)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskX real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksX)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskY real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksY)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskZeroX real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroX)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskZeroY real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroY)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMask struct_+ --> CorrectionRangeMask Struct
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount real/_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather real/_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax real/_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin real/_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather real/_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax real/_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin real/_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskType string/_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskType)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion string/_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskVersion)
CircGradBasedCorrBlacks2012 real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalBlacks2012)
CircGradBasedCorrBrightness real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalBrightness)
CircGradBasedCorrClarity real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity)
CircGradBasedCorrClarity2012 real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity2012)
CircGradBasedCorrContrast real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast)
CircGradBasedCorrContrast2012 real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast2012)
CircGradBasedCorrDefringe real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalDefringe)
CircGradBasedCorrDehaze real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalDehaze)
CircGradBasedCorrExposure real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure)
CircGradBasedCorrExposure2012 real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure2012)
CircGradBasedCorrHighlights2012 real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalHighlights2012)
CircGradBasedCorrHue real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalHue)
CircGradBasedCorrLuminanceNoise real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalLuminanceNoise)
CircGradBasedCorrMoire real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalMoire)
CircGradBasedCorrSaturation real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalSaturation)
CircGradBasedCorrShadows2012 real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalShadows2012)
CircGradBasedCorrSharpness real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalSharpness)
CircGradBasedCorrTemperature real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTemperature)
CircGradBasedCorrTexture real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTexture)
CircGradBasedCorrTint real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTint)
CircGradBasedCorrHue real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalToningHue)
CircGradBasedCorrSaturation real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalToningSaturation)
CircGradBasedCorrWhites2012 real/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalWhites2012)
CircGradBasedCorrWhat string/_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsWhat)
Clarity integer/  
Clarity2012 integer/  
ClipboardAspectRatio integer/  
ClipboardOrientation integer/  
Cluster string/  
ColorGradeBlending integer/  
ColorGradeGlobalHue integer/  
ColorGradeGlobalLum integer/  
ColorGradeGlobalSat integer/  
ColorGradeHighlightLum integer/  
ColorGradeMidtoneHue integer/  
ColorGradeMidtoneLum integer/  
ColorGradeMidtoneSat integer/  
ColorGradeShadowLum integer/  
ColorNoiseReduction integer/  
ColorNoiseReductionDetail integer/  
ColorNoiseReductionSmoothness integer/  
ContactInfo string/  
Contrast integer/  
Contrast2012 integer/  
Converter string/  
ConvertToGrayscale boolean/  
Copyright string/  
CropAngle real/  
CropBottom real/  
CropConstrainToWarp integer/  
CropHeight real/  
CropLeft real/  
CropRight real/  
CropTop real/  
CropUnit integer/ 0 = pixels
1 = inches
2 = cm
CropUnits integer/ 0 = pixels
1 = inches
2 = cm
CropWidth real/  
DefaultAutoGray boolean/  
DefaultAutoTone boolean/  
DefaultsSpecificToISO boolean/  
DefaultsSpecificToSerial boolean/  
Defringe integer/  
DefringeGreenAmount integer/  
DefringeGreenHueHi integer/  
DefringeGreenHueLo integer/  
DefringePurpleAmount integer/  
DefringePurpleHueHi integer/  
DefringePurpleHueLo integer/  
Dehaze real/  
Description lang-alt/  
DNGIgnoreSidecars boolean/  
Exposure real/  
Exposure2012 real/  
FillLight integer/  
GradientBasedCorrections struct+ --> Correction Struct
GradientBasedCorrActive boolean/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionActive)
GradientBasedCorrAmount real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionAmount)
GradientBasedCorrMasks struct_+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
GradientBasedCorrMaskAlpha real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAlpha)
GradientBasedCorrMaskAngle real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAngle)
GradientBasedCorrMaskBottom real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksBottom)
GradientBasedCorrMaskCenterValue real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterValue)
GradientBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterWeight)
GradientBasedCorrMaskDabs string/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksDabs)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFeather real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFeather)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFlipped boolean/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlipped)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFlow real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlow)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFullX real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullX)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFullY real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullY)
GradientBasedCorrMaskLeft real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksLeft)
GradientBasedCorrMaskValue real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMaskValue)
GradientBasedCorrMaskMidpoint real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMidpoint)
GradientBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksPerimeterValue)
GradientBasedCorrMaskRadius real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRadius)
GradientBasedCorrMaskRight real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRight)
GradientBasedCorrMaskRoundness real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRoundness)
GradientBasedCorrMaskSizeX real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeX)
GradientBasedCorrMaskSizeY real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeY)
GradientBasedCorrMaskTop real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksTop)
GradientBasedCorrMaskVersion integer/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksVersion)
GradientBasedCorrMaskWhat string/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksWhat)
GradientBasedCorrMaskX real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksX)
GradientBasedCorrMaskY real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksY)
GradientBasedCorrMaskZeroX real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroX)
GradientBasedCorrMaskZeroY real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroY)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMask struct_+ --> CorrectionRangeMask Struct
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount real/_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather real/_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax real/_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin real/_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather real/_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax real/_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin real/_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskType string/_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskType)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion string/_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskVersion)
GradientBasedCorrBlacks2012 real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalBlacks2012)
GradientBasedCorrBrightness real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalBrightness)
GradientBasedCorrClarity real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity)
GradientBasedCorrClarity2012 real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity2012)
GradientBasedCorrContrast real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast)
GradientBasedCorrContrast2012 real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast2012)
GradientBasedCorrDefringe real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalDefringe)
GradientBasedCorrDehaze real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalDehaze)
GradientBasedCorrExposure real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure)
GradientBasedCorrExposure2012 real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure2012)
GradientBasedCorrHighlights2012 real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalHighlights2012)
GradientBasedCorrHue real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalHue)
GradientBasedCorrLuminanceNoise real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalLuminanceNoise)
GradientBasedCorrMoire real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalMoire)
GradientBasedCorrSaturation real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalSaturation)
GradientBasedCorrShadows2012 real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalShadows2012)
GradientBasedCorrSharpness real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalSharpness)
GradientBasedCorrTemperature real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTemperature)
GradientBasedCorrTexture real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTexture)
GradientBasedCorrTint real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTint)
GradientBasedCorrHue real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalToningHue)
GradientBasedCorrSaturation real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalToningSaturation)
GradientBasedCorrWhites2012 real/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalWhites2012)
GradientBasedCorrWhat string/_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsWhat)
GrainAmount integer/  
GrainFrequency integer/  
GrainSeed integer/  
GrainSize integer/  
GrayMixerAqua integer/  
GrayMixerBlue integer/  
GrayMixerGreen integer/  
GrayMixerMagenta integer/  
GrayMixerOrange integer/  
GrayMixerPurple integer/  
GrayMixerRed integer/  
GrayMixerYellow integer/  
GreenHue integer/  
GreenSaturation integer/  
Group lang-alt/  
HasCrop boolean/  
HasSettings boolean/  
Highlight2012 integer/  
HighlightRecovery integer/  
Highlights2012 integer/  
HueAdjustmentAqua integer/  
HueAdjustmentBlue integer/  
HueAdjustmentGreen integer/  
HueAdjustmentMagenta integer/  
HueAdjustmentOrange integer/  
HueAdjustmentPurple integer/  
HueAdjustmentRed integer/  
HueAdjustmentYellow integer/  
IncrementalTemperature integer/  
IncrementalTint integer/  
JPEGHandling string/  
LensManualDistortionAmount integer/  
LensProfileChromaticAberrationScale integer/  
LensProfileDigest string/  
LensProfileDistortionScale integer/  
LensProfileEnable integer/  
LensProfileFilename string/  
LensProfileIsEmbedded boolean/  
LensProfileMatchKeyCameraModelName string/  
LensProfileMatchKeyExifMake string/  
LensProfileMatchKeyExifModel string/  
LensProfileMatchKeyIsRaw boolean/  
LensProfileMatchKeyLensID string/  
LensProfileMatchKeyLensInfo string/  
LensProfileMatchKeyLensName string/  
LensProfileMatchKeySensorFormatFactor real/  
LensProfileName string/  
LensProfileSetup string/  
LensProfileVignettingScale integer/  
Look struct --> Look Struct
LookAmount string/_  
LookCluster string/_  
LookCopyright string/_  
LookGroup lang-alt/_  
LookName string/ (NOT a flattened tag!)
LookParameters struct_ --> LookParms Struct
LookParametersCameraProfile string/_  
LookParametersClarity2012 string/_  
LookParametersConvertToGrayscale string/_  
LookParametersLookTable string/_  
LookParametersProcessVersion string/_  
LookParametersToneCurvePV2012 string/_+  
LookParametersVersion string/_  
LookSupportsAmount string/_  
LookSupportsMonochrome string/_  
LookSupportsOutputReferred string/_  
LookUUID string/_  
LuminanceAdjustmentAqua integer/  
LuminanceAdjustmentBlue integer/  
LuminanceAdjustmentGreen integer/  
LuminanceAdjustmentMagenta integer/  
LuminanceAdjustmentOrange integer/  
LuminanceAdjustmentPurple integer/  
LuminanceAdjustmentRed integer/  
LuminanceAdjustmentYellow integer/  
LuminanceNoiseReductionContrast integer/  
LuminanceNoiseReductionDetail integer/  
LuminanceSmoothing integer/  
MoireFilter string/ 'Off' = Off
'On' = On
Name lang-alt/  
NegativeCacheLargePreviewSize integer/  
NegativeCacheMaximumSize real/  
NegativeCachePath string/  
OverrideLookVignette boolean/  
PaintBasedCorrections struct+ --> Correction Struct
PaintCorrectionActive boolean/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionActive)
PaintCorrectionAmount real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionAmount)
PaintBasedCorrectionMasks struct_+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
PaintCorrectionMaskAlpha real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAlpha)
PaintCorrectionMaskAngle real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAngle)
PaintCorrectionMaskBottom real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksBottom)
PaintCorrectionMaskCenterValue real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterValue)
PaintCorrectionMaskCenterWeight real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterWeight)
PaintCorrectionMaskDabs string/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksDabs)
PaintCorrectionMaskFeather real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFeather)
PaintCorrectionMaskFlipped boolean/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlipped)
PaintCorrectionMaskFlow real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlow)
PaintCorrectionMaskFullX real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullX)
PaintCorrectionMaskFullY real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullY)
PaintCorrectionMaskLeft real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksLeft)
PaintCorrectionMaskValue real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMaskValue)
PaintCorrectionMaskMidpoint real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMidpoint)
PaintCorrectionMaskPerimeterValue real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksPerimeterValue)
PaintCorrectionMaskRadius real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRadius)
PaintCorrectionMaskRight real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRight)
PaintCorrectionMaskRoundness real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRoundness)
PaintCorrectionMaskSizeX real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeX)
PaintCorrectionMaskSizeY real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeY)
PaintCorrectionMaskTop real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksTop)
PaintCorrectionMaskVersion integer/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksVersion)
PaintCorrectionMaskWhat string/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksWhat)
PaintCorrectionMaskX real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksX)
PaintCorrectionMaskY real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksY)
PaintCorrectionMaskZeroX real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroX)
PaintCorrectionMaskZeroY real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroY)
PaintCorrectionRangeMask struct_+ --> CorrectionRangeMask Struct
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount real/_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather real/_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax real/_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin real/_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather real/_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax real/_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin real/_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskType string/_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskType)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskVersion string/_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskVersion)
PaintCorrectionBlacks2012 real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalBlacks2012)
PaintCorrectionBrightness real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalBrightness)
PaintCorrectionClarity real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity)
PaintCorrectionClarity2012 real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity2012)
PaintCorrectionContrast real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast)
PaintCorrectionContrast2012 real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast2012)
PaintCorrectionDefringe real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalDefringe)
PaintCorrectionDehaze real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalDehaze)
PaintCorrectionExposure real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure)
PaintCorrectionExposure2012 real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure2012)
PaintCorrectionHighlights2012 real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalHighlights2012)
PaintCorrectionHue real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalHue)
PaintCorrectionLuminanceNoise real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalLuminanceNoise)
PaintCorrectionMoire real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalMoire)
PaintCorrectionSaturation real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalSaturation)
PaintCorrectionShadows2012 real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalShadows2012)
PaintCorrectionSharpness real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalSharpness)
PaintCorrectionTemperature real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalTemperature)
PaintCorrectionTexture real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalTexture)
PaintCorrectionTint real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalTint)
PaintCorrectionHue real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalToningHue)
PaintCorrectionSaturation real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalToningSaturation)
PaintCorrectionWhites2012 real/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalWhites2012)
PaintCorrectionWhat string/_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsWhat)
ParametricDarks integer/  
ParametricHighlights integer/  
ParametricHighlightSplit integer/  
ParametricLights integer/  
ParametricMidtoneSplit integer/  
ParametricShadows integer/  
ParametricShadowSplit integer/  
PerspectiveAspect integer/  
PerspectiveHorizontal integer/  
PerspectiveRotate real/  
PerspectiveScale integer/  
PerspectiveUpright integer/  
PerspectiveVertical integer/  
PerspectiveX real/  
PerspectiveY real/  
PostCropVignetteAmount integer/  
PostCropVignetteFeather integer/  
PostCropVignetteHighlightContrast integer/  
PostCropVignetteMidpoint integer/  
PostCropVignetteRoundness integer/  
PostCropVignetteStyle integer/  
PresetType string/  
ProcessVersion string/  
RawFileName string/  
RedEyeInfo string/+  
RedHue integer/  
RedSaturation integer/  
RetouchAreas struct+ --> RetouchArea Struct
RetouchAreaFeather real/_ (RetouchAreasFeather)
RetouchAreaMasks struct_+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
RetouchAreaMaskAlpha real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksAlpha)
RetouchAreaMaskAngle real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksAngle)
RetouchAreaMaskBottom real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksBottom)
RetouchAreaMaskCenterValue real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksCenterValue)
RetouchAreaMaskCenterWeight real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksCenterWeight)
RetouchAreaMaskDabs string/_ (RetouchAreasMasksDabs)
RetouchAreaMaskFeather real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksFeather)
RetouchAreaMaskFlipped boolean/_ (RetouchAreasMasksFlipped)
RetouchAreaMaskFlow real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksFlow)
RetouchAreaMaskFullX real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksFullX)
RetouchAreaMaskFullY real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksFullY)
RetouchAreaMaskLeft real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksLeft)
RetouchAreaMaskValue real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksMaskValue)
RetouchAreaMaskMidpoint real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksMidpoint)
RetouchAreaMaskPerimeterValue real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksPerimeterValue)
RetouchAreaMaskRadius real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksRadius)
RetouchAreaMaskRight real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksRight)
RetouchAreaMaskRoundness real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksRoundness)
RetouchAreaMaskSizeX real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksSizeX)
RetouchAreaMaskSizeY real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksSizeY)
RetouchAreaMaskTop real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksTop)
RetouchAreaMaskVersion integer/_ (RetouchAreasMasksVersion)
RetouchAreaMaskWhat string/_ (RetouchAreasMasksWhat)
RetouchAreaMaskX real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksX)
RetouchAreaMaskY real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksY)
RetouchAreaMaskZeroX real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksZeroX)
RetouchAreaMaskZeroY real/_ (RetouchAreasMasksZeroY)
RetouchAreaMethod string/_ (RetouchAreasMethod)
RetouchAreaOffsetY real/_ (RetouchAreasOffsetY)
RetouchAreaOpacity real/_ (RetouchAreasOpacity)
RetouchAreaSeed integer/_ (RetouchAreasSeed)
RetouchAreaSourceState string/_ (RetouchAreasSourceState)
RetouchAreaSourceX real/_ (RetouchAreasSourceX)
RetouchAreaSpotType string/_ (RetouchAreasSpotType)
RetouchInfo string/+  
Saturation integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentAqua integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentBlue integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentGreen integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentMagenta integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentOrange integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentPurple integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentRed integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentYellow integer/  
Shadows integer/  
Shadows2012 integer/  
ShadowTint integer/  
SharpenDetail integer/  
SharpenEdgeMasking integer/  
SharpenRadius real/  
Sharpness integer/  
ShortName lang-alt/  
Smoothness integer/  
SortName lang-alt/  
SplitToningBalance integer/ (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SplitToningHighlightHue integer/ (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SplitToningHighlightSaturation integer/ (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SplitToningShadowHue integer/ (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SplitToningShadowSaturation integer/ (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SupportsAmount boolean/  
SupportsColor boolean/  
SupportsHighDynamicRange boolean/  
SupportsMonochrome boolean/  
SupportsNormalDynamicRange boolean/  
SupportsOutputReferred boolean/  
SupportsSceneReferred boolean/  
ColorTemperature integer/ (called Temperature by the spec)
Texture integer/  
TIFFHandling string/  
Tint integer/  
ToggleStyleAmount integer/  
ToggleStyleDigest string/  
ToneCurve string/+  
ToneCurveBlue string/+  
ToneCurveGreen string/+  
ToneCurveName string/ 'Custom' = Custom
'Linear' = Linear
'Medium Contrast' = Medium Contrast
'Strong Contrast' = Strong Contrast
ToneCurveName2012 string/  
ToneCurvePV2012 string/+  
ToneCurvePV2012Blue string/+  
ToneCurvePV2012Green string/+  
ToneCurvePV2012Red string/+  
ToneCurveRed string/+  
ToneMapStrength real/  
UprightCenterMode integer/  
UprightCenterNormX real/  
UprightCenterNormY real/  
UprightDependentDigest string/  
UprightFocalLength35mm real/  
UprightFocalMode integer/  
UprightFourSegmentsCount integer/  
UprightPreview boolean/  
UprightTransform_0 string/  
UprightTransform_1 string/  
UprightTransform_2 string/  
UprightTransform_3 string/  
UprightTransform_4 string/  
UprightTransform_5 string/  
UprightTransformCount integer/  
UprightVersion integer/  
UUID string/  
Version string/  
Vibrance integer/  
VignetteAmount integer/  
VignetteMidpoint integer/  
What string/  
WhiteBalance string/
'As Shot' = As Shot
'Auto' = Auto
'Cloudy' = Cloudy
'Custom' = Custom
'Daylight' = Daylight
'Flash' = Flash
'Fluorescent' = Fluorescent
'Shade' = Shade
'Tungsten' = Tungsten
Whites2012 integer/  

XMP Correction Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
CorrectionActive boolean  
CorrectionAmount real  
CorrectionMasks CorrectionMask+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
CorrectionRangeMask CorrectionRangeMask --> CorrectionRangeMask Struct
LocalBlacks2012 real  
LocalBrightness real  
LocalClarity real  
LocalClarity2012 real  
LocalContrast real  
LocalContrast2012 real  
LocalDefringe real  
LocalDehaze real  
LocalExposure real  
LocalExposure2012 real  
LocalHighlights2012 real  
LocalHue real  
LocalLuminanceNoise real  
LocalMoire real  
LocalSaturation real  
LocalShadows2012 real  
LocalSharpness real  
LocalTemperature real  
LocalTexture real  
LocalTint real  
LocalToningHue real  
LocalToningSaturation real  
LocalWhites2012 real  
What string  

XMP CorrectionMask Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Alpha real  
Angle real  
Bottom real  
CenterValue real  
CenterWeight real  
Dabs string+  
Feather real  
Flipped boolean  
Flow real  
FullX real  
FullY real  
Left real  
MaskValue real  
Midpoint real  
PerimeterValue real  
Radius real  
Right real  
Roundness real  
SizeX real  
SizeY real  
Top real  
Version integer  
What string  
X real  
Y real  
ZeroX real  
ZeroY real  

XMP CorrectionRangeMask Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ColorAmount real  
DepthFeather real  
DepthMax real  
DepthMin real  
LumFeather real  
LumMax real  
LumMin real  
Type string  
Version string  

XMP Look Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Amount string  
Cluster string  
Copyright string  
Group lang-alt  
Name string  
Parameters LookParms --> LookParms Struct
SupportsAmount string  
SupportsMonochrome string  
SupportsOutputReferred string  
UUID string  

XMP LookParms Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
CameraProfile string  
Clarity2012 string  
ConvertToGrayscale string  
LookTable string  
ProcessVersion string  
ToneCurvePV2012 string+  
Version string  

XMP RetouchArea Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Feather real  
Masks CorrectionMask+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
Method string  
OffsetY real  
Opacity real  
Seed integer  
SourceState string  
SourceX real  
SpotType string  

XMP creatorAtom Tags

Adobe creatorAtom tags, written by After Effects.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-creatorAtom family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AeProjectLink struct --> AEProjectLink Struct
AeProjectLinkCompositionID string_  
AeProjectLinkFullPath string_  
AeProjectLinkRenderOutputModuleIndex string_  
AeProjectLinkRenderQueueItemID string_  
AeProjectLinkRenderTimeStamp integer_  
MacAtom struct --> MacAtom Struct
MacAtomApplicationCode string_  
MacAtomInvocationAppleEvent string_  
MacAtomPosixProjectPath string_  
WindowsAtom struct --> WindowsAtom Struct
WindowsAtomExtension string_  
WindowsAtomInvocationFlags string_  
WindowsAtomUncProjectPath string_  

XMP AEProjectLink Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
CompositionID string  
FullPath string  
RenderOutputModuleIndex string  
RenderQueueItemID string  
RenderTimeStamp integer  

XMP MacAtom Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ApplicationCode string  
InvocationAppleEvent string  
PosixProjectPath string  

XMP WindowsAtom Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Extension string  
InvocationFlags string  
UncProjectPath string  

XMP crs Tags

Photoshop Camera Raw namespace tags. It is a shame that Adobe pollutes the metadata space with these incredibly bulky image editing parameters.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-crs family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AlreadyApplied boolean  
AutoBrightness boolean  
AutoContrast boolean  
AutoExposure boolean  
AutoLateralCA integer  
AutoShadows boolean  
AutoTone boolean  
AutoToneDigest string  
AutoToneDigestNoSat string  
AutoWhiteVersion integer  
Blacks2012 integer  
BlueHue integer  
BlueSaturation integer  
Brightness integer  
CameraModelRestriction string  
CameraProfile string  
CameraProfileDigest string  
ChromaticAberrationB integer  
ChromaticAberrationR integer  
CircularGradientBasedCorrections struct+ --> Correction Struct
CircGradBasedCorrActive boolean_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionActive)
CircGradBasedCorrAmount real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionAmount)
CircGradBasedCorrMasks struct_+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
CircGradBasedCorrMaskAlpha real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAlpha)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskAngle real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAngle)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskBottom real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksBottom)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskCenterValue real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterValue)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterWeight)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskDabs string_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksDabs)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFeather real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFeather)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFlipped boolean_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlipped)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFlow real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlow)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFullX real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullX)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskFullY real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullY)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskLeft real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksLeft)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskValue real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMaskValue)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskMidpoint real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMidpoint)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksPerimeterValue)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskRadius real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRadius)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskRight real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRight)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskRoundness real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRoundness)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskSizeX real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeX)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskSizeY real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeY)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskTop real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksTop)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskVersion integer_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksVersion)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskWhat string_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksWhat)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskX real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksX)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskY real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksY)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskZeroX real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroX)
CircGradBasedCorrMaskZeroY real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroY)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMask struct_+ --> CorrectionRangeMask Struct
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount real_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather real_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax real_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin real_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather real_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax real_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin real_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskType string_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskType)
CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion string_+ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskVersion)
CircGradBasedCorrBlacks2012 real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalBlacks2012)
CircGradBasedCorrBrightness real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalBrightness)
CircGradBasedCorrClarity real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity)
CircGradBasedCorrClarity2012 real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity2012)
CircGradBasedCorrContrast real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast)
CircGradBasedCorrContrast2012 real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast2012)
CircGradBasedCorrDefringe real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalDefringe)
CircGradBasedCorrDehaze real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalDehaze)
CircGradBasedCorrExposure real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure)
CircGradBasedCorrExposure2012 real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure2012)
CircGradBasedCorrHighlights2012 real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalHighlights2012)
CircGradBasedCorrHue real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalHue)
CircGradBasedCorrLuminanceNoise real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalLuminanceNoise)
CircGradBasedCorrMoire real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalMoire)
CircGradBasedCorrSaturation real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalSaturation)
CircGradBasedCorrShadows2012 real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalShadows2012)
CircGradBasedCorrSharpness real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalSharpness)
CircGradBasedCorrTemperature real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTemperature)
CircGradBasedCorrTexture real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTexture)
CircGradBasedCorrTint real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTint)
CircGradBasedCorrHue real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalToningHue)
CircGradBasedCorrSaturation real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalToningSaturation)
CircGradBasedCorrWhites2012 real_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsLocalWhites2012)
CircGradBasedCorrWhat string_ (CircularGradientBasedCorrectionsWhat)
Clarity integer  
Clarity2012 integer  
ClipboardAspectRatio integer  
ClipboardOrientation integer  
Cluster string  
ColorGradeBlending integer  
ColorGradeGlobalHue integer  
ColorGradeGlobalLum integer  
ColorGradeGlobalSat integer  
ColorGradeHighlightLum integer  
ColorGradeMidtoneHue integer  
ColorGradeMidtoneLum integer  
ColorGradeMidtoneSat integer  
ColorGradeShadowLum integer  
ColorNoiseReduction integer  
ColorNoiseReductionDetail integer  
ColorNoiseReductionSmoothness integer  
ContactInfo string  
Contrast integer/  
Contrast2012 integer  
Converter string  
ConvertToGrayscale boolean  
Copyright string/  
CropAngle real  
CropBottom real  
CropConstrainToWarp integer  
CropHeight real  
CropLeft real  
CropRight real  
CropTop real  
CropUnit integer 0 = pixels
1 = inches
2 = cm
CropUnits integer 0 = pixels
1 = inches
2 = cm
CropWidth real  
DefaultAutoGray boolean  
DefaultAutoTone boolean  
DefaultsSpecificToISO boolean  
DefaultsSpecificToSerial boolean  
Defringe integer  
DefringeGreenAmount integer  
DefringeGreenHueHi integer  
DefringeGreenHueLo integer  
DefringePurpleAmount integer  
DefringePurpleHueHi integer  
DefringePurpleHueLo integer  
Dehaze real  
Description lang-alt/  
DNGIgnoreSidecars boolean  
Exposure real  
Exposure2012 real  
FillLight integer  
GradientBasedCorrections struct+ --> Correction Struct
GradientBasedCorrActive boolean_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionActive)
GradientBasedCorrAmount real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionAmount)
GradientBasedCorrMasks struct_+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
GradientBasedCorrMaskAlpha real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAlpha)
GradientBasedCorrMaskAngle real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAngle)
GradientBasedCorrMaskBottom real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksBottom)
GradientBasedCorrMaskCenterValue real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterValue)
GradientBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterWeight)
GradientBasedCorrMaskDabs string_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksDabs)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFeather real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFeather)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFlipped boolean_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlipped)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFlow real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlow)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFullX real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullX)
GradientBasedCorrMaskFullY real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullY)
GradientBasedCorrMaskLeft real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksLeft)
GradientBasedCorrMaskValue real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMaskValue)
GradientBasedCorrMaskMidpoint real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMidpoint)
GradientBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksPerimeterValue)
GradientBasedCorrMaskRadius real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRadius)
GradientBasedCorrMaskRight real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRight)
GradientBasedCorrMaskRoundness real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRoundness)
GradientBasedCorrMaskSizeX real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeX)
GradientBasedCorrMaskSizeY real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeY)
GradientBasedCorrMaskTop real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksTop)
GradientBasedCorrMaskVersion integer_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksVersion)
GradientBasedCorrMaskWhat string_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksWhat)
GradientBasedCorrMaskX real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksX)
GradientBasedCorrMaskY real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksY)
GradientBasedCorrMaskZeroX real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroX)
GradientBasedCorrMaskZeroY real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroY)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMask struct_+ --> CorrectionRangeMask Struct
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount real_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather real_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax real_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin real_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather real_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax real_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin real_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskType string_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskType)
GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion string_+ (GradientBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskVersion)
GradientBasedCorrBlacks2012 real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalBlacks2012)
GradientBasedCorrBrightness real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalBrightness)
GradientBasedCorrClarity real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity)
GradientBasedCorrClarity2012 real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity2012)
GradientBasedCorrContrast real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast)
GradientBasedCorrContrast2012 real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast2012)
GradientBasedCorrDefringe real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalDefringe)
GradientBasedCorrDehaze real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalDehaze)
GradientBasedCorrExposure real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure)
GradientBasedCorrExposure2012 real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure2012)
GradientBasedCorrHighlights2012 real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalHighlights2012)
GradientBasedCorrHue real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalHue)
GradientBasedCorrLuminanceNoise real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalLuminanceNoise)
GradientBasedCorrMoire real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalMoire)
GradientBasedCorrSaturation real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalSaturation)
GradientBasedCorrShadows2012 real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalShadows2012)
GradientBasedCorrSharpness real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalSharpness)
GradientBasedCorrTemperature real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTemperature)
GradientBasedCorrTexture real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTexture)
GradientBasedCorrTint real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalTint)
GradientBasedCorrHue real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalToningHue)
GradientBasedCorrSaturation real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalToningSaturation)
GradientBasedCorrWhites2012 real_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsLocalWhites2012)
GradientBasedCorrWhat string_ (GradientBasedCorrectionsWhat)
GrainAmount integer  
GrainFrequency integer  
GrainSeed integer  
GrainSize integer  
GrayMixerAqua integer  
GrayMixerBlue integer  
GrayMixerGreen integer  
GrayMixerMagenta integer  
GrayMixerOrange integer  
GrayMixerPurple integer  
GrayMixerRed integer  
GrayMixerYellow integer  
GreenHue integer  
GreenSaturation integer  
Group lang-alt/  
HasCrop boolean  
HasSettings boolean  
Highlight2012 integer  
HighlightRecovery integer  
Highlights2012 integer  
HueAdjustmentAqua integer  
HueAdjustmentBlue integer  
HueAdjustmentGreen integer  
HueAdjustmentMagenta integer  
HueAdjustmentOrange integer  
HueAdjustmentPurple integer  
HueAdjustmentRed integer  
HueAdjustmentYellow integer  
IncrementalTemperature integer  
IncrementalTint integer  
JPEGHandling string  
LensManualDistortionAmount integer  
LensProfileChromaticAberrationScale integer  
LensProfileDigest string  
LensProfileDistortionScale integer  
LensProfileEnable integer  
LensProfileFilename string  
LensProfileIsEmbedded boolean  
LensProfileMatchKeyCameraModelName string  
LensProfileMatchKeyExifMake string  
LensProfileMatchKeyExifModel string  
LensProfileMatchKeyIsRaw boolean  
LensProfileMatchKeyLensID string  
LensProfileMatchKeyLensInfo string  
LensProfileMatchKeyLensName string  
LensProfileMatchKeySensorFormatFactor real  
LensProfileName string  
LensProfileSetup string  
LensProfileVignettingScale integer  
Look struct --> Look Struct
LookAmount string_  
LookCluster string_  
LookCopyright string_  
LookGroup lang-alt_  
LookName string (NOT a flattened tag!)
LookParameters struct_ --> LookParms Struct
LookParametersCameraProfile string_  
LookParametersClarity2012 string_  
LookParametersConvertToGrayscale string_  
LookParametersLookTable string_  
LookParametersProcessVersion string_  
LookParametersToneCurvePV2012 string_+  
LookParametersVersion string_  
LookSupportsAmount string_  
LookSupportsMonochrome string_  
LookSupportsOutputReferred string_  
LookUUID string_  
LuminanceAdjustmentAqua integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentBlue integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentGreen integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentMagenta integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentOrange integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentPurple integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentRed integer  
LuminanceAdjustmentYellow integer  
LuminanceNoiseReductionContrast integer  
LuminanceNoiseReductionDetail integer  
LuminanceSmoothing integer  
MoireFilter string 'Off' = Off
'On' = On
Name lang-alt/  
NegativeCacheLargePreviewSize integer  
NegativeCacheMaximumSize real  
NegativeCachePath string  
OverrideLookVignette boolean  
PaintBasedCorrections struct+ --> Correction Struct
PaintCorrectionActive boolean_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionActive)
PaintCorrectionAmount real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionAmount)
PaintBasedCorrectionMasks struct_+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
PaintCorrectionMaskAlpha real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAlpha)
PaintCorrectionMaskAngle real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksAngle)
PaintCorrectionMaskBottom real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksBottom)
PaintCorrectionMaskCenterValue real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterValue)
PaintCorrectionMaskCenterWeight real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksCenterWeight)
PaintCorrectionMaskDabs string_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksDabs)
PaintCorrectionMaskFeather real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFeather)
PaintCorrectionMaskFlipped boolean_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlipped)
PaintCorrectionMaskFlow real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFlow)
PaintCorrectionMaskFullX real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullX)
PaintCorrectionMaskFullY real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksFullY)
PaintCorrectionMaskLeft real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksLeft)
PaintCorrectionMaskValue real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMaskValue)
PaintCorrectionMaskMidpoint real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksMidpoint)
PaintCorrectionMaskPerimeterValue real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksPerimeterValue)
PaintCorrectionMaskRadius real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRadius)
PaintCorrectionMaskRight real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRight)
PaintCorrectionMaskRoundness real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksRoundness)
PaintCorrectionMaskSizeX real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeX)
PaintCorrectionMaskSizeY real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksSizeY)
PaintCorrectionMaskTop real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksTop)
PaintCorrectionMaskVersion integer_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksVersion)
PaintCorrectionMaskWhat string_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksWhat)
PaintCorrectionMaskX real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksX)
PaintCorrectionMaskY real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksY)
PaintCorrectionMaskZeroX real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroX)
PaintCorrectionMaskZeroY real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionMasksZeroY)
PaintCorrectionRangeMask struct_+ --> CorrectionRangeMask Struct
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount real_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather real_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax real_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin real_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather real_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax real_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin real_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskType string_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskType)
PaintCorrectionRangeMaskVersion string_+ (PaintBasedCorrectionsCorrectionRangeMaskVersion)
PaintCorrectionBlacks2012 real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalBlacks2012)
PaintCorrectionBrightness real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalBrightness)
PaintCorrectionClarity real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity)
PaintCorrectionClarity2012 real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalClarity2012)
PaintCorrectionContrast real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast)
PaintCorrectionContrast2012 real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalContrast2012)
PaintCorrectionDefringe real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalDefringe)
PaintCorrectionDehaze real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalDehaze)
PaintCorrectionExposure real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure)
PaintCorrectionExposure2012 real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalExposure2012)
PaintCorrectionHighlights2012 real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalHighlights2012)
PaintCorrectionHue real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalHue)
PaintCorrectionLuminanceNoise real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalLuminanceNoise)
PaintCorrectionMoire real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalMoire)
PaintCorrectionSaturation real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalSaturation)
PaintCorrectionShadows2012 real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalShadows2012)
PaintCorrectionSharpness real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalSharpness)
PaintCorrectionTemperature real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalTemperature)
PaintCorrectionTexture real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalTexture)
PaintCorrectionTint real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalTint)
PaintCorrectionHue real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalToningHue)
PaintCorrectionSaturation real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalToningSaturation)
PaintCorrectionWhites2012 real_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsLocalWhites2012)
PaintCorrectionWhat string_ (PaintBasedCorrectionsWhat)
ParametricDarks integer  
ParametricHighlights integer  
ParametricHighlightSplit integer  
ParametricLights integer  
ParametricMidtoneSplit integer  
ParametricShadows integer  
ParametricShadowSplit integer  
PerspectiveAspect integer  
PerspectiveHorizontal integer  
PerspectiveRotate real  
PerspectiveScale integer  
PerspectiveUpright integer  
PerspectiveVertical integer  
PerspectiveX real  
PerspectiveY real  
PostCropVignetteAmount integer  
PostCropVignetteFeather integer  
PostCropVignetteHighlightContrast integer  
PostCropVignetteMidpoint integer  
PostCropVignetteRoundness integer  
PostCropVignetteStyle integer  
PresetType string  
ProcessVersion string  
RawFileName string  
RedEyeInfo string+  
RedHue integer  
RedSaturation integer  
RetouchAreas struct+ --> RetouchArea Struct
RetouchAreaFeather real_ (RetouchAreasFeather)
RetouchAreaMasks struct_+ --> CorrectionMask Struct
RetouchAreaMaskAlpha real_ (RetouchAreasMasksAlpha)
RetouchAreaMaskAngle real_ (RetouchAreasMasksAngle)
RetouchAreaMaskBottom real_ (RetouchAreasMasksBottom)
RetouchAreaMaskCenterValue real_ (RetouchAreasMasksCenterValue)
RetouchAreaMaskCenterWeight real_ (RetouchAreasMasksCenterWeight)
RetouchAreaMaskDabs string_ (RetouchAreasMasksDabs)
RetouchAreaMaskFeather real_ (RetouchAreasMasksFeather)
RetouchAreaMaskFlipped boolean_ (RetouchAreasMasksFlipped)
RetouchAreaMaskFlow real_ (RetouchAreasMasksFlow)
RetouchAreaMaskFullX real_ (RetouchAreasMasksFullX)
RetouchAreaMaskFullY real_ (RetouchAreasMasksFullY)
RetouchAreaMaskLeft real_ (RetouchAreasMasksLeft)
RetouchAreaMaskValue real_ (RetouchAreasMasksMaskValue)
RetouchAreaMaskMidpoint real_ (RetouchAreasMasksMidpoint)
RetouchAreaMaskPerimeterValue real_ (RetouchAreasMasksPerimeterValue)
RetouchAreaMaskRadius real_ (RetouchAreasMasksRadius)
RetouchAreaMaskRight real_ (RetouchAreasMasksRight)
RetouchAreaMaskRoundness real_ (RetouchAreasMasksRoundness)
RetouchAreaMaskSizeX real_ (RetouchAreasMasksSizeX)
RetouchAreaMaskSizeY real_ (RetouchAreasMasksSizeY)
RetouchAreaMaskTop real_ (RetouchAreasMasksTop)
RetouchAreaMaskVersion integer_ (RetouchAreasMasksVersion)
RetouchAreaMaskWhat string_ (RetouchAreasMasksWhat)
RetouchAreaMaskX real_ (RetouchAreasMasksX)
RetouchAreaMaskY real_ (RetouchAreasMasksY)
RetouchAreaMaskZeroX real_ (RetouchAreasMasksZeroX)
RetouchAreaMaskZeroY real_ (RetouchAreasMasksZeroY)
RetouchAreaMethod string_ (RetouchAreasMethod)
RetouchAreaOffsetY real_ (RetouchAreasOffsetY)
RetouchAreaOpacity real_ (RetouchAreasOpacity)
RetouchAreaSeed integer_ (RetouchAreasSeed)
RetouchAreaSourceState string_ (RetouchAreasSourceState)
RetouchAreaSourceX real_ (RetouchAreasSourceX)
RetouchAreaSpotType string_ (RetouchAreasSpotType)
RetouchInfo string+  
Saturation integer/  
SaturationAdjustmentAqua integer  
SaturationAdjustmentBlue integer  
SaturationAdjustmentGreen integer  
SaturationAdjustmentMagenta integer  
SaturationAdjustmentOrange integer  
SaturationAdjustmentPurple integer  
SaturationAdjustmentRed integer  
SaturationAdjustmentYellow integer  
Shadows integer  
Shadows2012 integer  
ShadowTint integer  
SharpenDetail integer  
SharpenEdgeMasking integer  
SharpenRadius real  
Sharpness integer/  
ShortName lang-alt  
Smoothness integer  
SortName lang-alt  
SplitToningBalance integer (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SplitToningHighlightHue integer (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SplitToningHighlightSaturation integer (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SplitToningShadowHue integer (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SplitToningShadowSaturation integer (also used for newer ColorGrade settings)
SupportsAmount boolean  
SupportsColor boolean  
SupportsHighDynamicRange boolean  
SupportsMonochrome boolean  
SupportsNormalDynamicRange boolean  
SupportsOutputReferred boolean  
SupportsSceneReferred boolean  
ColorTemperature integer (called Temperature by the spec)
Texture integer  
TIFFHandling string  
Tint integer  
ToggleStyleAmount integer  
ToggleStyleDigest string  
ToneCurve string+  
ToneCurveBlue string+  
ToneCurveGreen string+  
ToneCurveName string 'Custom' = Custom
'Linear' = Linear
'Medium Contrast' = Medium Contrast
'Strong Contrast' = Strong Contrast
ToneCurveName2012 string  
ToneCurvePV2012 string+  
ToneCurvePV2012Blue string+  
ToneCurvePV2012Green string+  
ToneCurvePV2012Red string+  
ToneCurveRed string+  
ToneMapStrength real  
UprightCenterMode integer  
UprightCenterNormX real  
UprightCenterNormY real  
UprightDependentDigest string  
UprightFocalLength35mm real  
UprightFocalMode integer  
UprightFourSegmentsCount integer  
UprightPreview boolean  
UprightTransform_0 string  
UprightTransform_1 string  
UprightTransform_2 string  
UprightTransform_3 string  
UprightTransform_4 string  
UprightTransform_5 string  
UprightTransformCount integer  
UprightVersion integer  
UUID string/  
Version string  
Vibrance integer  
VignetteAmount integer  
VignetteMidpoint integer  
What string  
WhiteBalance string/
'As Shot' = As Shot
'Auto' = Auto
'Cloudy' = Cloudy
'Custom' = Custom
'Daylight' = Daylight
'Flash' = Flash
'Fluorescent' = Fluorescent
'Shade' = Shade
'Tungsten' = Tungsten
Whites2012 integer  

XMP dc Tags

Dublin Core namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-dc family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Contributor string+  
Coverage string  
Creator string+  
Date date+  
Description lang-alt  
Format string  
Identifier string  
Language string+  
Publisher string+  
Relation string+  
Rights lang-alt  
Source string/  
Subject string+  
Title lang-alt  
Type string+  

XMP Device Tags

Google depth-map Device tags. See https://developer.android.com/training/camera2/Dynamic-depth-v1.0.pdf for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-Device family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AppInfo struct --> AppInfo Struct
AppInfoApplication string_  
AppInfoItemURI string_  
AppInfoVersion string_  
Cameras struct+ --> DeviceCameras Struct
Camera struct_+ --> DeviceCamera Struct
CameraAppInfo struct_+ --> AppInfo Struct
CameraAppInfoApplication string_+ (CamerasCameraAppInfoApplication)
CameraAppInfoItemURI string_+ (CamerasCameraAppInfoItemURI)
CameraAppInfoVersion string_+ (CamerasCameraAppInfoVersion)
CameraDepthMap struct_+ --> DeviceDepthMap Struct
CameraDepthMapConfidenceURI string_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapConfidenceURI)
CameraDepthMapDepthURI string_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapDepthURI)
CameraDepthMapFar real_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapFar)
CameraDepthMapFocalTable string_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapFocalTable)
CameraDepthMapFocalTableEntryCount integer_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapFocalTableEntryCount)
CameraDepthMapFormat string_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapFormat)
CameraDepthMapItemSemantic string_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapItemSemantic)
CameraDepthMapMeasureType string_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapMeasureType)
CameraDepthMapNear real_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapNear)
CameraDepthMapSoftware string_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapSoftware)
CameraDepthMapUnits string_+ (CamerasCameraDepthMapUnits)
CameraImage struct_+ --> DeviceImage Struct
CameraImageItemSemantic string_+ (CamerasCameraImageItemSemantic)
CameraImageItemURI string_+ (CamerasCameraImageItemURI)
CameraImagingModel struct_+ --> DeviceImagingModel Struct
CameraImagingModelDistortion string_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelDistortion)
CameraImagingModelDistortionCount integer_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelDistortionCount)
CameraImagingModelFocalLengthX real_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelFocalLengthX)
CameraImagingModelFocalLengthY real_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelFocalLengthY)
CameraImagingModelImageHeight integer_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelImageHeight)
CameraImagingModelImageWidth integer_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelImageWidth)
CameraImagingModelPixelAspectRatio real_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelPixelAspectRatio)
CameraImagingModelPrincipalPointX real_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelPrincipalPointX)
CameraImagingModelPrincipalPointY real_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelPrincipalPointY)
CameraImagingModelSkew real_+ (CamerasCameraImagingModelSkew)
CameraLightEstimate struct_+ --> DeviceLightEstimate Struct
CameraLightEstimateColorCorrectionB real_+ (CamerasCameraLightEstimateColorCorrectionB)
CameraLightEstimateColorCorrectionG real_+ (CamerasCameraLightEstimateColorCorrectionG)
CameraLightEstimateColorCorrectionR real_+ (CamerasCameraLightEstimateColorCorrectionR)
CameraLightEstimatePixelIntensity real_+ (CamerasCameraLightEstimatePixelIntensity)
CameraPointCloud struct_+ --> DevicePointCloud Struct
CameraPointCloudMetric boolean_+ (CamerasCameraPointCloudMetric)
CameraPointCloudPointCloud integer_+ (CamerasCameraPointCloudPointCloud)
CameraPointCloudPoints string_+ (CamerasCameraPointCloudPoints)
CameraPose struct_+ --> Pose Struct
CameraPosePositionX real_+ (CamerasCameraPosePositionX)
CameraPosePositionY real_+ (CamerasCameraPosePositionY)
CameraPosePositionZ real_+ (CamerasCameraPosePositionZ)
CameraPoseRotationW real_+ (CamerasCameraPoseRotationW)
CameraPoseRotationX real_+ (CamerasCameraPoseRotationX)
CameraPoseRotationY real_+ (CamerasCameraPoseRotationY)
CameraPoseRotationZ real_+ (CamerasCameraPoseRotationZ)
CameraPoseTimestamp integer_+ (CamerasCameraPoseTimestamp)
CameraTrait string_+ (CamerasCameraTrait)
CameraVendorInfo struct_+ --> VendorInfo Struct
CameraVendorInfoManufacturer string_+ (CamerasCameraVendorInfoManufacturer)
CameraVendorInfoModel string_+ (CamerasCameraVendorInfoModel)
CameraVendorInfoNotes string_+ (CamerasCameraVendorInfoNotes)
Container struct --> DeviceContainer Struct
ContainerDirectory struct_+ --> DeviceDirectory Struct
ContainerDirectoryItem struct_+ --> DeviceItem Struct
ContainerDirectoryItemDataURI string_+  
ContainerDirectoryItemLength integer_+  
ContainerDirectoryItemMime string_+  
ContainerDirectoryItemPadding integer_+  
EarthPos struct --> EarthPose Struct
EarthPosAltitude real_  
EarthPosLatitude real_  
EarthPosLongitude real_  
EarthPosRotationW real_  
EarthPosRotationX real_  
EarthPosRotationY real_  
EarthPosRotationZ real_  
EarthPosTimestamp integer_  
Planes struct+ --> DevicePlanes Struct
Plane struct_+ --> DevicePlane Struct
PlaneBoundary string_+ (PlanesPlaneBoundary)
PlaneBoundaryVertexCount integer_+ (PlanesPlaneBoundaryVertexCount)
PlaneExtentX real_+ (PlanesPlaneExtentX)
PlaneExtentZ real_+ (PlanesPlaneExtentZ)
PlanePose struct_+ --> Pose Struct
PlanePosePositionX real_+ (PlanesPlanePosePositionX)
PlanePosePositionY real_+ (PlanesPlanePosePositionY)
PlanePosePositionZ real_+ (PlanesPlanePosePositionZ)
PlanePoseRotationW real_+ (PlanesPlanePoseRotationW)
PlanePoseRotationX real_+ (PlanesPlanePoseRotationX)
PlanePoseRotationY real_+ (PlanesPlanePoseRotationY)
PlanePoseRotationZ real_+ (PlanesPlanePoseRotationZ)
PlanePoseTimestamp integer_+ (PlanesPlanePoseTimestamp)
Pose struct --> Pose Struct
PosePositionX real_  
PosePositionY real_  
PosePositionZ real_  
PoseRotationW real_  
PoseRotationX real_  
PoseRotationY real_  
PoseRotationZ real_  
PoseTimestamp integer_  
Profiles struct+ --> DeviceProfiles Struct
Profile struct_+ --> DeviceProfile Struct
ProfileCameraIndices integer_+ (ProfilesProfileCameraIndices)
ProfileType string_+ (ProfilesProfileType)
VendorInfo struct --> VendorInfo Struct
VendorInfoManufacturer string_  
VendorInfoModel string_  
VendorInfoNotes string_  

XMP AppInfo Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Application string  
ItemURI string  
Version string  

XMP DeviceCameras Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Camera DeviceCamera --> DeviceCamera Struct

XMP DeviceCamera Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
AppInfo AppInfo --> AppInfo Struct
DepthMap DeviceDepthMap --> DeviceDepthMap Struct
Image DeviceImage --> DeviceImage Struct
ImagingModel DeviceImagingModel --> DeviceImagingModel Struct
LightEstimate DeviceLightEstimate --> DeviceLightEstimate Struct
PointCloud DevicePointCloud --> DevicePointCloud Struct
Pose Pose --> Pose Struct
Trait string  
VendorInfo VendorInfo --> VendorInfo Struct

XMP DeviceDepthMap Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ConfidenceURI string  
DepthURI string  
Far real  
FocalTable string  
FocalTableEntryCount integer  
Format string  
ItemSemantic string  
MeasureType string  
Near real  
Software string  
Units string  

XMP DeviceImage Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ItemSemantic string  
ItemURI string  

XMP DeviceImagingModel Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Distortion string  
DistortionCount integer  
FocalLengthX real  
FocalLengthY real  
ImageHeight integer  
ImageWidth integer  
PixelAspectRatio real  
PrincipalPointX real  
PrincipalPointY real  
Skew real  

XMP DeviceLightEstimate Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ColorCorrectionB real  
ColorCorrectionG real  
ColorCorrectionR real  
PixelIntensity real  

XMP DevicePointCloud Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Metric boolean  
PointCloud integer  
Points string  

XMP Pose Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
PositionX real  
PositionY real  
PositionZ real  
RotationW real  
RotationX real  
RotationY real  
RotationZ real  
Timestamp integer  

XMP VendorInfo Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Manufacturer string  
Model string  
Notes string  

XMP DeviceContainer Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Directory DeviceDirectory+ --> DeviceDirectory Struct

XMP DeviceDirectory Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Item DeviceItem --> DeviceItem Struct

XMP DeviceItem Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
DataURI string  
Length integer  
Mime string  
Padding integer  

XMP EarthPose Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Altitude real  
Latitude real  
Longitude real  
RotationW real  
RotationX real  
RotationY real  
RotationZ real  
Timestamp integer  

XMP DevicePlanes Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Plane DevicePlane --> DevicePlane Struct

XMP DevicePlane Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Boundary string  
BoundaryVertexCount integer  
ExtentX real  
ExtentZ real  
Pose Pose --> Pose Struct

XMP DeviceProfiles Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Profile DeviceProfile --> DeviceProfile Struct

XMP DeviceProfile Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
CameraIndices integer+  
Type string  

XMP dex Tags

Description Explorer namespace tags. These tags are not very common. The Source and Rating tags are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with other XMP tags. (see http://www.optimasc.com/products/fileid/)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-dex family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CRC32 integer  
FFID string  
LicenseType string
'adware' = Adware
'commercial' = Commercial
'demo' = Demo
'freeware' = Freeware
'open source' = Open Source
'public domain' = Public Domain
'shareware' = Shareware
'unknown' = Unknown
OS integer  
Rating string/  
Revision string  
ShortDescription lang-alt  
Source string/  


DICOM namespace tags. These XMP tags allow some DICOM information to be stored in files of other than DICOM format. See the DICOM Tags documentation for a list of tags available in DICOM-format files.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-DICOM family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
EquipmentInstitution string  
EquipmentManufacturer string  
PatientBirthDate date (called PatientDOB by the spec)
PatientID string  
PatientName string  
PatientSex string  
SeriesDateTime date  
SeriesDescription string  
SeriesModality string  
SeriesNumber string  
StudyDateTime date  
StudyDescription string  
StudyID string  
StudyPhysician string  

XMP digiKam Tags

DigiKam namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-digiKam family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CaptionsAuthorNames lang-alt  
CaptionsDateTimeStamps lang-alt  
ColorLabel string  
ImageHistory string/ (different format from EXIF:ImageHistory)
ImageUniqueID string/  
LensCorrectionSettings string  
PickLabel string  
TagsList string+  

XMP exif Tags

EXIF namespace for EXIF tags. See https://web.archive.org/web/20180921145139if_/http://www.cipa.jp:80/std/documents/e/DC-010-2017_E.pdf for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-exif family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ApertureValue rational  
BrightnessValue rational  
CFAPattern struct --> CFAPattern Struct
CFAPatternColumns integer_  
CFAPatternRows integer_  
CFAPatternValues integer_+  
ColorSpace integer 1 = sRGB
2 = Adobe RGB
65535 = Uncalibrated
ComponentsConfiguration integer+
0 = -
1 = Y
2 = Cb
3 = Cr
   4 = R
5 = G
6 = B
CompressedBitsPerPixel rational  
Contrast integer 0 = Normal
1 = Low
2 = High
CustomRendered integer 0 = Normal
1 = Custom
DateTimeDigitized date  
DateTimeOriginal date  
DeviceSettingDescription struct --> DeviceSettings Struct
DeviceSettingDescriptionColumns integer_  
DeviceSettingDescriptionRows integer_  
DeviceSettingDescriptionSettings string_+  
DigitalZoomRatio rational  
ExifVersion string  
ExposureCompensation rational (called ExposureBiasValue by the spec)
ExposureIndex rational  
ExposureMode integer 0 = Auto
1 = Manual
2 = Auto bracket
ExposureProgram integer
0 = Not Defined
1 = Manual
2 = Program AE
3 = Aperture-priority AE
4 = Shutter speed priority AE
5 = Creative (Slow speed)
6 = Action (High speed)
7 = Portrait
8 = Landscape
ExposureTime rational  
FileSource integer 1 = Film Scanner
2 = Reflection Print Scanner
3 = Digital Camera
Flash struct --> Flash Struct
FlashEnergy rational  
FlashFired boolean_ 'False' = False
'True' = True
FlashFunction boolean_ 'False' = False
'True' = True
FlashMode integer_ 0 = Unknown
1 = On
2 = Off
3 = Auto
FlashpixVersion string  
FlashRedEyeMode boolean_ 'False' = False
'True' = True
FlashReturn integer_ 0 = No return detection
2 = Return not detected
3 = Return detected
FNumber rational  
FocalLength rational  
FocalLengthIn35mmFormat integer (called FocalLengthIn35mmFilm by the spec)
FocalPlaneResolutionUnit integer (values 1, 4 and 5 are not standard EXIF)
1 = None
2 = inches
3 = cm
4 = mm
5 = um
FocalPlaneXResolution rational  
FocalPlaneYResolution rational  
GainControl integer 0 = None
1 = Low gain up
2 = High gain up
3 = Low gain down
4 = High gain down
GPSAltitude rational  
GPSAltitudeRef integer 0 = Above Sea Level
1 = Below Sea Level
GPSAreaInformation string  
GPSDestBearing rational  
GPSDestBearingRef string 'M' = Magnetic North
'T' = True North
GPSDestDistance rational  
GPSDestDistanceRef string 'K' = Kilometers
'M' = Miles
'N' = Nautical Miles
GPSDestLatitude string  
GPSDestLongitude string  
GPSDifferential integer 0 = No Correction
1 = Differential Corrected
GPSDOP rational  
GPSHPositioningError rational  
GPSImgDirection rational  
GPSImgDirectionRef string 'M' = Magnetic North
'T' = True North
GPSLatitude string  
GPSLongitude string  
GPSMapDatum string  
GPSMeasureMode integer 2 = 2-Dimensional
3 = 3-Dimensional
GPSProcessingMethod string  
GPSSatellites string  
GPSSpeed rational  
GPSSpeedRef string 'K' = km/h
'M' = mph
'N' = knots
GPSStatus string 'A' = Measurement Active
'V' = Measurement Void
GPSDateTime date (called GPSTimeStamp by the spec; a date/time tag called GPSTimeStamp by the XMP specification. This tag is renamed here to prevent direct copy from EXIF:GPSTimeStamp which is a time-only tag. Instead, the value of this tag should be taken from Composite:GPSDateTime when copying from EXIF)
GPSTrack rational  
GPSTrackRef string 'M' = Magnetic North
'T' = True North
GPSVersionID string  
ImageUniqueID string  
ISO integer+ (called ISOSpeedRatings by the spec)
LightSource string --> EXIF LightSource Values
MakerNote string  
MaxApertureValue rational  
MeteringMode integer
1 = Average
2 = Center-weighted average
3 = Spot
4 = Multi-spot
5 = Multi-segment
6 = Partial
255 = Other
NativeDigest string  
Opto-ElectricConvFactor struct --> OECF Struct
(called OECF by the spec)
OECFColumns integer_  
OECFNames string_+  
OECFRows integer_  
OECFValues rational_+  
ExifImageWidth integer (called PixelXDimension by the spec)
ExifImageHeight integer (called PixelYDimension by the spec)
RelatedSoundFile string  
Saturation integer 0 = Normal
1 = Low
2 = High
SceneCaptureType integer 0 = Standard
1 = Landscape
2 = Portrait
3 = Night
SceneType integer 1 = Directly photographed
SensingMethod integer (values 1 and 6 are not standard EXIF)
1 = Monochrome area
2 = One-chip color area
3 = Two-chip color area
4 = Three-chip color area
5 = Color sequential area
6 = Monochrome linear
7 = Trilinear
8 = Color sequential linear
Sharpness integer 0 = Normal
1 = Soft
2 = Hard
ShutterSpeedValue rational  
SpatialFrequencyResponse struct --> OECF Struct
SpatialFrequencyResponseColumns integer_  
SpatialFrequencyResponseNames string_+  
SpatialFrequencyResponseRows integer_  
SpatialFrequencyResponseValues rational_+  
SpectralSensitivity string  
SubjectArea integer+  
SubjectDistance rational  
SubjectDistanceRange integer 0 = Unknown
1 = Macro
2 = Close
3 = Distant
SubjectLocation integer+  
UserComment lang-alt  
WhiteBalance integer 0 = Auto
1 = Manual

XMP CFAPattern Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Columns integer  
Rows integer  
Values integer+  

XMP DeviceSettings Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Columns integer  
Rows integer  
Settings string+  

XMP Flash Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Fired boolean False = False
True = True
Function boolean False = False
True = True
Mode integer 0 = Unknown
1 = On
2 = Off
3 = Auto
RedEyeMode boolean False = False
True = True
Return integer 0 = No return detection
2 = Return not detected
3 = Return detected


Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Columns integer  
Names string+  
Rows integer  
Values rational+  

XMP exifEX Tags

EXIF tags added by the EXIF 2.31 for XMP specification (see http://www.cipa.jp/std/documents/e/DC-X010-2017.pdf).

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-exifEX family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Acceleration rational  
SerialNumber string (called BodySerialNumber by the spec)
CameraElevationAngle rational  
OwnerName string (called CameraOwnerName by the spec)
CompositeImage integer 0 = Unknown
1 = Not a Composite Image
2 = General Composite Image
3 = Composite Image Captured While Shooting
CompositeImageCount integer+  
CompositeImageExposureTimes struct --> CompImageExp Struct
CompImageMaxExposureAll rational_ (CompositeImageExposureTimesMaxExposureTimesOfAll)
CompImageMaxExposureUsed rational_ (CompositeImageExposureTimesMaxExposureTimesOfUsed)
CompImageMinExposureAll rational_ (CompositeImageExposureTimesMinExposureTimesOfAll)
CompImageMinExposureUsed rational_ (CompositeImageExposureTimesMinExposureTimesOfUsed)
CompImageImagesPerSequence integer_ (CompositeImageExposureTimesNumberOfImagesInSequences)
CompImageNumSequences integer_ (CompositeImageExposureTimesNumberOfSequences)
CompImageSumExposureAll rational_ (CompositeImageExposureTimesSumOfExposureTimesOfAll)
CompImageSumExposureUsed rational_ (CompositeImageExposureTimesSumOfExposureTimesOfUsed)
CompImageTotalExposurePeriod rational_ (CompositeImageExposureTimesTotalExposurePeriod)
CompImageValues rational_+ (CompositeImageExposureTimesValues)
Gamma rational  
Humidity rational  
InteropIndex string (called InteroperabilityIndex by the spec)
'R03' = R03 - DCF option file (Adobe RGB)
'R98' = R98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
'THM' = THM - DCF thumbnail file
ISOSpeed integer  
ISOSpeedLatitudeyyy integer  
ISOSpeedLatitudezzz integer  
LensMake string  
LensModel string  
LensSerialNumber string  
LensInfo rational+ (called LensSpecification by the spec; unfortunately the EXIF 2.3 for XMP specification defined this new tag instead of using the existing XMP-aux:LensInfo)
PhotographicSensitivity integer  
Pressure rational  
RecommendedExposureIndex integer  
SensitivityType integer 0 = Unknown
1 = Standard Output Sensitivity
2 = Recommended Exposure Index
3 = ISO Speed
4 = Standard Output Sensitivity and Recommended Exposure Index
5 = Standard Output Sensitivity and ISO Speed
6 = Recommended Exposure Index and ISO Speed
7 = Standard Output Sensitivity, Recommended Exposure Index and ISO Speed
StandardOutputSensitivity integer  
AmbientTemperature rational (called Temperature by the spec)
WaterDepth rational  

XMP CompImageExp Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
MaxExposureTimesOfAll rational  
MaxExposureTimesOfUsed rational  
MinExposureTimesOfAll rational  
MinExposureTimesOfUsed rational  
NumberOfImagesInSequences integer  
NumberOfSequences integer  
SumOfExposureTimesOfAll rational  
SumOfExposureTimesOfUsed rational  
TotalExposurePeriod rational  
Values rational+  

XMP ExpressionMedia Tags

Microsoft Expression Media namespace tags. These tags are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with tags in other schemas.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-expressionmedia family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CatalogSets string/+  
Event string/  
People string/+  
Status string/  

XMP extensis Tags

Tags used by Extensis Portfolio.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-extensis family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Approved boolean  
ApprovedBy string  
ClientName string  
JobName string  
JobStatus string  
RoutedTo string  
RoutingNotes string  
WorkToDo string  

XMP fpv Tags

Fast Picture Viewer tags (see http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/help/#rtfcomments).

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-fpv family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
RichTextComment string  

XMP GAudio Tags

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GAudio family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AudioData string (called Data by the spec)
AudioMimeType string (called Mime by the spec)

XMP GCamera Tags

Camera information found in Google panorama images.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GCamera family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
BurstID string  
BurstPrimary string  
DisableAutoCreation string+  
HDRPMakerNote string (called hdrp_makernote by the spec)
MicroVideo integer  
MicroVideoOffset integer  
MicroVideoPresentationTimestampUs integer  
MicroVideoVersion integer  
PortraitNote string  
PortraitRequest string (High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) data)
PortraitVersion string  
SpecialTypeID string+  

XMP GCreations Tags

Google creations tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GCreations family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CameraBurstID string  

XMP GDepth Tags

Google depthmap information. See https://developers.google.com/depthmap-metadata/ for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GDepth family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Confidence string/  
ConfidenceMime string/  
DepthImage string/ (called Data by the spec)
Far real/  
Format string/ 'RangeInverse' = RangeInverse
'RangeLinear' = RangeLinear
ImageHeight real/  
ImageWidth real/  
Manufacturer string/  
MeasureType string/ 'OpticalAxis' = OpticalAxis
'OpticalRay' = OpticalRay
Mime string/  
Model string/  
Near real/  
Software string/  
Units string/  

XMP GettyImages Tags

The actual Getty Images namespace prefix is "GettyImagesGIFT", which is the prefix recorded in the file, but ExifTool shortens this for the family 1 group name.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-getty family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AssetID string  
CallForImage string  
CameraFilename string  
CameraMakeModel string/  
CameraSerialNumber string/  
Composition string  
ExclusiveCoverage string  
GIFTFtpPriority string  
ImageRank string  
MediaEventIdDate string  
OriginalCreateDateTime date/  
OriginalFileName string  
ParentMediaEventID string  
ParentMEID string  
Personality string+  
PrimaryFTP string+  
RoutingDestinations string+  
RoutingExclusions string+  
SecondaryFTP string+  
TimeShot string  

XMP GFocus Tags

Focus information found in Google depthmap images.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GFocus family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
BlurAtInfinity real  
FocalDistance real  
FocalPointX real  
FocalPointY real  

XMP GImage Tags

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GImage family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ImageData string (called Data by the spec)
ImageMimeType string (called Mime by the spec)

XMP GPano Tags

Panorama tags written by Google Photosphere. See https://developers.google.com/panorama/metadata/ for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GPano family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CaptureSoftware string  
CroppedAreaImageHeightPixels real  
CroppedAreaImageWidthPixels real  
CroppedAreaLeftPixels real  
CroppedAreaTopPixels real  
ExposureLockUsed boolean  
FirstPhotoDate date  
FullPanoHeightPixels real  
FullPanoWidthPixels real  
InitialCameraDolly real  
InitialHorizontalFOVDegrees real  
InitialVerticalFOVDegrees real  
InitialViewHeadingDegrees real  
InitialViewPitchDegrees real  
InitialViewRollDegrees real  
LargestValidInteriorRectHeight real  
LargestValidInteriorRectLeft real  
LargestValidInteriorRectTop real  
LargestValidInteriorRectWidth real  
LastPhotoDate date  
PoseHeadingDegrees real  
PosePitchDegrees real  
PoseRollDegrees real  
ProjectionType string  
SourcePhotosCount integer  
StitchingSoftware string  
UsePanoramaViewer boolean  

XMP GSpherical Tags

Not actually XMP. These RDF/XML tags are used in Google spherical MP4 videos. These tags are written into the video track of MOV/MP4 files, and not at the top level like other XMP tags. See https://github.com/google/spatial-media/blob/master/docs/spherical-video-rfc.md for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GSpherical family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CroppedAreaImageHeightPixels integer/  
CroppedAreaImageWidthPixels integer/  
CroppedAreaLeftPixels integer/  
CroppedAreaTopPixels integer/  
FullPanoHeightPixels integer/  
FullPanoWidthPixels integer/  
InitialViewHeadingDegrees real/  
InitialViewPitchDegrees real/  
InitialViewRollDegrees real/  
ProjectionType string/  
SourceCount integer/  
Spherical boolean/  
StereoMode string/  
Stitched boolean/  
StitchingSoftware string/  
TimeStamp integer/  

XMP ics Tags

Tags used by IDimager. Nested TagStructure structures are unrolled to an arbitrary depth of 6 to avoid infinite recursion.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-ics family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AppVersion string/  
ImageRef string  
SubVersions struct+ --> SubVersion Struct
SubVersionFileName string_+ (SubVersionsFileName)
SubVersionReference string_+ (SubVersionsVersRef)
TagStructure struct+ --> TagStructure Struct
LabelName1 string_+ (TagStructureLabelName)
ParentReference1 string_+ (TagStructureParentReference)
Reference1 string_+ (TagStructureReference)
SubLabels1 struct_+ --> TagStructure Struct
LabelName2 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsLabelName)
ParentReference2 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsParentReference)
Reference2 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsReference)
SubLabels2 struct_+ --> TagStructure Struct
LabelName3 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsLabelName)
ParentReference3 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsParentReference)
Reference3 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsReference)
SubLabels3 struct_+ --> TagStructure Struct
LabelName4 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsLabelName)
ParentReference4 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsParentReference)
Reference4 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsReference)
SubLabels4 struct_+ --> TagStructure Struct
LabelName5 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsLabelName)
ParentReference5 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsParentReference)
Reference5 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsReference)
SubLabels5 struct_+ --> TagStructure Struct
LabelName6 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsLabelName)
ParentReference6 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsParentReference)
Reference6 string_+ (TagStructureSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsSubLabelsReference)
TimeStamp date/  

XMP SubVersion Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
FileName string  
VersRef string  

XMP TagStructure Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
LabelName string  
ParentReference string  
Reference string  
SubLabels TagStructure+ --> TagStructure Struct

XMP iptcCore Tags

IPTC Core namespace tags. The actual IPTC Core namespace prefix is "Iptc4xmpCore", which is the prefix recorded in the file, but ExifTool shortens this for the family 1 group name. (see http://www.iptc.org/IPTC4XMP/)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-iptcCore family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CountryCode string  
CreatorContactInfo struct --> ContactInfo Struct
CreatorCity string_ (CreatorContactInfoCiAdrCity)
CreatorCountry string_ (CreatorContactInfoCiAdrCtry)
CreatorAddress string_ (CreatorContactInfoCiAdrExtadr)
CreatorPostalCode string_ (CreatorContactInfoCiAdrPcode)
CreatorRegion string_ (CreatorContactInfoCiAdrRegion)
CreatorWorkEmail string_ (CreatorContactInfoCiEmailWork)
CreatorWorkTelephone string_ (CreatorContactInfoCiTelWork)
CreatorWorkURL string_ (CreatorContactInfoCiUrlWork)
IntellectualGenre string  
Location string  
Scene string+  
SubjectCode string+  

XMP ContactInfo Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
CiAdrCity string  
CiAdrCtry string  
CiAdrExtadr string  
CiAdrPcode string  
CiAdrRegion string  
CiEmailWork string  
CiTelWork string  
CiUrlWork string  

XMP iptcExt Tags

This table contains tags defined by the IPTC Extension schema version 1.5. The actual namespace prefix is "Iptc4xmpExt", but ExifTool shortens this for the family 1 group name. (see http://www.iptc.org/standards/photo-metadata/iptc-standard/)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-iptcExt family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AboutCvTerm struct+ --> CVTermDetails Struct
AboutCvTermCvId string_+  
AboutCvTermId string_+ (AboutCvTermCvTermId)
AboutCvTermName lang-alt_+ (AboutCvTermCvTermName)
AboutCvTermRefinedAbout string_+ (AboutCvTermCvTermRefinedAbout)
AdditionalModelInformation string (called AddlModelInfo by the spec)
ArtworkOrObject struct+ --> ArtworkOrObjectDetails Struct
ArtworkCircaDateCreated string!_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOCircaDateCreated)
ArtworkContentDescription lang-alt_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOContentDescription)
ArtworkContributionDescription lang-alt_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOContributionDescription)
ArtworkCopyrightNotice string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOCopyrightNotice)
ArtworkCreator string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOCreator)
ArtworkCreatorID string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOCreatorId)
ArtworkCopyrightOwnerID string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOCurrentCopyrightOwnerId)
ArtworkCopyrightOwnerName string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOCurrentCopyrightOwnerName)
ArtworkLicensorID string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOCurrentLicensorId)
ArtworkLicensorName string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOCurrentLicensorName)
ArtworkDateCreated date_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAODateCreated)
ArtworkPhysicalDescription lang-alt_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOPhysicalDescription)
ArtworkSource string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOSource)
ArtworkSourceInventoryNo string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOSourceInvNo)
ArtworkSourceInvURL string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOSourceInvURL)
ArtworkStylePeriod string_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOStylePeriod)
ArtworkTitle lang-alt_+ (ArtworkOrObjectAOTitle)
AudioBitrate integer  
AudioBitrateMode string 'fixed' = Fixed
'variable' = Variable
AudioBitsPerSample integer  
AudioChannelCount integer  
CircaDateCreated string  
ContainerFormat struct --> Entity Struct
ContainerFormatIdentifier string_+  
ContainerFormatName lang-alt_  
Contributor struct+ --> EntityWithRole Struct
ContributorIdentifier string_+  
ContributorName lang-alt_+  
ContributorRole string_+  
CopyrightYear integer  
Creator struct+ --> EntityWithRole Struct
CreatorIdentifier string_+  
CreatorName lang-alt_+  
CreatorRole string_+  
ControlledVocabularyTerm string+ (called CVterm by the spec; deprecated by version 1.2)
DataOnScreen struct+ --> TextRegion Struct
DataOnScreenRegion struct_+ --> Area Struct
DataOnScreenRegionD real_+  
DataOnScreenRegionH real_+  
DataOnScreenRegionText string_+  
DataOnScreenRegionUnit string_+  
DataOnScreenRegionW real_+  
DataOnScreenRegionX real_+  
DataOnScreenRegionY real_+  
DigitalImageGUID string (called DigImageGUID by the spec)
DigitalSourceFileType string (now deprecated -- replaced by DigitalSourceType)
DigitalSourceType string  
Dopesheet lang-alt  
DopesheetLink struct+ --> QualifiedLink Struct
DopesheetLinkLink string_+  
DopesheetLinkLinkQualifier string_+  
EmbdEncRightsExpr struct+ --> EEREDetails Struct
EmbeddedEncodedRightsExpr string_+ (EmbdEncRightsExprEncRightsExpr)
EmbeddedEncodedRightsExprType string_+ (EmbdEncRightsExprRightsExprEncType)
EmbeddedEncodedRightsExprLangID string_+ (EmbdEncRightsExprRightsExprLangId)
Episode struct --> EpisodeOrSeason Struct
EpisodeIdentifier string_  
EpisodeName string_  
EpisodeNumber string_  
Event lang-alt  
ShownEvent struct+ --> Entity Struct
(called EventExt by the spec)
ShownEventIdentifier string_+ (EventExtIdentifier)
ShownEventName lang-alt_+ (EventExtName)
ExternalMetadataLink string+  
FeedIdentifier string  
Genre struct+ --> CVTermDetails Struct
GenreCvId string_+  
GenreCvTermId string_+  
GenreCvTermName lang-alt_+  
GenreCvTermRefinedAbout string_+  
Headline lang-alt/  
ImageRegion struct+ --> ImageRegion Struct
ImageRegionName lang-alt_+  
ImageRegionCtype struct_+ --> Entity Struct
ImageRegionCtypeIdentifier string_+ (ImageRegionRCtypeIdentifier)
ImageRegionCtypeName lang-alt_+ (ImageRegionRCtypeName)
ImageRegionBoundary struct_+ --> RegionBoundary Struct
ImageRegionBoundaryH real_+ (ImageRegionRegionBoundaryRbH)
ImageRegionBoundaryRx real_+ (ImageRegionRegionBoundaryRbRx)
ImageRegionBoundaryShape string_+ (ImageRegionRegionBoundaryRbShape)
'circle' = Circle
'polygon' = Polygon
'rectangle' = Rectangle
ImageRegionBoundaryUnit string_+ (ImageRegionRegionBoundaryRbUnit)
'pixel' = Pixel
'relative' = Relative
ImageRegionBoundaryVertices struct_+ --> BoundaryPoint Struct
ImageRegionBoundaryVerticesX real_+ (ImageRegionRegionBoundaryRbVerticesRbX)
ImageRegionBoundaryVerticesY real_+ (ImageRegionRegionBoundaryRbVerticesRbY)
ImageRegionBoundaryW real_+ (ImageRegionRegionBoundaryRbW)
ImageRegionBoundaryX real_+ (ImageRegionRegionBoundaryRbX)
ImageRegionBoundaryY real_+ (ImageRegionRegionBoundaryRbY)
ImageRegionID string_+ (ImageRegionRId)
ImageRegionRole struct_+ --> Entity Struct
ImageRegionRoleIdentifier string_+ (ImageRegionRRoleIdentifier)
ImageRegionRoleName lang-alt_+ (ImageRegionRRoleName)
IPTCLastEdited date  
LinkedEncRightsExpr struct+ --> LEREDetails Struct
LinkedEncodedRightsExpr string_+ (LinkedEncRightsExprLinkedRightsExpr)
LinkedEncodedRightsExprType string_+ (LinkedEncRightsExprRightsExprEncType)
LinkedEncodedRightsExprLangID string_+ (LinkedEncRightsExprRightsExprLangId)
LocationCreated struct+ --> LocationDetails Struct
LocationCreatedCity string_+  
LocationCreatedCountryCode string_+  
LocationCreatedCountryName string_+  
LocationCreatedGPSAltitude rational_+  
LocationCreatedGPSLatitude string_+  
LocationCreatedGPSLongitude string_+  
LocationCreatedIdentifier string_+  
LocationCreatedLocationId string_+  
LocationCreatedLocationName lang-alt_+  
LocationCreatedProvinceState string_+  
LocationCreatedSublocation string_+  
LocationCreatedWorldRegion string_+  
LocationShown struct+ --> LocationDetails Struct
LocationShownCity string_+  
LocationShownCountryCode string_+  
LocationShownCountryName string_+  
LocationShownGPSAltitude rational_+  
LocationShownGPSLatitude string_+  
LocationShownGPSLongitude string_+  
LocationShownIdentifier string_+  
LocationShownLocationId string_+  
LocationShownLocationName lang-alt_+  
LocationShownProvinceState string_+  
LocationShownSublocation string_+  
LocationShownWorldRegion string_+  
MaxAvailHeight integer  
MaxAvailWidth integer  
ModelAge integer+  
OrganisationInImageCode string+  
OrganisationInImageName string+  
PersonHeard struct+ --> Entity Struct
PersonHeardIdentifier string_+  
PersonHeardName lang-alt_+  
PersonInImage string+  
PersonInImageWDetails struct+ --> PersonDetails Struct
PersonInImageCharacteristic struct_+ --> CVTermDetails Struct
PersonInImageCvTermCvId string_+ (PersonInImageWDetailsPersonCharacteristicCvId)
PersonInImageCvTermId string_+ (PersonInImageWDetailsPersonCharacteristicCvTermId)
PersonInImageCvTermName lang-alt_+ (PersonInImageWDetailsPersonCharacteristicCvTermName)
PersonInImageCvTermRefinedAbout string_+ (PersonInImageWDetailsPersonCharacteristicCvTermRefinedAbout)
PersonInImageDescription lang-alt_+ (PersonInImageWDetailsPersonDescription)
PersonInImageId string_+ (PersonInImageWDetailsPersonId)
PersonInImageName lang-alt_+ (PersonInImageWDetailsPersonName)
PlanningRef struct+ --> EntityWithRole Struct
PlanningRefIdentifier string_+  
PlanningRefName lang-alt_+  
PlanningRefRole string_+  
ProductInImage struct+ --> ProductDetails Struct
ProductInImageDescription lang-alt_+ (ProductInImageProductDescription)
ProductInImageGTIN string_+ (ProductInImageProductGTIN)
ProductInImageName lang-alt_+ (ProductInImageProductName)
PublicationEvent struct+ --> PublicationEvent Struct
PublicationEventDate date_+  
PublicationEventIdentifier string_+  
PublicationEventName string_+  
Rating struct+ --> Rating Struct
RatingRegion struct_+ --> LocationDetails Struct
RatingRegionCity string_+ (RatingRatingRegionCity)
RatingRegionCountryCode string_+ (RatingRatingRegionCountryCode)
RatingRegionCountryName string_+ (RatingRatingRegionCountryName)
RatingRegionGPSAltitude rational_+ (RatingRatingRegionGPSAltitude)
RatingRegionGPSLatitude string_+ (RatingRatingRegionGPSLatitude)
RatingRegionGPSLongitude string_+ (RatingRatingRegionGPSLongitude)
RatingRegionIdentifier string_+ (RatingRatingRegionIdentifier)
RatingRegionLocationId string_+ (RatingRatingRegionLocationId)
RatingRegionLocationName lang-alt_+ (RatingRatingRegionLocationName)
RatingRegionProvinceState string_+ (RatingRatingRegionProvinceState)
RatingRegionSublocation string_+ (RatingRatingRegionSublocation)
RatingRegionWorldRegion string_+ (RatingRatingRegionWorldRegion)
RatingScaleMaxValue string_+ (RatingRatingScaleMaxValue)
RatingScaleMinValue string_+ (RatingRatingScaleMinValue)
RatingSourceLink string_+ (RatingRatingSourceLink)
RatingValue string_+ (RatingRatingValue)
RatingValueLogoLink string_+ (RatingRatingValueLogoLink)
RecDevice struct --> Device Struct
RecDeviceAttLensDescription string_  
RecDeviceManufacturer string_  
RecDeviceModelName string_  
RecDeviceOwnersDeviceId string_  
RecDeviceSerialNumber string_  
RegistryID struct+ --> RegistryEntryDetails Struct
RegistryEntryRole string_+ (RegistryIdRegEntryRole)
RegistryItemID string_+ (RegistryIdRegItemId)
RegistryOrganisationID string_+ (RegistryIdRegOrgId)
ReleaseReady boolean  
Season struct --> EpisodeOrSeason Struct
SeasonIdentifier string_  
SeasonName string_  
SeasonNumber string_  
Series struct --> Series Struct
SeriesIdentifier string_  
SeriesName string_  
Snapshot struct+ --> LinkedImage Struct
(called SnapshotLink by the spec)
SnapshotFormat string_+ (SnapshotLinkFormat)
SnapshotHeightPixels integer_+ (SnapshotLinkHeightPixels)
SnapshotImageRole string_+ (SnapshotLinkImageRole)
SnapshotLink string_+ (SnapshotLinkLink)
SnapshotLinkQualifier string_+ (SnapshotLinkLinkQualifier)
SnapshotUsedVideoFrame struct_+ --> Timecode Struct
SnapshotUsedVideoFrameTimeFormat string_+ (SnapshotLinkUsedVideoFrameTimeFormat)
'23976Timecode' = 23.976 fps
'24Timecode' = 24 fps
'25Timecode' = 25 fps
'2997DropTimecode' = 29.97 fps (drop)
'2997NonDropTimecode' = 29.97 fps (non-drop)
'30Timecode' = 30 fps
'50Timecode' = 50 fps
'5994DropTimecode' = 59.94 fps (drop)
'5994NonDropTimecode' = 59.94 fps (non-drop)
'60Timecode' = 60 fps
SnapshotUsedVideoFrameTimeValue string_+ (SnapshotLinkUsedVideoFrameTimeValue)
SnapshotUsedVideoFrameValue integer_+ (SnapshotLinkUsedVideoFrameValue; only in XMP 2008 spec; an error?)
SnapshotWidthPixels integer_+ (SnapshotLinkWidthPixels)
StorylineIdentifier string+  
StreamReady string 'false' = False
'true' = True
'unknown' = Unknown
StylePeriod string  
SupplyChainSource struct+ --> Entity Struct
SupplyChainSourceIdentifier string_+  
SupplyChainSourceName lang-alt_+  
TemporalCoverage struct --> TemporalCoverage Struct
TemporalCoverageFrom date_ (TemporalCoverageTempCoverageFrom)
TemporalCoverageTo date_ (TemporalCoverageTempCoverageTo)
Transcript lang-alt  
TranscriptLink struct+ --> QualifiedLink Struct
TranscriptLinkLink string_+  
TranscriptLinkLinkQualifier string_+  
VideoBitrate integer  
VideoBitrateMode string 'fixed' = Fixed
'variable' = Variable
VideoDisplayAspectRatio rational  
VideoEncodingProfile string  
VideoShotType struct+ --> Entity Struct
VideoShotTypeIdentifier string_+  
VideoShotTypeName lang-alt_+  
VideoStreamsCount integer  
VisualColor string (called VisualColour by the spec)
'bw-monochrome' = Monochrome
'colour' = Color
WorkflowTag struct --> CVTermDetails Struct
WorkflowTagCvId string_  
WorkflowTagCvTermId string_  
WorkflowTagCvTermName lang-alt_  
WorkflowTagCvTermRefinedAbout string_  

XMP CVTermDetails Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
CvId string  
CvTermId string  
CvTermName lang-alt  
CvTermRefinedAbout string  

XMP ArtworkOrObjectDetails Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
AOCircaDateCreated string  
AOContentDescription lang-alt  
AOContributionDescription lang-alt  
AOCopyrightNotice string  
AOCreator string+  
AOCreatorId string+  
AOCurrentCopyrightOwnerId string  
AOCurrentCopyrightOwnerName string  
AOCurrentLicensorId string  
AOCurrentLicensorName string  
AODateCreated date  
AOPhysicalDescription lang-alt  
AOSource string  
AOSourceInvNo string  
AOSourceInvURL string  
AOStylePeriod string+  
AOTitle lang-alt  

XMP Entity Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Identifier string+  
Name lang-alt  

XMP EntityWithRole Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Identifier string+  
Name lang-alt  
Role string+  

XMP TextRegion Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Region Area --> Area Struct
RegionText string  

XMP Area Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
D real  
H real  
Unit string  
W real  
X real  
Y real  

XMP QualifiedLink Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Link string  
LinkQualifier string  

XMP EEREDetails Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
EncRightsExpr string  
RightsExprEncType string  
RightsExprLangId string  

XMP EpisodeOrSeason Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Identifier string  
Name string  
Number string  

XMP ImageRegion Struct

This structure is new in the IPTC Extension version 1.5 specification. As well as the fields defined below, this structure may contain any top-level XMP tags, but since they aren't pre-defined the only way to add these tags is to write ImageRegion as a structure with these tags as new fields.

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Name lang-alt  
RegionBoundary RegionBoundary --> RegionBoundary Struct
RCtype Entity+ --> Entity Struct
RId string  
RRole Entity+ --> Entity Struct

XMP RegionBoundary Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
RbH real  
RbRx real  
RbShape string circle = Circle
polygon = Polygon
rectangle = Rectangle
RbUnit string pixel = Pixel
relative = Relative
RbVertices BoundaryPoint+ --> BoundaryPoint Struct
RbW real  
RbX real  
RbY real  

XMP BoundaryPoint Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
RbX real  
RbY real  

XMP LEREDetails Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
LinkedRightsExpr string  
RightsExprEncType string  
RightsExprLangId string  

XMP LocationDetails Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
City string  
CountryCode string  
CountryName string  
GPSAltitude rational  
GPSLatitude string  
GPSLongitude string  
Identifier string+  
LocationId string+  
LocationName lang-alt  
ProvinceState string  
Sublocation string  
WorldRegion string  

XMP PersonDetails Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
PersonCharacteristic CVTermDetails+ --> CVTermDetails Struct
PersonDescription lang-alt  
PersonId string+  
PersonName lang-alt  

XMP ProductDetails Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ProductDescription lang-alt  
ProductGTIN string  
ProductName lang-alt  

XMP PublicationEvent Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Date date  
Identifier string  
Name string  

XMP Rating Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
RatingRegion LocationDetails+ --> LocationDetails Struct
RatingScaleMaxValue string  
RatingScaleMinValue string  
RatingSourceLink string  
RatingValue string  
RatingValueLogoLink string  

XMP Device Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
AttLensDescription string  
Manufacturer string  
ModelName string  
OwnersDeviceId string  
SerialNumber string  

XMP RegistryEntryDetails Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
RegEntryRole string  
RegItemId string  
RegOrgId string  

XMP Series Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Identifier string  
Name string  

XMP LinkedImage Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
HeightPixels integer  
ImageRole string  
Link string  
LinkQualifier string+  
UsedVideoFrame Timecode --> Timecode Struct
WidthPixels integer  
Format string  

XMP Timecode Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
TimeFormat string 23976Timecode = 23.976 fps
24Timecode = 24 fps
25Timecode = 25 fps
2997DropTimecode = 29.97 fps (drop)
2997NonDropTimecode = 29.97 fps (non-drop)
30Timecode = 30 fps
50Timecode = 50 fps
5994DropTimecode = 59.94 fps (drop)
5994NonDropTimecode = 59.94 fps (non-drop)
60Timecode = 60 fps
TimeValue string  
Value integer (only in XMP 2008 spec; an error?)

XMP TemporalCoverage Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
TempCoverageFrom date  
TempCoverageTo date  

XMP LImage Tags

Tags written by RED smartphones.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-LImage family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
MajorVersion string  
MinorVersion string  
RightAlbedo string (Right stereoscopic image)

XMP Lightroom Tags

Adobe Lightroom "lr" namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-lr family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
HierarchicalSubject string+  
PrivateRTKInfo string  

XMP MediaPro Tags

iView MediaPro namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-mediapro family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CatalogSets string+  
Event string/ (avoided due to conflict with XMP-iptcExt:Event)
Location string/ (avoided due to conflict with XMP-iptcCore:Location)
People string+  
Status string  
UserFields string+  

XMP pdf Tags

Adobe PDF namespace tags. The official XMP specification defines only Keywords, PDFVersion, Producer and Trapped. The other tags are included because they have been observed in PDF files, but some are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with other XMP namespaces.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-pdf family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Author string  
Copyright string/  
CreationDate date  
Creator string/  
Keywords string  
Marked boolean/  
ModDate date  
PDFVersion string  
Producer string  
Subject string/  
Title string/  
Trapped string 'False' = False
'True' = True
'Unknown' = Unknown

XMP pdfx Tags

PDF extension tags. This namespace is used to store application-defined PDF information, so there are no pre-defined tags. User-defined tags must be created to enable writing of XMP-pdfx information.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-pdfx family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

XMP photoshop Tags

Adobe Photoshop namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-photoshop family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AuthorsPosition string  
CaptionWriter string  
Category string  
City string  
ColorMode integer
0 = Bitmap
1 = Grayscale
2 = Indexed
3 = RGB
   4 = CMYK
7 = Multichannel
8 = Duotone
9 = Lab
Country string  
Credit string  
DateCreated date  
DocumentAncestors string+  
EmbeddedXMPDigest string  
Headline string  
History string  
ICCProfileName string (called ICCProfile by the spec)
Instructions string  
LegacyIPTCDigest string  
SidecarForExtension string  
Source string  
State string  
SupplementalCategories string+  
TextLayers struct+ --> Layer Struct
TextLayerName string_+ (TextLayersLayerName)
TextLayerText string_+ (TextLayersLayerText)
TransmissionReference string (Now used as a job identifier)
Urgency integer (should be in the range 1-8 to conform with the XMP spec)
0 = 0 (reserved)
1 = 1 (most urgent)
2 = 2
3 = 3
4 = 4
5 = 5 (normal urgency)
6 = 6
7 = 7
8 = 8 (least urgent)
9 = 9 (user-defined priority)

XMP Layer Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
LayerName string  
LayerText string  

XMP PixelLive Tags

PixelLive namespace tags. These tags are not writable because they are very uncommon and I haven't been able to locate a reference which gives the namespace URI.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-PixelLive family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Author no  
Comments no  
Copyright no  
Date no  
Genre no  
Title no  

XMP pmi Tags

PRISM Metadata for Images 3.0 namespace tags. (see http://www.prismstandard.org/)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-pmi family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Color string/
'bw' = BW
'color' = Color
'duotone' = Duotone
   'quadtone' = Quadtone
'sepia' = Sepia
'tritone' = Tritone
ContactInfo string/  
DisplayName string/  
DistributorProductID string/  
EventAlias string/  
EventEnd string/  
EventStart string/  
EventSubtype string/  
EventType string/  
Field string/  
Framing string/  
Location string/  
Make string/  
Manufacturer string/  
Model string/  
ModelYear string/  
ObjectDescription string/  
ObjectSubtype string/  
ObjectType string/  
Orientation string/ 'horizontal' = Horizontal
'vertical' = Vertical
PositionDescriptor string/  
ProductID string/  
ProductIDType string/  
Season string/ 'fall' = Fall
'spring' = Spring
'summer' = Summer
'winter' = Winter
SequenceName string/  
SequenceNumber string/  
SequenceTotalNumber string/  
Setting string/  
ShootID string/  
SlideshowName string/  
SlideshowNumber integer/  
SlideshowTotalNumber integer/  
Viewpoint string/  
VisualTechnique string/  

XMP prism Tags

Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata 3.0 namespace tags. (see http://www.prismstandard.org/)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-prism family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AcademicField string/  
AggregateIssueNumber integer/  
AggregationType string/+  
AlternateTitle struct+ --> prismAlternateTitle Struct
AlternateTitleA-lang string/_+  
AlternateTitleA-platform string/_+  
AlternateTitleText string/_+  
BlogTitle string/  
BlogURL string/  
BookEdition string/  
ByteCount integer/  
Channel struct+ --> prismChannel Struct
ChannelA-lang string/_+  
ChannelChannel string/_+  
ChannelSubchannel1 string/_+  
ChannelSubchannel2 string/_+  
ChannelSubchannel3 string/_+  
ChannelSubchannel4 string/_+  
ComplianceProfile string/ 'three' = Three
ContentType string/  
CopyrightYear string/  
CorporateEntity string/+  
CoverDate date/  
CoverDisplayDate string/  
CreationDate date/  
DateRecieved date/  
Device string/  
Distributor string/  
DOI string/  
Edition string/  
EIssn string/  
EndingPage string/  
Event string/+  
Genre string/+  
HasAlternative string/+  
HasCorrection struct --> prismHasCorrection Struct
HasCorrectionA-lang string/_  
HasCorrectionA-platform string/_  
HasCorrectionText string/_  
HasTranslation string/+  
Industry string/+  
IsAlternativeOf string/+  
ISBN string/+  
IsCorrectionOf string/+  
ISSN string/  
IssueIdentifier string/  
IssueName string/  
IssueTeaser string/  
IssueType string/  
IsTranslationOf string/  
Keyword string/+  
KillDate struct --> prismKillDate Struct
KillDateA-platform string/_  
KillDateDate date/_  
Link string/+  
Location string/+  
ModificationDate date/  
NationalCatalogNumber string/  
Number string/  
Object string/+  
OffSaleDate struct+ --> prismOffSaleDate Struct
OffSaleDateA-platform string/_+  
OffSaleDateDate date/_+  
OnSaleDate struct+ --> prismOnSaleDate Struct
OnSaleDateA-platform string/_+  
OnSaleDateDate date/_+  
OnSaleDay struct+ --> prismOnSaleDay Struct
OnSaleDayA-platform string/_+  
OnSaleDayDay string/_+  
Organization string/+  
OriginPlatform string/+
'broadcast' = Broadcast
'email' = E-Mail
'mobile' = Mobile
'other' = Other
'print' = Print
'recordableMedia' = Recordable Media
'web' = Web
PageCount integer/  
PageProgressionDirection string/ 'LTR' = Left to Right
'RTL' = Right to Left
PageRange string/+  
Person string/  
Platform string/  
ProductCode string/  
Profession string/  
PublicationDate struct+ --> prismPublicationDate Struct
PublicationDateA-platform string/_+  
PublicationDateDate date/_+  
PublicationDisplayDate struct+ --> prismPublicationDate Struct
PublicationDisplayDateA-platform string/_+  
PublicationDisplayDateDate date/_+  
PublicationName string/  
PublishingFrequency string/  
Rating string/  
SamplePageRange string/  
Section string/  
SellingAgency string/  
SeriesNumber integer/  
SeriesTitle string/  
Sport string/  
StartingPage string/  
Subsection1 string/  
Subsection2 string/  
Subsection3 string/  
Subsection4 string/  
Subtitle string/  
SupplementDisplayID string/  
SupplementStartingPage string/  
SupplementTitle string/  
Teaser string/+  
Ticker string/+  
TimePeriod string/  
URL struct+ --> prismUrl Struct
URLA-platform string/_+  
URLUrl string/_+  
UspsNumber string/  
VersionIdentifier string/  
Volume string/  
WordCount integer/  

XMP prismAlternateTitle Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A-lang string  
A-platform string  
Text string  

XMP prismChannel Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A-lang string  
Channel string  
Subchannel1 string  
Subchannel2 string  
Subchannel3 string  
Subchannel4 string  

XMP prismHasCorrection Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A-lang string  
A-platform string  
Text string  

XMP prismKillDate Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A-platform string  
Date date  

XMP prismOffSaleDate Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A-platform string  
Date date  

XMP prismOnSaleDate Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A-platform string  
Date date  

XMP prismOnSaleDay Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A-platform string  
Day string  

XMP prismPublicationDate Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A-platform string  
Date date  

XMP prismUrl Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A-platform string  
Url string  

XMP prl Tags

PRISM Rights Language 2.1 namespace tags. These tags have been deprecated since the release of the PRISM Usage Rights 3.0. (see http://www.prismstandard.org/)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-prl family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Geography string/+  
Industry string/+  
Usage string/+  

XMP prm Tags

PRISM Recipe Metadata 3.0 namespace tags. (see http://www.prismstandard.org/)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-prm family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CookingEquipment string/  
CookingMethod string/  
Course string/  
Cuisine string/  
DietaryNeeds string/  
DishType string/  
Duration string/  
IngredientExclusion string/  
MainIngredient string/  
Meal string/  
RecipeEndingPage string/  
RecipePageRange string/  
RecipeSource string/  
RecipeStartingPage string/  
RecipeTitle string/  
ServingSize string/  
SkillLevel string/  
SpecialOccasion string/  
Yield string/  

XMP pur Tags

PRISM Usage Rights 3.0 namespace tags. (see http://www.prismstandard.org/)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-pur family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AdultContentWarning string/+  
Agreement string/+  
Copyright lang-alt/  
CreditLine string/+  
EmbargoDate date/+  
ExclusivityEndDate date/+  
ExpirationDate date/+  
ImageSizeRestriction string/  
OptionEndDate date/+  
Permissions string/+  
Restrictions string/+  
ReuseProhibited boolean/  
RightsAgent string/  
RightsOwner string/  

XMP rdf Tags

Most RDF attributes are handled internally, but the "about" attribute is treated specially to allow it to be set to a specific value if required.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-rdf family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
About string!  

XMP swf Tags

Adobe SWF namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-swf family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
BackgroundAlpha integer (called bgalpha by the spec)
ForwardLock boolean  
MaxStorage integer  
Type string/  

XMP tiff Tags

EXIF namespace for TIFF tags. See https://web.archive.org/web/20180921145139if_/http://www.cipa.jp:80/std/documents/e/DC-010-2017_E.pdf for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-tiff family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Artist string  
BitsPerSample integer+  
Compression integer --> EXIF Compression Values
Copyright lang-alt  
DateTime date  
ImageDescription lang-alt  
ImageHeight integer (called ImageLength by the spec)
ImageWidth integer  
Make string  
Model string  
NativeDigest string  
Orientation integer
1 = Horizontal (normal)
2 = Mirror horizontal
3 = Rotate 180
4 = Mirror vertical
5 = Mirror horizontal and rotate 270 CW
6 = Rotate 90 CW
7 = Mirror horizontal and rotate 90 CW
8 = Rotate 270 CW
PhotometricInterpretation integer
0 = WhiteIsZero
1 = BlackIsZero
2 = RGB
3 = RGB Palette
4 = Transparency Mask
5 = CMYK
6 = YCbCr
8 = CIELab
9 = ICCLab
10 = ITULab
32803 = Color Filter Array
32844 = Pixar LogL
32845 = Pixar LogLuv
32892 = Sequential Color Filter
34892 = Linear Raw
51177 = Depth Map
PlanarConfiguration integer 1 = Chunky
2 = Planar
PrimaryChromaticities rational+  
ReferenceBlackWhite rational+  
ResolutionUnit integer (the value 1 is not standard EXIF)
1 = None
2 = inches
3 = cm
SamplesPerPixel integer  
Software string  
TransferFunction integer+  
WhitePoint rational+  
XResolution rational  
YCbCrCoefficients rational+  
YCbCrPositioning integer 1 = Centered
2 = Co-sited
YCbCrSubSampling integer+ (while technically this is a list-type tag, for compatibility with its EXIF counterpart it is written and read as a simple string)
'1 1' = YCbCr4:4:4 (1 1)
'1 2' = YCbCr4:4:0 (1 2)
'1 4' = YCbCr4:4:1 (1 4)
'2 1' = YCbCr4:2:2 (2 1)
'2 2' = YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)
'2 4' = YCbCr4:2:1 (2 4)
'4 1' = YCbCr4:1:1 (4 1)
'4 2' = YCbCr4:1:0 (4 2)
YResolution rational  

XMP x Tags

The "x" namespace is used for the "xmpmeta" wrapper, and may contain an "xmptk" attribute that is extracted as the XMPToolkit tag. When writing, the XMPToolkit tag is generated automatically by ExifTool unless specifically set to another value.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-x family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
XMPToolkit string! (called xmptk by the spec)

XMP xmp Tags

XMP namespace tags. If the older "xap", "xapBJ", "xapMM" or "xapRights" namespace prefixes are found, they are translated to the newer "xmp", "xmpBJ", "xmpMM" and "xmpRights" prefixes for use in family 1 group names.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmp family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Advisory string+ (deprecated)
Author string/ (non-standard)
BaseURL string  
CreateDate date  
CreatorTool string  
Description lang-alt/ (non-standard)
Format string/ (non-standard)
Identifier string/+  
Keywords string/ (non-standard)
Label string  
MetadataDate date  
ModifyDate date  
Nickname string  
PageInfo struct+ --> PageInfo Struct
PageImageFormat string_+ (PageInfoFormat)
PageImageHeight integer_+ (PageInfoHeight)
PageImage string_+ (PageInfoImage)
PageImagePageNumber integer_+ (PageInfoPageNumber)
PageImageWidth integer_+ (PageInfoWidth)
Rating real (a value from 0 to 5, or -1 for "rejected")
RatingPercent real/ (non-standard)
Thumbnails struct+ --> Thumbnail Struct
ThumbnailFormat string_+ (ThumbnailsFormat)
ThumbnailHeight integer_+ (ThumbnailsHeight)
ThumbnailImage string/_+ (ThumbnailsImage)
ThumbnailWidth integer_+ (ThumbnailsWidth)
Title lang-alt/ (non-standard)

XMP PageInfo Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
PageNumber integer  
Format string  
Height integer  
Image string  
Width integer  

XMP Thumbnail Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Format string  
Height integer  
Image string  
Width integer  

XMP xmpBJ Tags

XMP Basic Job Ticket namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpBJ family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
JobRef struct+ --> JobRef Struct
JobRefId string_+  
JobRefName string_+  
JobRefUrl string_+  

XMP JobRef Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Id string  
Name string  
Url string  

XMP xmpDM Tags

XMP Dynamic Media namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpDM family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AbsPeakAudioFilePath string  
Album string  
AltTapeName string  
AltTimecode struct --> Timecode Struct
AltTimecodeTimeFormat string_
'23976Timecode' = 23.976 fps
'24Timecode' = 24 fps
'25Timecode' = 25 fps
'2997DropTimecode' = 29.97 fps (drop)
'2997NonDropTimecode' = 29.97 fps (non-drop)
'30Timecode' = 30 fps
'50Timecode' = 50 fps
'5994DropTimecode' = 59.94 fps (drop)
'5994NonDropTimecode' = 59.94 fps (non-drop)
'60Timecode' = 60 fps
AltTimecodeTimeValue string_  
AltTimecodeValue integer_ (only in XMP 2008 spec; an error?)
Artist string/  
AudioChannelType string
5.1 = 5.1
7.1 = 7.1
'16 Channel' = 16 Channel
'Mono' = Mono
'Other' = Other
'Stereo' = Stereo
AudioCompressor string  
AudioModDate date  
AudioSampleRate integer  
AudioSampleType string
'16Int' = 16-bit integer
'24Int' = 24-bit integer
'32Float' = 32-bit float
'32Int' = 32-bit integer
'8Int' = 8-bit integer
'Compressed' = Compressed
'Other' = Other
'Packed' = Packed
BeatSpliceParams struct --> BeatSpliceStretch Struct
BeatSpliceParamsRiseInDecibel real_  
BeatSpliceParamsRiseInTimeDuration struct_ --> Time Struct
BeatSpliceParamsRiseInTimeDurationScale rational_  
BeatSpliceParamsRiseInTimeDurationValue integer_  
BeatSpliceParamsUseFileBeatsMarker boolean_  
CameraAngle string  
CameraLabel string  
CameraModel string  
CameraMove string  
Client string  
DMComment string (called comment by the spec)
Composer string  
ContributedMedia struct+ --> Media Struct
ContributedMediaDuration struct_+ --> Time Struct
ContributedMediaDurationScale rational_+  
ContributedMediaDurationValue integer_+  
ContributedMediaManaged boolean_+  
ContributedMediaPath string_+  
ContributedMediaStartTime struct_+ --> Time Struct
ContributedMediaStartTimeScale rational_+  
ContributedMediaStartTimeValue integer_+  
ContributedMediaTrack string_+  
ContributedMediaWebStatement string_+  
Copyright string/  
Director string  
DirectorPhotography string  
DiscNumber string  
Duration struct --> Time Struct
DurationScale rational_  
DurationValue integer_  
Engineer string  
FileDataRate rational  
Genre string  
Good boolean  
Instrument string  
IntroTime struct --> Time Struct
IntroTimeScale rational_  
IntroTimeValue integer_  
Key string
'A' = A
'A#' = A#
'B' = B
'C' = C
   'C#' = C#
'D' = D
'D#' = D#
'E' = E
   'F' = F
'F#' = F#
'G' = G
'G#' = G#
LogComment string  
Loop boolean  
Lyrics string  
Markers struct+ --> Marker Struct
MarkersComment string_+  
MarkersCuePointParams struct_+ --> CuePointParam Struct
MarkersCuePointParamsKey string_+  
MarkersCuePointParamsValue string_+  
MarkersCuePointType string_+  
MarkersDuration string_+  
MarkersLocation string_+  
MarkersName string_+  
MarkersProbability real_+  
MarkersSpeaker string_+  
MarkersStartTime string_+  
MarkersTarget string_+  
MarkersType string_+  
MetadataModDate date  
NumberOfBeats real  
OutCue struct --> Time Struct
OutCueScale rational_  
OutCueValue integer_  
PartOfCompilation boolean  
ProjectName string  
ProjectRef struct --> ProjectLink Struct
ProjectRefPath string_  
ProjectRefType string_ 'audio' = Audio
'custom' = Custom
'movie' = Movie
'still' = Still Image
PullDown string
RelativePeakAudioFilePath string  
RelativeTimestamp struct --> Time Struct
RelativeTimestampScale rational_  
RelativeTimestampValue integer_  
ReleaseDate date  
ResampleParams struct --> ResampleStretch Struct
ResampleParamsQuality string_ 'High' = High
'Low' = Low
'Medium' = Medium
ScaleType string 'Both' = Both
'Major' = Major
'Minor' = Minor
'Neither' = Neither
Scene string/  
ShotDate date  
ShotDay string  
ShotLocation string  
ShotName string  
ShotNumber string  
ShotSize string  
SpeakerPlacement string  
StartTimecode struct --> Timecode Struct
StartTimecodeTimeFormat string_
'23976Timecode' = 23.976 fps
'24Timecode' = 24 fps
'25Timecode' = 25 fps
'2997DropTimecode' = 29.97 fps (drop)
'2997NonDropTimecode' = 29.97 fps (non-drop)
'30Timecode' = 30 fps
'50Timecode' = 50 fps
'5994DropTimecode' = 59.94 fps (drop)
'5994NonDropTimecode' = 59.94 fps (non-drop)
'60Timecode' = 60 fps
StartTimecodeTimeValue string_  
StartTimecodeValue integer_ (only in XMP 2008 spec; an error?)
StartTimeSampleSize integer  
StartTimeScale string  
StretchMode string 'Beat Splice' = Beat Splice
'Fixed length' = Fixed length
'Hybrid' = Hybrid
'Resample' = Resample
'Time-Scale' = Time-Scale
TakeNumber integer  
TapeName string  
Tempo real  
TimeScaleParams struct --> TimeScaleStretch Struct
TimeScaleParamsFrameOverlappingPercentage real_  
TimeScaleParamsFrameSize real_  
TimeScaleParamsQuality string_ 'High' = High
'Low' = Low
'Medium' = Medium
TimeSignature string
'12/8' = 12/8
'2/4' = 2/4
'3/4' = 3/4
   '4/4' = 4/4
'5/4' = 5/4
'6/8' = 6/8
   '7/4' = 7/4
'9/8' = 9/8
'other' = other
TrackNumber integer  
Tracks struct+ --> Track Struct
TracksFrameRate string_+  
TracksMarkers struct_+ --> Marker Struct
TracksMarkersComment string_+  
TracksMarkersCuePointParams struct_+ --> CuePointParam Struct
TracksMarkersCuePointParamsKey string_+  
TracksMarkersCuePointParamsValue string_+  
TracksMarkersCuePointType string_+  
TracksMarkersDuration string_+  
TracksMarkersLocation string_+  
TracksMarkersName string_+  
TracksMarkersProbability real_+  
TracksMarkersSpeaker string_+  
TracksMarkersStartTime string_+  
TracksMarkersTarget string_+  
TracksMarkersType string_+  
TracksTrackName string_+  
TracksTrackType string_+  
VideoAlphaMode string 'none' = None
'pre-multiplied' = Pre-multiplied
'straight' = Straight
VideoAlphaPremultipleColor struct --> Colorant Struct
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorA integer_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorB integer_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorBlack real_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorBlue integer_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorCyan real_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorGray integer_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorGreen integer_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorL real_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorMagenta real_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorMode string_ 'CMYK' = CMYK
'LAB' = Lab
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorRed integer_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorSwatchName string_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorTint integer_ (not part of 2010 XMP specification)
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorType string_  
VideoAlphaPremultipleColorYellow real_  
VideoAlphaUnityIsTransparent boolean  
VideoColorSpace string 'CCIR-601' = CCIR-601
'CCIR-709' = CCIR-709
'sRGB' = sRGB
VideoCompressor string  
VideoFieldOrder string 'Lower' = Lower
'Progressive' = Progressive
'Upper' = Upper
VideoFrameRate real  
VideoFrameSize struct --> Dimensions Struct
VideoFrameSizeH real_  
VideoFrameSizeUnit string_  
VideoFrameSizeW real_  
VideoModDate date  
VideoPixelAspectRatio rational  
VideoPixelDepth string
'16Int' = 16-bit integer
'24Int' = 24-bit integer
'32Float' = 32-bit float
'32Int' = 32-bit integer
'8Int' = 8-bit integer
'Other' = Other

XMP BeatSpliceStretch Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
RiseInDecibel real  
RiseInTimeDuration Time --> Time Struct
UseFileBeatsMarker boolean  

XMP Time Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Scale rational  
Value integer  

XMP Media Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Duration Time --> Time Struct
Managed boolean  
Path string  
StartTime Time --> Time Struct
Track string  
WebStatement string  

XMP Marker Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Comment string  
CuePointParams CuePointParam+ --> CuePointParam Struct
CuePointType string  
Duration string  
Location string  
Name string  
Probability real  
Speaker string  
StartTime string  
Target string  
Type string  

XMP CuePointParam Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Key string  
Value string  

XMP ProjectLink Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Path string  
Type string audio = Audio
custom = Custom
movie = Movie
still = Still Image

XMP ResampleStretch Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Quality string High = High
Low = Low
Medium = Medium

XMP TimeScaleStretch Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
FrameOverlappingPercentage real  
FrameSize real  
Quality string High = High
Low = Low
Medium = Medium

XMP Track Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
FrameRate string  
Markers Marker+ --> Marker Struct
TrackName string  
TrackType string  

XMP Colorant Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
A integer  
B integer  
L real  
Black real  
Blue integer  
Cyan real  
Gray integer  
Green integer  
Magenta real  
Mode string CMYK = CMYK
LAB = Lab
Red integer  
SwatchName string  
Tint integer (not part of 2010 XMP specification)
Type string  
Yellow real  

XMP Dimensions Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
H real  
Unit string  
W real  

XMP xmpMM Tags

XMP Media Management namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpMM family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
DerivedFrom struct --> ResourceRef Struct
DerivedFromAlternatePaths string_+  
DerivedFromDocumentID string_  
DerivedFromFilePath string_  
DerivedFromFromPart string_  
DerivedFromInstanceID string_  
DerivedFromLastModifyDate date_  
DerivedFromLastURL string_  
DerivedFromLinkCategory string_  
DerivedFromLinkForm string_  
DerivedFromManager string_  
DerivedFromManagerVariant string_  
DerivedFromManageTo string_  
DerivedFromManageUI string_  
DerivedFromMaskMarkers string_ 'All' = All
'None' = None
DerivedFromOriginalDocumentID string_  
DerivedFromPartMapping string_  
DerivedFromPlacedResolutionUnit string_  
DerivedFromPlacedXResolution string_  
DerivedFromPlacedYResolution string_  
DerivedFromRenditionClass string_  
DerivedFromRenditionParams string_  
DerivedFromToPart string_  
DerivedFromVersionID string_  
DocumentID string  
History struct+ --> ResourceEvent Struct
HistoryAction string_+  
HistoryChanged string_+  
HistoryInstanceID string_+  
HistoryParameters string_+  
HistorySoftwareAgent string_+  
HistoryWhen date_+  
Ingredients struct+ --> ResourceRef Struct
IngredientsAlternatePaths string_+  
IngredientsDocumentID string_+  
IngredientsFilePath string_+  
IngredientsFromPart string_+  
IngredientsInstanceID string_+  
IngredientsLastModifyDate date_+  
IngredientsLastURL string_+  
IngredientsLinkCategory string_+  
IngredientsLinkForm string_+  
IngredientsManager string_+  
IngredientsManagerVariant string_+  
IngredientsManageTo string_+  
IngredientsManageUI string_+  
IngredientsMaskMarkers string_+ 'All' = All
'None' = None
IngredientsOriginalDocumentID string_+  
IngredientsPartMapping string_+  
IngredientsPlacedResolutionUnit string_+  
IngredientsPlacedXResolution string_+  
IngredientsPlacedYResolution string_+  
IngredientsRenditionClass string_+  
IngredientsRenditionParams string_+  
IngredientsToPart string_+  
IngredientsVersionID string_+  
InstanceID string  
LastURL string  
ManagedFrom struct --> ResourceRef Struct
ManagedFromAlternatePaths string_+  
ManagedFromDocumentID string_  
ManagedFromFilePath string_  
ManagedFromFromPart string_  
ManagedFromInstanceID string_  
ManagedFromLastModifyDate date_  
ManagedFromLastURL string_  
ManagedFromLinkCategory string_  
ManagedFromLinkForm string_  
ManagedFromManager string_  
ManagedFromManagerVariant string_  
ManagedFromManageTo string_  
ManagedFromManageUI string_  
ManagedFromMaskMarkers string_ 'All' = All
'None' = None
ManagedFromOriginalDocumentID string_  
ManagedFromPartMapping string_  
ManagedFromPlacedResolutionUnit string_  
ManagedFromPlacedXResolution string_  
ManagedFromPlacedYResolution string_  
ManagedFromRenditionClass string_  
ManagedFromRenditionParams string_  
ManagedFromToPart string_  
ManagedFromVersionID string_  
Manager string  
ManagerVariant string  
ManageTo string  
ManageUI string  
Manifest struct+ --> ManifestItem Struct
ManifestLinkForm string_+  
ManifestPlacedResolutionUnit string_+  
ManifestPlacedXResolution real_+  
ManifestPlacedYResolution real_+  
ManifestReference struct_+ --> ResourceRef Struct
ManifestReferenceAlternatePaths string_+  
ManifestReferenceDocumentID string_+  
ManifestReferenceFilePath string_+  
ManifestReferenceFromPart string_+  
ManifestReferenceInstanceID string_+  
ManifestReferenceLastModifyDate date_+  
ManifestReferenceLastURL string_+  
ManifestReferenceLinkCategory string_+  
ManifestReferenceLinkForm string_+  
ManifestReferenceManager string_+  
ManifestReferenceManagerVariant string_+  
ManifestReferenceManageTo string_+  
ManifestReferenceManageUI string_+  
ManifestReferenceMaskMarkers string_+ 'All' = All
'None' = None
ManifestReferenceOriginalDocumentID string_+  
ManifestReferencePartMapping string_+  
ManifestReferencePlacedResolutionUnit string_+  
ManifestReferencePlacedXResolution string_+  
ManifestReferencePlacedYResolution string_+  
ManifestReferenceRenditionClass string_+  
ManifestReferenceRenditionParams string_+  
ManifestReferenceToPart string_+  
ManifestReferenceVersionID string_+  
OriginalDocumentID string  
Pantry struct+ --> PantryItem Struct
PantryInstanceID string_  
PreservedFileName string  
RenditionClass string  
RenditionOf struct --> ResourceRef Struct
RenditionOfAlternatePaths string_+  
RenditionOfDocumentID string_  
RenditionOfFilePath string_  
RenditionOfFromPart string_  
RenditionOfInstanceID string_  
RenditionOfLastModifyDate date_  
RenditionOfLastURL string_  
RenditionOfLinkCategory string_  
RenditionOfLinkForm string_  
RenditionOfManager string_  
RenditionOfManagerVariant string_  
RenditionOfManageTo string_  
RenditionOfManageUI string_  
RenditionOfMaskMarkers string_ 'All' = All
'None' = None
RenditionOfOriginalDocumentID string_  
RenditionOfPartMapping string_  
RenditionOfPlacedResolutionUnit string_  
RenditionOfPlacedXResolution string_  
RenditionOfPlacedYResolution string_  
RenditionOfRenditionClass string_  
RenditionOfRenditionParams string_  
RenditionOfToPart string_  
RenditionOfVersionID string_  
RenditionParams string  
SaveID integer  
Subject string/+ (undocumented)
VersionID string  
Versions struct+ --> Version Struct
VersionsComments string_+  
VersionsEvent struct_+ --> ResourceEvent Struct
VersionsEventAction string_+  
VersionsEventChanged string_+  
VersionsEventInstanceID string_+  
VersionsEventParameters string_+  
VersionsEventSoftwareAgent string_+  
VersionsEventWhen date_+  
VersionsModifier string_+  
VersionsModifyDate date_+  
VersionsVersion string_+  

XMP ResourceRef Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
AlternatePaths string+  
DocumentID string  
FilePath string  
FromPart string  
InstanceID string  
LastModifyDate date  
LastURL string  
LinkCategory string  
LinkForm string  
ManageTo string  
ManageUI string  
Manager string  
ManagerVariant string  
MaskMarkers string All = All
None = None
OriginalDocumentID string  
PartMapping string  
PlacedResolutionUnit string  
PlacedXResolution string  
PlacedYResolution string  
RenditionClass string  
RenditionParams string  
ToPart string  
VersionID string  

XMP ResourceEvent Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Action string  
Changed string  
InstanceID string  
Parameters string  
SoftwareAgent string  
When date  

XMP ManifestItem Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
LinkForm string  
PlacedResolutionUnit string  
PlacedXResolution real  
PlacedYResolution real  
Reference ResourceRef --> ResourceRef Struct

XMP PantryItem Struct

This structure must have an InstanceID field, but may also contain any other XMP properties.

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
InstanceID string  

XMP Version Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Comments string  
Event ResourceEvent --> ResourceEvent Struct
Modifier string  
ModifyDate date  
Version string  

XMP xmpNote Tags

XMP Note namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpNote family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
HasExtendedXMP string* (this tag is protected so it is not writable directly. Instead, it is set automatically to the GUID of the extended XMP when writing extended XMP to a JPEG image)

XMP xmpPLUS Tags

XMP Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) tags as written by some older Adobe applications. See PLUS XMP Tags for the current PLUS tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpPLUS family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CreditLineReq boolean/  
ReuseAllowed boolean/  

XMP xmpRights Tags

XMP Rights Management namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpRights family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Certificate string  
Marked boolean  
Owner string+  
UsageTerms lang-alt  
WebStatement string  

XMP xmpTPg Tags

XMP Paged-Text namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpTPg family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Colorants struct+ --> Colorant Struct
ColorantA integer_+ (ColorantsA)
ColorantB integer_+ (ColorantsB)
ColorantBlack real_+ (ColorantsBlack)
ColorantBlue integer_+ (ColorantsBlue)
ColorantCyan real_+ (ColorantsCyan)
ColorantGray integer_+ (ColorantsGray)
ColorantGreen integer_+ (ColorantsGreen)
ColorantL real_+ (ColorantsL)
ColorantMagenta real_+ (ColorantsMagenta)
ColorantMode string_+ (ColorantsMode)
'LAB' = Lab
ColorantRed integer_+ (ColorantsRed)
ColorantSwatchName string_+ (ColorantsSwatchName)
ColorantTint integer_+ (ColorantsTint; not part of 2010 XMP specification)
ColorantType string_+ (ColorantsType)
ColorantYellow real_+ (ColorantsYellow)
Fonts struct+ --> Font Struct
ChildFontFiles string_+ (FontsChildFontFiles)
FontComposite boolean_+ (FontsComposite)
FontFace string_+ (FontsFontFace)
FontFamily string_+ (FontsFontFamily)
FontFileName string_+ (FontsFontFileName)
FontName string_+ (FontsFontName)
FontType string_+ (FontsFontType)
FontVersion string_+ (FontsVersionString)
HasVisibleOverprint boolean  
HasVisibleTransparency boolean  
MaxPageSize struct --> Dimensions Struct
MaxPageSizeH real_  
MaxPageSizeUnit string_  
MaxPageSizeW real_  
NPages integer  
PlateNames string+  
SwatchGroups struct+ --> SwatchGroup Struct
SwatchGroupsColorants struct_+ --> Colorant Struct
SwatchColorantA integer_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsA)
SwatchColorantB integer_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsB)
SwatchColorantBlack real_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsBlack)
SwatchColorantBlue integer_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsBlue)
SwatchColorantCyan real_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsCyan)
SwatchColorantGray integer_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsGray)
SwatchColorantGreen integer_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsGreen)
SwatchColorantL real_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsL)
SwatchColorantMagenta real_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsMagenta)
SwatchColorantMode string_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsMode)
'LAB' = Lab
SwatchColorantRed integer_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsRed)
SwatchColorantSwatchName string_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsSwatchName)
SwatchColorantTint integer_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsTint; not part of 2010 XMP specification)
SwatchColorantType string_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsType)
SwatchColorantYellow real_+ (SwatchGroupsColorantsYellow)
SwatchGroupName string_+ (SwatchGroupsGroupName)
SwatchGroupType integer_+ (SwatchGroupsGroupType)

XMP Font Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ChildFontFiles string+  
Composite boolean  
FontFace string  
FontFamily string  
FontFileName string  
FontName string  
FontType string  
VersionString string  

XMP SwatchGroup Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
Colorants Colorant+ --> Colorant Struct
GroupName string  
GroupType integer  


Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'dc' dc - --> XMP dc Tags
'lastUpdate' LastUpdate no  


SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image tags. By default, only the top-level SVG and Metadata tags are extracted from these images, but all graphics tags may be extracted by setting the Unknown option to 2 (-U on the command line). The SVG tags are not part of XMP as such, but are included with the XMP module for convenience. (see http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-svg family 1 group.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'height' ImageHeight no  
'id' ID no  
'metadataId' MetadataID no  
'version' SVGVersion no  
'width' ImageWidth no  

XMP CopyrightOwner Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
CopyrightOwnerID string  
CopyrightOwnerName string  

XMP EndUser Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
EndUserID string  
EndUserName string  

XMP ImageCreator Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ImageCreatorID string  
ImageCreatorName string  

XMP ImageSupplier Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ImageSupplierID string  
ImageSupplierName string  

XMP Licensee Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
LicenseeID string  
LicenseeName string  

XMP Licensor Struct

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
LicensorCity string  
LicensorCountry string  
LicensorEmail string  
LicensorExtendedAddress string  
LicensorID string  
LicensorName string  
LicensorPostalCode string  
LicensorRegion string  
LicensorStreetAddress string  
LicensorTelephone1 string  
LicensorTelephone2 string  
LicensorTelephoneType1 string cell = Cell
fax = FAX
home = Home
pager = Pager
work = Work
LicensorTelephoneType2 string cell = Cell
fax = FAX
home = Home
pager = Pager
work = Work
LicensorURL string  

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